The Aloe Vera Babies

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a short play about being centered and in harmony in the universe. It is easy to be charismatic when you are centered. And the mask that covers the foolishness of the fool has yet to be discovered.

Submitted: September 30, 2012

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Submitted: September 30, 2012



The Aloe Vera Babies.

A children’s play by Bader AlBahiti.

Dedicated to my bigger younger brother Talal.

Scene One:

Once upon a time there lived a tribe of aloe vera plants in a desert land called the Kingdom of Sabbaro Arabia. They lived in harmony with their environment appreciating both inner and outer beauties. They were centered and connected to all beings in their universe.

Scene Two:

One day a rose came to visit them from a land in the far West called the United States of Roserica. The aloe vera were amazed at how good the rose smelled and how beautiful it looked. The rose blushed at their flattery. The rose had many gifts never before seen in the land of the Sabbaro’s. The tribe leaders and all the aloe vera babies threw a month long feast that made the rose’s petals spin.

Scene Three:

The next morning the rose asked if it could stroll about in the desert and the aloe vera tribe leaders sent some baby aloe veras to escort the rose. To make sure that it was safe in the harsh environment of the desert. Unlike the aloe vera the rose needed lots of water and could not withstand the scorching heat of the sun. But the aloe vera babies were centered, and like all centered beings, helping weary travelers came naturally.

Scene Four:

The rose came to a spot and asked some of the aloe vera babies to dig. When they did they found black stones underneath the surface of the majestic sky-like sand dunes. “Yureka!” cried the rose and started dancing hysterically. The aloe vera babies scratched their green heads in confusion.

Scene Five:

More roses arrived, carrying more lavish gifts including rose friends for the tribe leaders. Legal documents were signed. The aloe vera babies scratched their green heads in confusion.

Scene Six:

(The tribe leaders and their close friends now all wore rose petals on their little aloe spikes) The Kingdom of Sabbaro Arabia was swamped with mountains of special paper overnight. The aloe vera babies were confused. They thought to themselves “What’s so special about this paper?”. So they scratched their green heads.

Scene Seven:

The aloe vera started trading the mountains of special paper with the rest of the world for many things they did not really need. They were forced to abandon their tents and mud houses because they could not fit their newly purchased junk in them. Massive cities had to be built. But the aloe vera babies did not know why they needed to do so let alone how to build them. So the tribal leaders called their friend the rose to help them with their predicament. The rose sent a team of consultant roses and were happy to oblige. For a few mountains of special paper they built massive cities that dwarfed the rest of the world. But they also dwarfed the aloe vera babies, and they looked and felt silly in them. The aloe vera babies didn’t know how they had become so silly looking, so they scratched their green heads in confusion.

Scene Eight:

“A Roserican education ofcourse!” shouted the tribal leaders. We need to send our aloe vera babies to Roserica “To learn to become more like our new allies the roses... Yes! Then none of the aloe vera babies will be confused”. (A batch of aloe vera babies are sent to the United States of Roserica to be educated)

Scene Nine:

“Hahaha! Look at these FOB’s, they are so green and spikey!” The inhabitants of Roserica were not very hospitable. How could they be? They were all so de-centered. They had destroyed their environment and killed all the native inhabitants previously known as the Cacti Tribes. The Cacti people had been known for their hospitality and were very centered. The aloe vera babies cried, they were not confused anymore. They new exactly what was going on… Something had died inside of them.

Scene Ten:

(The aloe vera babies in Roserica now decorating their tiny spikes with rose petals and lots of special paper in their pockets. They made many rose friends and together they danced and played and had lots of fun) Years went by and the aloe vera babies abroad had graduated with Roserican education and were sent back home.

Scene Eleven:

(Back home in the desert land of the Kingdom of Sabbaro Arabia)

The tribal leaders and the other aloe vera babies that were left behind could not believe their eyes. They could barely recognize their kinsmen when they walked off the plane. To them, they looked just like roses. They new exactly how to behave in the massive cities, but were disconnected from everything outside of their city walls; sometimes everything right outside of their villa walls. All their neighbors (the Beanies, Peaches, Grapes and Dates were confused. They didn’t know why the aloe vera was acting so silly and disconnected from all the universe.

Scene Twelve:





Final Scene:

The aloe vera babies shed the rose petals from their tiny spikes and walk over to the tribal leaders were they delivered their final speech.

“We are sick of playing roses. We will never smell like roses or be as pretty as roses no matter how hard we try. We are aloe vera, look! We are tough. We are a medicine both topical and when ingested. Lets see a rose try to do that?!”

The allow vera babies left the silly massive ugly cities and went back into their majestic sky-like sand dunes and lived centered in harmony ever after.

The End

© Copyright 2020 Bader AlBahiti. All rights reserved.

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