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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is an inspiring poem about the journey of one man. He retells the story in which he goes from being lost to being confronted with a decision that could have cost him his life…

Submitted: October 16, 2006

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Submitted: October 16, 2006



The sun has set, light has gone away
Open fields I am passing through on this day
Alone I walk with my thoughts
One man attempting to untangle life’s knots

Lost in my head, I continued to walk
A couple hours passed, I began to refocus
Looking around I had no luck
Where I was I did not know
I was lost, with no where to go

Hope leaving me, only a fragment remained
After a moment, Northward I trekked
Towards familiar ground I campaigned
I was moving quickly, myself I did not pace

I came to a dead stop
Standing there admiring the depth
Of a cliff that stood so high
Just being near it made me feel like I could touch the sky

I contemplated going up
I said fifty feet or so would be enough
It was a once in a lifetime chance, plus it needed wear
I knew I was never going to find anything like this elsewhere

The rugged cliff I decided to climb
Confident that everything would be just fine
With ease I made it up thirty feet or so
How high the cliff was, I did not know

It was the greatest thing to me
My most treasured memory it would be
Lost in the moment, my grip I lost
My life, this mistake would cost

Crashing to the ground in screams of pain
Blood was flowing along side the rain
I was sure that I was going to die
But just then, my life flashed before my eyes

I had grown so much in so little time
I tried to believe that I would be fine
People I loved had always came through
Though I knew no one was coming,
It was my struggle, my barrier to breakthrough

I tried to move, I must’ve been insane
The pain showed no signs of letting up
Looking up at the sky I found hope
I knew that for an hour I could cope

The grass in the fields began to sway
I was confident that I would be okay
Pink was splashed all over the sky
I was sure, that today was not my day to die

I climbed the rugged stone stair,
Of life’s harsh pathway,
Like all humans do, I lost my grip
Fell as far as anyone could
Looking down at where my body laid
I gained a lot, but not just scars of my suffered pain
But scars of hope and remembrance of this day.

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