Fears of a Father

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Though I don't support nor like to hear about crimes involiving children, this is one of the those types of poems..it is disturbing so I forwarn you now

Submitted: October 07, 2009

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Submitted: October 07, 2009



Fears of a Father
The room hides in the dim light.
The sound of a girl’s angry father
Grows closer as
He staggers up the stairs.
She scrambles for shelter,
Hoping he misses her altogether.
His steps get closer
While the door creaks open.
Where are you dammit?
You’ve been bad.
The girl closed her eyes,
Wishing her father was gone.
He had a fetish of touching her virginal body.
He caressed her breasts, dug his member into her shrine and swore
She would never tell. 
Daddy knew that mommy was bad.
The girl saw daddy dropped mother in the lake.
It was their secret.
One day, daddy started acting different,
He told the girl she needed punished.
And so she hides from him.
His nails dig into her delicate skin,
Like Freddy’s claws, piercing her flesh.
While watching the thick liquid run down
Into his dirty hands.
Stupid girl, he shouts
I don’t know why I let you live,
I should’ve killed you when I had the chance,
Just silt your throat and end it all…
He pulls a knife from his trousers, twirling he blade he whispers,
Should I do it, while letting the blade graze her neck.
The tool was so sharp; she could see the dried blood of his last victim.
Her heart sank as she shut her eyes,
Bit her lip and hoped it would all be over soon.
She woke up to see her father, lying at her feet; a pool of crimson surrounded his body.
The rusty knife still cinched in his fist.

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