history repeats itself

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this is a story about, the world being ruined and the many obstacles that surface along the adventure make it more interesting.

Submitted: February 19, 2007

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Submitted: February 19, 2007








The rapid vibration against my cheek, the whole thought of leaving our homes.  The world as we knew it, destroyed.  Searching for a better life, I slowly raised my head to peer out the window.  The ugliness of the once green earth that is now gray.  Scattered with lifeless people and bacteria that survived the war.  I am fourteen.  My girlfriend is fourteen and my dog is three (21 dog years).  We lived four years happily, too young to understand.  War was brutal.  Death was worse.  Although we felt, in seeing our family suffer, we would have preferred it. When I was four, the war began.  Religion and power were the main reasons; others were left unknown.  A war so advanced, enemies could enter your homes and destroy without you knowing.  The advancement of teleportation allowed them to create chaos.  The teleportation signals were only strong enough for a maximum of three miles, and were received in the center of cities.  These areas were the worst, full of disease and decease.  The enemies could transfer chemicals and kill millions in minutes.  What was the point of the war?  This question moves in my mind, spinning the thoughts of the past.  There really was no point, at least in this war.  Things did not really workout for anyone, except the three hundred survivors.  Among us were doctors, builders, and thirty young couples.  Our goal is to leave the suffering and start over new in a place free of memories.  Our destination was really unknown, but we found ourselves believing in the thought that there would be another planet capable of supporting life.  We were sitting on our seats in our large ship.  Our rocket was thirty stories high and was capable of supporting life for twenty years.  I just hoped we wouldn't be on this thing for much longer. I looked over and some people were crying, others rejoicing.  Ten years left its trail through our minds.  Some people are happy to leave.  Others are unhappy to leave their lives behind.  Just then the rocket shook and began to rise.  Ten years of ruins falling like a drop of water.  We were leaving what we feared and fearing what was to come.  We shot up as clouds and air passed us.  Air, I love air.  And, I know I will miss the natural air in which engulfs our earth.


We could feel the pressure pushing us into our seats.  We finally left the atmosphere.  We were allowed to leave our seats, the weightlessness carried me.  My only thought was, wondering how my dog feels about this.  We were told that we could go to our rooms.  Our rooms were quite small.  We slept in bags on the wall.  We had about a ten foot squared room and all our belongings were strapped to the walls before we left. 


I remember strapping my surfboard to the wall.  I really had no reason to bring it.  But it was a symbol.  When I was younger, I picked up surfing.  It gave me a way to forget the world and have some fun.  I surfed from about the age of eight until I was twelve.  Then, the water became so polluted it became hard and dangerous to surf.  I hadn't surfed for two years, but I figured if we lived long enough to find a planet, I could learn again.  Below it was my dog.  He was extremely puzzled.  He was strapped to the wall, but his ears floated up.  He was very curious.  I opened the hatch and he barked with excitement.  I closed the hatch behind my girlfriend and let my dog off the wall.  He was suddenly upset to find that he was just floating in air.  He got his exercise though because he tried so hard to run.  Eventually, I made some magnetic shoes for him so he could walk on the walls.  I don't like to talk much about my girlfriend, because a year into our search she died of a sudden, but unknown disease.  My dog seemed helpless, but he made me take some responsibility; he liked to chew things, it took awhile for him to learn not to chew on the wires and pipes in our room.  He really got me through it all.  Many people were devastated by her death and the death of others.  I remember looking out the window into the cold blackness, searching the emptiness for planets.  I only found a couple and we flew on past. The ship commander and his scientists were the only people who decided where we would land.  They obviously didn't like the ones I saw.  Some people began to get tired of waiting and threw temper tantrums.  I remember watching someone float into the wall and kicking it, muttering something beneath their breath.  Some man was stopped in the middle of the hallway one night.  I let go of the wall and helped him to the side.  He was obviously drunk.  As soon as he reached the side, he pushed himself away.  He was just floating there, helplessly spinning in a moving ship; like everyone we were just there; the only known place of supporting life.  I tried to tell the man to go to his room so he wasn't misjudged by others.  He replied "No" and kept spinning.  I left and later I thought about it.  Who was watching us?  Had God left the planet we had destroyed or was he upset with us for running from our troubles?  Was he now planning our fate?  We would never really figure it out, but we still believed and were loyal to him.  There wasn't much to do.  Every 48 hours people would bring books into the meeting room and trade for another.  Everyone seemed to read or to write books for others to read.  We all taught ourselves lessons by conversing and acting with others.  Though it was hard, we all seemed to find a form of entertainment.


