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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

About relationship between family and how helpful our parents, about love that never end,,,,,,,,,,

Back Home

There was snow on all over the highest point of mountain in Kurdistan, down the hill got cover by green forest ,you could see every little detail of nature beauty , which was singing of birds, Murmur of water, you could feel the spring breeze and enjoy twitter singing . The villagers love this season because its most beautiful season in the year, no one wanted the day to end .One of the villager a poor family parents and three children one of their kids called Shah , shah the ten year old boy very intelligent and smart , he was eager to help his parent ,but the young age would prevent him to do so, but he still wanted to contribute on forward the family , the only way is to get up early morning and go the forest to bring some dry wood as much he can, at end of the week his father to collect this woods and sell it in town cheaply , and save some of this money to be able to get Shah's need for school ,his dream to see Shah lawyer one day. In school Shah was studying with his cousin Shehnaz ,the two little were one heart in one body, a very young love and innocent thought an angel could sing for it, they grow up and an innocent love grew with them .

When shah finished hi studies in high school , he decided to work and help his father .Shah said" Father I am done with the school and this is the last year I can work now and help you " . His father refused the idea and with little anger on his face said " you will never work like me ,I did suffer all this years  working hard for people only to make you an educated man and never leave school then I would be proud of you, listen my son I do have  small piece of land I will sell it for you and you should go to University I want to see you a lawyer before I die".  Shah "Father?"  his Father " no moor talking just do what I say". Shah " As you wish Father ".

After one month Shah's Father sold his land and brought money for Shah, Shah looked at his Father and the word stuck in his through with tears on eyes " you given up your life just for me to study? so how can all  of you survive please Father I wont build myself by this way" . His Father knew the pain how it is hurt inside and he will face the  dark future but he pretend to be happy, " It is has been sold already my son just think about your future we will be fine don't worry " . He left the money and went into his little dark room and began to cry . Because at that time most people was working in the farm and losing farm it mean losing life and food .

The time has  came and Shah should travel 5 hours  to reach the city  where he can study , in the night before travel stood  awake all night thinking of his family and what would happen after him from that time he did count every minute until morning , when the Sun shone he went to his Father crying like a little baby  , " Father please I don't want to go". His Father " Come on my son stop been stubborn I want you to be a man to make me proud of you, then come back and look after us and help us to live better life, go my son and be happy god will help us and we all will pray for you".

It was a long journey  and they wouldn't see each other until next year. Day by day Shah and year by year passed Shah did great effort on his study, after  three years he found part time job , did work very hard and send some money to his family also he was very successful on his study. But before that last year  came to  end  they heard some bad news ,that the war started  between they country where he live and another country for that reason all student had been told to have a vacation one month then come back to join army.

Every hope he had just disappeared  on the way home  Shah was so excited to meet his family but very sad inside ,he would disappoint his father for not finishing his study but in mean time they would forgive him one day, in  his thought was thousand question what will happen next, " I know I am going to vacation but to go away again and this time to place where some people would never come back oh god help us please and bring peace to all ".

Shah arrived home ,and had a good time  with his family his father knew there would be no more happiness and would use this opportunity to make a last blast of party in his house, he wanted Shah to get married then  he arranged for his  wedding everyone agreed but ! Shah " Father you know where I am going ? my fate is  unknown ! ", " Yes my son please do not deprive me of this moment ", " As you wish father ".Shah got married with his beloved woman Shehnaz everybody sang a song for long life to both of them.

Life completely had changed there were no news accept war four  years went by still nothing about him was heard ,until Nine  years had go by and the war were ended , nearly a million life  were lost during this war, and still nothing heardabout Shah, his family were sure he was not alive . After nine years  they heard where he were everyone died. the darkness plunged in everywhere and the sorrow became one part of their life, after 12 years his wife's family demanded her to live with them and she couldn't refuse , then they married her to someone, it was a tough choice but they must follow the traditions , they were also sure that he is not alive.bur always human shouldn't be hopeless there is a great god above all of us.  

Shah was a prisoner of war for  15 years and he never thought he would see his family again , after 15 years they released him ,  at first time he  felt free and tasted the freedom , when he came back home you could see on his face severity of the years and the treachery of time , and he wont get recognised by the nearest person of him.

He went to the village nobody knew him ,some people asked who was he and he said I am Shah!! they astonished and couldn't believe it, after a few minutes they took him to his home. Shah opened the door there was only an old  woman on her bed she couldn't see and very ill ,she was his Mother she said " I can feel  you, and your smell familiar to me I have never felt like this for more than 15 years oo god how kind  you are ,you have endowed me my son", after a silent moment his tears were falling like a rain and you could hear when it is  on the floor.  Shah " Mother " He were looking for some words to create but there were no word to describe , and so submerged in the heart of his Mother .

But this happiness did not complete when he knew his Father had passed away ,Shah stood on his feet and looked at his Father's picture "god bless you and your place in paradise ". Then set and said" Where is my wife?  I cant see her why didn't she come and meet me", no one said any word and his Mother started to cry " Mother what happen to my wife? But she didn't know what to say.

Shah went outside and began to search for his wife like crazy, his uncle came and grabbed his hand " we thought you died ?!" Shah " died what , how I don't understand but I am here now don't you believe me? I am talking to you I am shah", his uncle " my dear calm down I know this is you and I am so happy but many things happened in past 15 years you don't know it!!  Shah " what happened like what? just tell me where is everyone ?". In the meantime and at the door , a woman came with two year old boy and said " I am here my dear, and this is my son his name Shah, they forced me to marry or I could wait for you forever, here I am now and same as you lost in this treachery world ,but I want you to know something , you the only one who I loved and always I will".

There was no talking more than one hour then Shah said "what love can do to me if I am a dead person ",

Then with his loudest voice said" I am dead" ,he ran to the mountain and never came back.

By Bahdin Sevo

Written in Arabic and translated to English

2003 England






Submitted: September 30, 2011

© Copyright 2020 Bahdin Sevo. All rights reserved.

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