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you don't know the people you work with

Submitted: November 02, 2012

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Submitted: November 02, 2012




You should go to sleep. There’s nothing on the internet, that you need to see right away. You ran out of booze. You’re down to your last three cigarettes.

Pull your ass up and go to sleep.

You have work in the morning. You need to save the last two cigarettes for your morning trip. You don’t need to check facebook. It’s 4.53 AM, no one you know is awake. Maybe you should call that girl you met that one time?

Is it too late to take that acid you have lying around in your drawer? Will you have time for it to wear off? No, it’s almost six AM; you have to be at work in three hours.

If you go to sleep right now, you can get about two hours of sleep. That’s enough, right? Just go already. Damn! Now you only have one cigarette left.

Funny how people think that you are some well adjusted man, they don’t even know how much drugs you take, they can’t possibly know. Can they? They certainly act as if they didn’t know. Don’t worry, you can always tell them you’re hung-over. It’s socially acceptable to be hung-over.

Ok, it’s too late to sleep now, get up and go to your car. You kind of enjoy your car, right?  Sure you do, it’s a brand new Porsche, how can you not enjoy it? It’s a fucking piece of metal that gets you from point A to point B, that’s how. It’s a fucking waste of money. Then again, making money is a waste of life.

I just hope you don’t have to pass any random tests at work today. Although it would be fun to watch these people find out what’s pumping through your system right now.

It would make a great surprise.

-Hello, boss? I’m not feeling well. Yeah. I think it’s that new retrovirus everyone seems to be going down with. Yeah. Thanks. I’ll be sure to do extra tomorrow. Thanks again.

Well, a quick trip to the store and there’s time for acid after all. Who needs sleep anyway.





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