Hello, I'm a Fish

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A children's story about change.

Submitted: February 05, 2013

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Submitted: February 05, 2013



Hello! I am a fish, or at least that’s as far back as I remember. I do remember that one summer morning, the children were playing nearby – trying to catch the fishes with their bare hands. I think one of them actually did, can you believe it? Well we aren’t cunning sea fish, but carefree river fish. So I floated downstream away from all the hustle and bustle... to proceed to be the carefree fish that I am, but the sound of those bully boys fading away was the last thing I remember, in my fish body, before being snatched away in a beak of the gigantic bird.

That bird was as big as a house, mind you at the time I was as small as a sweet water minnow. Nevertheless the gigantic bird took off with me in its belly, and all I remember thinking was what an amazing feeling it is to be flying so up high in the sky. Later I was really upset for not having my fish body anymore, and not being able to do all the fish things I used to be able to do. But being so high gives you perspective on things, your worries no longer matter, no matter how big they were. Instantly I was carefree, and that was the fishiest thing about being a fish, and I was not so upset over loosing my body. Soon enough we perched over next to a hole in the ground, thinking we were going to find more grub, and then RAP! SNAP! Those were the last sounds I heard in my bird body, before that snake snapped my neck in two.

I was furious right then and there for I had just gotten comfortable in my gigantic bird body and here I am, bodiless once again ... HAHAHAHAAHA! And then the giggles hit me bad. So bad, had I a beak I am sure snot would be flying out of it by now. The slippery snake motion was so ticklish, normally I’d be forced to poop on a car. But those days were now behind us, and it was obvious the life of a slippery snake was nothing but fun and games. Hahahaha! So ticklish. And then out of the blue CRAW! And that was the last thing I remember as a slippery snake, right before I was pounced on by a beautiful white fluffy cat with great big sharp claws and busy fangs .

At first I did not care how beautiful that cat was that snatched me, I was simply furious that I was no longer a snake. I missed the tickles so much although I had not been used to it for so long. I guess it was never mine to begin with, and maybe its fair that somehow I got to experience it, even for a short while. And then I noticed how agile and balanced we had become as a cat. Wow! We have never been in such control of our body, such precision. WOOF! Not again. That was the end of my agility and precision in that beautiful white cat body, as I was now being mangled by a ferocious farm dog.

OK, right away it felt good to be a dog. A little dumb, but it felt like a great honor to be best friends with man. I didn’t understand why they got so upset when I ate all the chickens in their coup. But they immediately made dog soup from me as payback for those delicious chickens I had.

OK, so our tribe eats dogs. But that is only in the extreme circumstance that the dog eats all the chickens in the coup. I love being a human boy now. Being part of a tribe is awesome. I still have my carefree days in the pond, I briefly soar in the air when I jump from a nearby tree branch into the water, I laugh so hard snot does come out of my nose when my dad tickles me, I learnt to climb trees and walk on walls with feline agility, and I have made some of the best friends in the world. My BFF says he used to be a camel.

The End… Or perhaps, just another beginning.

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