no tittle just yet i dont know what to name it Version 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
23 year old Bailey Jo Smith
was what her family called a ‘hot shot’
romance and childrins book author in Nashville, Tennessee!
In the past 5 years she has had 3 romance novels
and 2 childrend books
published and all 5 were fliying off the shelf’s!
She was vary happy with the life she had!
Other then losing her parents in a plane crash 3 years ago,
she had a good life.
she had friends she cherished,
and she had her 2 older sisters Riley and Nevaeh,
and her older brother Cooper and there families
that she could not live with out!
She had her nice apartment in the city.
She was nowhere close to getting married,
and even farther from having children!
the only child the had was her 6 year old lab named Lilly.
But even without a husbend and chidren she was happy.
Untill one day something happend that changed her life
and her familys lifes forever!

Submitted: October 06, 2007

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Submitted: October 06, 2007





The Opening



You could say that 23 year old Bailey Jo Smith had it all.
She was what her mother and father called a ‘hot shot’
romance and childrins book author.
She lived in Nashville, Tennessee!
She just graduated from callege not even a month ago.
She had her first romance novl published
5 years ago when she was only 18 years ol.
Since then she has had 2 more romance novls
and 2 childrens books published
and all to her suprise all 5 books were flying off the shelf’s!
She was vary happy with the life she had!
Other then losing her parents in a plane crash 3 years ago,
She thought she was happy!
She had her writing that kept her busy,
She had friends she cherished,
and she had her 2 older sisters Riley and Nevaeh,
and her older brother Cooper and there families
that she could not live with out!
She had her nice apartment in the city.
She was nowhere close to getting married,
and even farther from having children!
Infact the closest she had to a child
was her 6 year old lab named Lilly.
But even without a husbend or chidren
she was still happy with her life.
That was untill one day something happend once again
that changed Baileys life and the lifes of her family forever!

Chapter 1
July 27th 2007

It was 3:30 and Bailey was just finishing up what she could at work.
So she could go home and pack to go up to the lake house.
Which is in Center Hill Lake in Silver Point, Tennessee.
When she got a call on her cell from her older sister Nevaeh.
“Hey you. Whats up?”
Bailey said when she answered her cell phone.
“Is that how your answering you phone now?”
Nevaeh asked her little sister.
“No, I just know it would be you!
Bailey said laughed.
Thinking that nether of her sisters could help but to try to be her
mother now that both of there parents were gone.
“Well I was just calling to ask you when your leaving to go to the lake?”
Nevaeh asked.
“I toled you, I’m leaving right after I get out of here at 4 o’clock.
Then I’m going home to pack. Then Lilly and I will be out the door.
We should get there around 8:30 tonight.
Oh, and I still don’t know how I got enected to getting the house ready
for this birthbay party for Hannah, Willow, and Savannh.
I mean i love them and all but why do i have to do it?
There your kids!” Bailey said one last time in protest
before leaving for the lake!
“Well baby sister. Your the only one that has the time.
With Ri and Coop in Georgia,
and Austen and I both having somewhat big cases in cort right now,
that wont end untill just days before we leave for the lake.
So your just the only one who can do it. I’m sorry!”
Nevaeh said sounding a little stressed and annoyed!
“Yes I know, But you know me, I just had to protest one last time!
Well I got to go if I’m going to get out of here before 4 o’clock!”
Bailey said with a laugh.
“Yeah, I’ll see you at the lake in a week. Love you Bail”
Nevaeh said to her little sister.
“yeah see ya, love you to Nevaeh.”
Bailey said as she hung up the phone.
Thanks to some last minute changes to one of the books
Bailey was editting.
She didn’t leave her office untill almost 5pm.
Not only was Bailey Jo Smith a ‘hot shot’ author
but she was also what her family called a ‘hot shot’ editor.
Everyone who was writing a book wonted her as there editor simply
cuz she never really tryed changing the books she was editting
unlike alot of the editors she worked with were trying to do.
< DIV>
She hated when they did it to her,
So she was damned if she was going to do it to the people that
trusted her with there work!
Bailey was in her car by 4:50
and she was walking in the door of her a partment at 5:15.
She left her work stuff in the car, so she wouldn’t forget it.
An editors job is never done.
She thought to herself as she walked into the bathroom
and took a shower.
After her shower,
Bailey packed for the 4 weeks at the lake all alone
Bailey was out the door by 7o’clock with Lilly right behind her.
“So much for being here by 8:30!”
She thought to herself as she polled into the driveway
of the lake house at 10:45
Exhausted she left her stuff in the car,
and just grabed her small bag that she packed
with only the stuff she needed for that night.
She went in the house and up stars into the master bedroom.
She had told her sisters and brother
that she was laking mom and dads room
cuz she got stuck getting the house ready for the girls party!
Bailey had been up since 4:30 that morning,
and felt as if she was going to pass out in her clothes,
but she put on a pare of old shorts and a old t’shrit,
and broshed her teath and washed her face, then fell into bed.