We all knew we had left Earth to seek a new world.  But, what was there?  Why were we to start over?  To start the cycle over, destroying one planet at a time? I began to philosophize on these ideas.  Were we to destroy all our chances of existence?  Were we to explore the unexplored and destroy it?


I was pulling myself through the halls.  The only problem with moving in the ship was physics.  Once you started moving, you kept moving.  So it was hard to stop. I remember hitting my knuckles upon the handles on the walls, it hurt so badly.  But, eventually I learned to control my movements.  I followed the halls to the meeting room where people were rambling loudly.  I met a girl that was single and asked her "What was going on".  She explained that a rumor was going around about officials finding a planet for us to live on.  Sweet!  All this waiting and finally we could have a chance to live normally again!  As we know rumors are not always true.  Although all of us were pretty loyal, it had to be true. 



As technology developed, the average living age was around 150 years.  We were young until the age of 100. So we had a longer life and more lessons to learn.  Although unlike our parents, we picked up responsibility and honesty at an early age.  Thus, the rumors weren't really rumors, but facts, the truth!  We all would leave this temporary home.  The girl I had learned to like joined me in rejoicing.  My dog didn't understand, but he sensed excitement on our minds.  We pulled ourselves to our rooms and looked out our small windows and sure enough there was a large, bright green planet with blue rivers; abundantly stringing from north to south.  Although we had found a planet, we drifted just outside the atmosphere for days.  About 3 days after the finding we watched as the screen in the meeting room showed an image of a small rover dropped onto the planet.  The land appeared untouched with a great resemblance of earth.  I sat there for hours, watching as a new world unfolded its secrets in front of my eyes.  A

World unexplored and we were the first to see it.  A day in history; where we accomplished the impossible.


We all were told to get into our seats the following day.  I was sitting in my seat and a man was staring straight ahead. We all had a prayer for our safety and the man did not participate.  I had asked him why he didn't care for his life and this was his response:  "Life is a test a simple book of lessons, to learn so you should not fear death".  The days in life are good although those with the Lord are the best.  "Whenever the Lord takes a life, it is his decision that he wants them".  I was speechless.  A man so quiet with such powerful words, I agreed with him somewhat.  Although I explained that I believe we are here in life to learn and to die happily in Gods way with fear.  So we can have families and help others in their life as they help with yours.  I concluded in saying:  "What about a baby?"  "A baby can't fear death, although they die all the time scaring our hearts with fear for others."  After that the man became more social.  He began talking to others and having fun. 


We broke the atmosphere after a bumpy hour and we flew towards an extremely wide river.  I tried to lift my hand but the gravity held it down.  Five years without gravity made moving difficult.  We overcame it though.  We glided into the river as weight felt as if it had left us.  We hit the water with a large splash and began to drift towards the shore.  We got close and the ship (space vehicle) went full throttle onto the shore.  On the bank we got out of our seats and went to our rooms to grab our stuff. My dog was on the floor now and happy he could walk again.  We went towards the front of our ship (space vehicle) and the wide door slowly lowered.  An abundance of sounds of such animals found on earth were heard.  A great energy lingered in the air as multiple smells filled our minds.  We were alive!  We were naturally alive on an untamed planet where we could live happily for once.  Bay doors were opened beneath the ship and machines were brought to a large open area and soil was dug and purified into bricks and minerals.  We lived on the ship for a week until we had built a building great enough for our ship.  The ship was put inside the building to protect it from the elements.  Everyone worked together for three weeks to build a city.  Everyone helped out building buildings, digging, setting up solar panels, filtering water, for once in our life it didn't matter what race you were or how you looked or who you worshiped. 


We all had pretty nice living quarters.  People ventured away from the city and found strange creatures that were similar to those on earth, although they appeared more majestic and beautiful to our eyes.  Some animals were put in special building and bread for food as many plants were grown in gardens to eat. 


The city became more advanced over time and we didn't have many of the things that once existed on Earth.  Although we found that being alive was greater than the inconvenience.  We took the mineral machines and dug for minerals.  By the second year, people had jobs, houses and a purpose in the society.  Our city was no more than a mile in size.  Some of the people built their houses further away from the city, so a small factory was built to construct all terrain vehicles and equipment to build roads and technology.  By the third year many people had kids and life felt normal.  But we felt that way about life on Earth.  And as many men have said "History repeats itself".


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