Teachers that taught...

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Thinking back to what ive learnt...

Submitted: September 12, 2009

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Submitted: September 12, 2009



In 19 years i have learnt nothing. Well somethings...

I have learnt that when burnt you can measure the kilojoules of a marshmallow, thank you Mr Jones.

I have ingested the various tested methods for writing a persuasive leaflet, thank you Miss Martindale.

I have engrossed in the most pointless of mathematic formulae (i still have'nt needed to find the squared area of a cylinder...), thank you Miss Tupper.

Yet what does all this information add up to?

I dont think even Miss Tupper could work out this problem.

This information has not turned me into an adult

and was not a shield for what i faced this morning.

My first real lesson came when a girl,

not just any girl, turned me into a quivering mess.

I just wonder if there will be more lessons or if this has hardened  the pump of my cardio vascular system (Thank you Miss K!).

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