Confessions in Snow

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is part of my "I Love You Series" (yet to be finished) this series displays one scene, and in each scene, the only words spoken are "I Love You."

This is the story of two friends.

Submitted: November 22, 2009

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Submitted: November 22, 2009



Confessions in Snow::

Snow lightly drifted down, miniscule flakes of the clouds of heaven. The world silent save for the crunch of snow under footsteps, the chilling wind breathed across the winter terrain, a soft caress to my face. A shiver swept through me without my consent. The shuffling beside me stopped abruptly as you turned to look unto my face, ever the condescending expression painted in your eyes, etched into your smile. Chuckling under your breath you began to unzip your jacket, all the while grinning at me with that stupid look.

Hesitantly you stepped toward me, bringing us closer than we’d ever been as you wrapped your jacket and your arms round my shoulders in a comforting embrace. My face burned scarlet as the heat of your body seeped into me. When you rested your head on top of mine, I scrunched my eyes shut tightly, silently wishing that this mere moment could stretch on forever, knowing it would be over too soon. My heart beat furiously against its cage, screaming at me to act, but this was my friend, my best friend, and the fear that surged through my entire body stilled my mouth, silenced my voice. For so long our friendship had intertwined our lives, through so much our friendship had held strong. I couldn’t put it all on the line like that, no matter how deep our bonds were ingrained; my confession could change them forever.

A heavy sigh jolted me from my thoughts; my breath caught in my throat as you looked upon my face. Where had your childish grin gone? Where was that humorous gleam in your eyes? In all my years of being by your side, never had I seen such an expression on your face, so serious, so confused. Time seemed at a stand still as you scrutinized me, staring at me with all the concentration that you could muster. I blushed furiously, suddenly feeling extremely self-conscious, I wanted to look away, but found I couldn’t, the panic in your eyes held my gaze stiffly.

Without warning you released a chuckle as you brushed a stray piece of hair from my face, again my heart kicked at my ribs, urging me on, begging me to act because this moment would never come again. Adrenaline coursed through me, thoughts raging in my head, contradicting each other and fighting for the spotlight. My muscles tensed as I tried to decipher whether or not I really wanted to do this, whether or not I really wanted to take the chance. A tingly sickly feeling began spreading from my heart out, my nerves quaked in anticipation, but my mind still could not decode itself.

My head rocked backward slightly as you forced our foreheads together.

"I Love You."

Strange how something as soft and silent as a whisper could cause such an intense reaction. My eyes widened comically, my breathing jagged and hoarse, the tingly sickly feeling replaced with a numb excited one. My heart dead in my chest as I continued to stare into your unwavering gaze, fear evident in the depths of your eyes.

A shy smile stretched across my face as my heart began to thrum rhythmically and my breathing slowed. No longer hesitant, no longer nervous, I pushed forward, welcoming the long desired feel of your lips against mine. Your arms tightened as you pulled me flush against yourself, the cold no longer an issue, I relaxed into your embrace, surrendering myself to you completely.

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