A Mind Reader's Day Out

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I, Chris Wong, is the almighty Mind Reader but I don't expose my real identity. I hide among you, waiting for the moment to save all of you. That could be somewhat troublesome though

Submitted: April 12, 2013

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Submitted: April 12, 2013



“This is unit 127, calling for help in Lions Bank.” My radio channel... No, the cops’ radio channel was broadcasting the message. I was sitting on a tiny office chair typing the proposal that was to be submitted to my boss. Seems Like the Mind Reader has to kick some villains’ butts!

“This is a bunch of crap, Chris! If you are not correcting these mistakes, you are not leaving this building! Do you understand?” my boss, Ms Young, yelled as if she was the devil who wore Prada... No, she was wearing Louis Vuitton today. ‘If I could get a cup of Starbucks Mocha right now, it would be the best thing in the world.’ I could hear the deep thought of hers right now. That’s a good reason of sneaking out of here. “I’m kind of exhausted working days and nights. Would you mind if I head out to Starbucks to get a nice cup of Mocha? I can get you one if you wish.” I smiled as if I were some villains getting the most powerful weapon in the world. “Of course! Remember, no foam.” She replied like there was million bucks fall from the sky. Lions Bank, here I come!

I rushed to the back door of the building and pushed the button on my briefcase. An emerald green suit fitted in my body right away. Then, a sapphire blue motorcycle appeared in front of me. It’s time to save the day.

When I arrived at the backdoor of the bank, a voice suddenly popped up to my mind, “Remember to pull the trigger of the bomb before leaving the bank.” Now, I knew the evil robber was right behind the door. I grabbed the chainsaw from my car and sliced the iron door into half. The robber was blonde. He was wearing a joker’s mask but that didn’t scare me. He looked very startled and he just stood there without any response. I quickly ran to the back of the robber and took his jet-black laser gun. However, he pulled out another gun from his coat, which I hadn’t seen before.

Boom! Boom! Boom! He shot at me like he was out of his mind but I could react really fast because I could hear where he was aiming at me. Then, I threw his gun away as I reached his filthy hands. I punched him on the face hard and threw him up against the wall. He fell onto the ground unconscious.

Finally, I saved the day... wait! Where’s the time bomb?

Beep. Beep. Beep. I heard some weird sound coming out of the big Lion Statue. I pulled out the gray box out the statue. That was a time bomb setting in motion and it was going to explode after 40 seconds. Thst stupid bastard was trying to kill us all! There was not enough time for me to call the professionals to shut it down so I ran to the robber’s and slapped him until he was awake. “No! No! No!” he screamed loudly since he was so freaked out that I would put the bomb in his mouth. “Which. Wire. Is. The. Right. Wire. To. Cut?” I asked word by word because I was afraid that he would not hear clearly what I had said. Of course I didn’t expect he would give me an answer directly. Therefore, I tried to listen to his dirty, sinister mind again. “Red,” I heard the answer. I grabbed a pocketknife from my belt and removed the cover of the box. Red? There ain't no red wires! There were only wires in blue, yellow, brown and black! No freakin' red wires? Why? A person wouldn't lie to himself? Why? I didn't get it. There were only 9 seconds left. I had to decide which wire to cut. 4 seconds left. I closed my eyes and cut a wire,knowing that I would probably die within the blink of an eye. When I opened my eyes again, the bomb stopped and a brown wire was cut. The cops came in the bank and took the box away. I had to leave to buy the cups of Mocha.

“Where have you been, Chris? I thought it would only take 20 minutes to go to Starbucks! Now, get out and finish the proposal!” The devil who wore Louis Vuitton ordered me. Just when I stepped out of her office, she said, “Chris, you missed the whole incident! The Almighty Mind Reader drove his motorcycle across the street!” “Really? I didn’t know! How was he like?” I asked. She replied like a woman in love, “He was adorable. He has the most beautiful smile under his mask! He caught a colorblind robber you know.”

Colorblind? That was why I had to cut the brown wire. He didn’t know the wire was brown! I turned around and closed the glass door. “Once again the day is saved. Thanks to the Mind Reader!” I whispered to myself and sat on that tiny office chair. 

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