Stepping into Dad's Oversize Shoes

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Chris changed places with his Dad. I order to make things looks normal, Chris went to work and his Dad went to school.

Submitted: March 26, 2013

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Submitted: March 26, 2013




“Wake up in the morning feeling like R. Diddy…” Dad’s cellphone alarm rang so loud that I could hear it in my room. Oh I hate Ke$ha. “Dad! Wake up! Your alarm’s ringing!” Wait. Why did my voice sound just like his? I got a glimpse of myself as I rolled out of bed with surprise. Why was I looking like Dad? What happened to me? Why was Mom sleeping right behind me?

I dashed through the corridor and ran straight to my room. I was sleeping on my bed. I mean my body was there. “Wake up! Who are you?” I shook my body so crazily that I could almost choke the person inside to the death. “What’s happenin’ man? What?” a boy with my voice cracked out of surprise too. I could pretty much tell he was as freaked out as I was. “Why am I talkin’ to myself?” Ok. That’s Dad. “ I’m Chris, Dad,” I said to him. “Chris! Why are you… Why am I…” he looked very startled. “That’s the question I was about to ask you,” I exclaimed, “It’s 07:30 now. How are we supposed to change it back? I have to go to school and you have to go to work!”

“What’s the matter, boys?” Mom came out of her room. “Mary! We’ve shifted our bodies,” Dad ran to Mom almost crying but Mom stepped away. “Mind your words, son. Honey, I think there’s something wrong with Chris,” Mom walked to me and said. “No, it’s true. He’s right. We’ve changed places with each other,” I replied. “Then what are we going to do?” Mom realized the problem. “That’s why we’re asking you,” Dad and I said to Mom, almost at the same time. “You go hit the shower and I’ll get the car. Everything stays the same, ok? Chris goes to work today and Peter goes to school. Shouldn’t be a big problem, should it?” Mom ordered like a boss. Then, we all went to our place and started doing whatever Mom told us.

07:45. I was climbing into the backseat of the car. I never realized it was that small. “What are you doin’? Get out of the car and go to work, Chris. Remember, you’re Peter today. Here’re some changes for you to buy your lunch and pay you bus fare,” Mom told me as she stuffed a roll of 50-dollar bills in my hand and kissed my forehead. “Good luck, Honey,” I stood there in silence as she waved goodbye, driving the old beat-up car I used to ride on every day to school.

08:00. I bumped onto a double-decker, hoping that I could use some time to think about how to change us back. “Wait, sir. It’s $8.8, not $4.4. Please pay the correct amount,” the bus driver yelled so loud that all the other passengers stared at me as if I got three legs, four heads and a handful of mouths. I paid back the fare and found a forever-alone spot somewhere at the back of the bus with embarrassment. How was I supposed to remember that I had to pay the adult fare? I weren’t 35. At least, I hadn’t been one.

The following 8 hours were just a torture to me. No recess. No changing of subjects. All I did was signing piles and piles of paper with the same signature. I was glad that I remembered Dad’s signature on my handbook. There was lunchtime between, though. However, when I headed out to the canteen, the food there was ridiculously pricy. $125 for a tiny little plate of beef curry with rice? That’s ridiculous. The lunchboxes in the school tuckshop were $25 each and I could’ve sworn the two kinds of meal were of the same quality. In a world of adult, the amount of money earned was increase but the quality of life didn’t change at all.

It was 17:00. Time to go home. I was really stoked to have the entire weekend off. Mom texted me saying that she decided to eat out this evening. She hoped we could feel a little more relaxed. Therefore, I went straight to the subway station and headed to the mall. The train arrived. As the doors opened, the people behind me kept pushing me into the train. I felt like one of those sardine in a tiny tin can waitin’ to be eaten.

I arrived at the station just before I suffocated to the death. I rushed as quickly as possible to the restaurant so I wouldn’t be stepped on again. Luckily, I arrived at the restaurant safe and sound in one piece.

“Chris, this was a really tough day for me. Why did I need to carry a 300-pund school bad? That’s insane!” Dad was exhausted. “You think that’s a great day for me? Why did I need to sign 3000 unknown random paper? It’s really stupid!” I whined. “Stupid? That’s what keeping you alive, son!” Dad got angry, just a little bit. After all, he had had enough for the day. “Would you two just shut it? I just want to have some time to be together as a family and have a quiet supper!” Mom seemed to be pretty angry too. Maybe she’s been worrying for us this whole day long. “Anyways, it’s good to have the entire weekend off though,” Dad smiled and said. “Yeh, I want to sleep ‘til twelve tomorrow,” I grinned. “What? No! You have a conference tomorrow at 10. Don’t you dare to be late for work!” Dad was a bit astonished.

What? Work again? Holy sh…

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