Rain Drops of Romance

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is part of my "I Love You Series" (yet to be finished) this series displays one scene, and in each scene, the only words spoken are "I Love You."

This story is of a young man who believes his love incapable of becoming a reality.

Submitted: November 19, 2009

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Submitted: November 19, 2009



Rain Drops of Romance::


Rain pelted down from the thunderous clouds over head, drowning the world surrounding me and chilling me to the bone as the icy wind seemed to whip right through me. The Gloomy scenery only accentuated my sorrow, my heart subdued to the horrendous roar of thunder, claps of lightening unable to draw me from the darkness my soul had fallen into. My posture sagged despairingly as though the rain was slowly washing me away, had it been I would’ve been only too happy.

A ferocious growl ripped through the evening as the rain began to pelt harder, egged on by the howling winds. With so much noise I was unable to hear, unaware of your presence. The continuous splash of droplets diving into puddles disguised your footsteps.

With one loud cry you made yourself known to me, twisting in surprise my eyes fell upon you. Dripping wet and gasping for air you threw yourself on me, grasping at my clothing, embracing me as tight as your body would allowed. I could feel you tremble as the cold ripped down your spine and before I could stop myself I found that I had returned the embrace, holding you softly to me.

The sky continued to flash blindingly, but the thunder was muted. The rain continued to pelt as the wind continued to rush wildly around us, but not a sound was heard. My arms slacked as you pushed lightly from me moving mere millimetres from me, just far enough to lift your face. There it was, that famous smile I loved so much, planted firmly on your face, eyes glistening you whispered to me. As soon as the words escaped your mouth all the sound of the world ran back to me and all at once attacked my ears. Blood coursed through my veins screaming for me to reciprocate your sentiment. That’s when it happened, my soul flew back into the light you shone, basking in the warmth it found there, and without a seconds notice my lips descended on yours. Together our mouths moved trying in desperation to convey all that we felt in one small gesture. Love seared my heart, mind and entire body as your words echoed continuously in my mind, ‘I Love You.’

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