Other arrangements

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I hope you can't relate to Bob

Submitted: November 02, 2012

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Submitted: November 02, 2012



Other arrangements


Today was not a significant day. It was as dull as yesterday. It is very possible that tomorrow will be as dull as today was. Are you surprised that your life, once full of excitement, is now just as boring as the one your parents used to live? You can’t even remember what you have done this week, can you? Monday-Friday-Monday-Friday...

Bob was no longer a young man. In fact, no one called him Bob anymore, he’s Robert now. Robert is respected, he is somewhat successful. If Bob had moved to the USA or Canada when he had the chance and became Robert there, he would have been a relatively rich man. Bob is a doctor.

Dr Bob.

He was the only child and the only living member of his family. He was still technically able to produce an offspring with someone, but knowing Bob we may as well assume, that this is never going to happen. That’s quite some time down the drain evolution-wise.

Many people came to Bob for advice; he was more than competent to provide it. Nevertheless he had felt like an impostor, as if he was no different from those young men and women that came to him in their time of need.  Sadly he is nothing like them. He never was.

Bob was terribly bored. Bob often thought of the days when he was young, thought of his work, he sometimes remembered how much enthusiasm he had years ago. He didn’t really care about anything anymore. Bob was bored almost to the point of suicide. Bob needed to change his life somehow, needed to make other arrangements for his future.

On the first day of fall, Bob finally decided to do something that could change his life in a significant way.  He quit his job, bought a used car and drove away from the country. Nothing was holding him back, so he could have gone anywhere. Then again, no one was waiting for him anywhere. So there’s that.

Bob drove for fourteen hours straight.

After getting to a roadside hostel in Poland, he had slept for another fourteen.

About two hours ago Bob woke up, brushed his teeth and had a healthy breakfast. Can you guess what Bob’s doing right now?

Bob is driving back home.

You can’t just go around having all the fun you want, Robert.


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