Chapter 2
JULY 28, 2007


Bailey got up at 7:30 the next morning.
Not wonting to start cleaning just yet.
Bailey eat breakfast and then took a shower.
She put her pink bakini on under a pink and yellow halter
and a wight peasant skirt with her favorite pink and wight flip flops.
It was only 9 in the morning but it was already in the high 80’s!
She left to go to the store ate 10.
So she could get everything she needed for the month
she was going to be at the lake all alone.
and when she started on Nevaehs list that she emailed her
almost 2 weeks ago.
She felt as if she was buying the whole store by the time she was
finished with Nevaehs list,
and by the look on the bag boys face who looked about 12 years old,
he was thinking the same thing.
When she got back to the house she unlouded the car,
then louded it all in the 3 refrigerators that were in the house.
Since there there was nothing in the house to clean with.
Bailey had to buy some cleaning supplies.
She put them on the counter,
so she would not forget to use them.
Bailey made herself lunch,
and went outside with Lilly right behind her.
Bailey wotched as Lilly ran around the beach as she eat her lunch.
Lilly always turned into a puppy again when she was at the lake.
Bailey always feels bad,
cuz in the city Lilly never really got to run like she did here!
Well not with out a neughber or 2 saying something about it!
Here she could run were ever she wonted,
and not even Mr. Fuller said anything
and that old man had something to say about everyone and everything!
He wasnt really a peoples peason or even a dog person,
but some reson he had a soft spot for Lilly.
But then again everyone did.
After lunch Bailey walked with Lilly on the beach untill about 3:30.
“Ok Lilly time to go home.” Bailey said
thinking that Lilly would run the whole time they were up here,
if she let her.
Bailey was only 2 houses from her place
when she seen a little girl running down the hill tored the beach were
she Bailey was walking.
The little girl had long blond hair that was in pigtails with wight bows
in each one that mached her sundress that was wight and had light blue
When the little girl stoped infront of Bailey,
Lilly came running up
and tryed to lick the girl on her cheek
and when Lilly barcked the little
girl jumped back!
Bailey polled Lilly back and said “its ok she was was just saying hi
and giving you a puppy kiss. !” Bailey said.
“She. . .She was?” The little girl said looking at Lilly big blue eyes.
“Yeah she was. So whats you name?” Bailey asked the little girl.
“I’m Jasper Lynn Johnson.” The little girl said.
“Well it’snice to met you Jasper. I’m Bailey Smith.
Jasper thats a pritty name.” Bailey said
“Thank you ma’am. Whats your puppys name?” Jasper asked still
looking at Lilly,
“Her name is Lilly.”
Bailey said knowing what the next question would be.
“Can I play with her?” Jasper asked.
“Well I think Lilly would love to play with you,
but lets go ask your mom and dad to make sure they dont mind, ok.”
Bailey said as she put Lilly on her leash.
She only had to put he on it when she wonted her to stay next her.
Most of the time she just had to call her name and she would come
running, but sometimes she had her own plans!
“Oh, my daddy wont mind!” Jasper said alittle to quickly.
“Well I think it’s best if we go ask anyways.
After all I am a stranger and you should never go anywhere with
someone you don’t know even if they have a puppy you wont to
play with! You know that right!”
Bailey asked while they walked back up the hill to Jaspers house.
“Yeah i know, but your a girl and your nice.” Jasper said looking a
little confused.
“Yes, I am a girl, and I am nice, but not evey girl is nice.
Just like not every boy is nise!
Do you understand what I’m trying to say?”
Bailey asked Jasper
when they standing at the back door of Jaspers house.
“Yeah, that girls can be bad just like boys!”
Jasper said as she went to the door.
“Right no girl I’m glad you understand!” Bailey said as
Jasper treyed to open the back door, but it was locked.
So they walked to the front door.
Jasper said she would be right back, then she went inside.
The door wasnt even closed yet when Jasper yealled out,
“Daddy, Daddy, I have to ask you something.”
Bailey couldn’t help but to laugh.
Brice was in the kitchen trying to find somethin to make for dinner
when he herd his daughter call out for him.
“Yeah Jas, in here.” He called out to her.
Just then Jasper came running into the kitchen.
“Wow girl, slow down! No running in the kitchen you know that!
Now whats wrong?” Brice asked as he stoped her with his free hand.
“Nothing. It’s just that I just met this lady
and well she has this really big dog named Lilly
and well I asked if I could play with her
but she said I had to ask you first.
I toled her that you would let me
but she said I have to ask
cuz she was a sranger.
So can I daddy please.
Shes really nice really big but shes really nice.”
Jasper said pleading with her fother.
“Well whats her name, where is she?” Brice asked her.
I tolled you its Lilly and she outside.”
Jasper said getting a little inpashen.
“No Jas the lady,
Whats the ladys name and were is she?
and by the way,
You and I are going to have a big long talk again
about you going up to people you don’t know you.
Got it!
Cuz the ladys right!
You always have to ask!
No matter who it is!
I don’t care if its grandma and grandpa!
You have to ask before you go with them,
You got it!?
Brice said looking series.
“Ok Daddy.”Jasper said quitly.
“So who is this lady and where is she?” Brise asked again.
Oh umm . . . it’s . . .it’s . . .
Oh yeah its Bailey.
I cant remamber what she said her last name was.
But shes outside with lilly.
So can I please?!” Jasper asked one last time
but this time she gave her father the sad little puppy dog look
that worked every time.
“Well ok,” He was just about to say “but!”
When Jasper took off like a lightning bolt!
So walked quickly behand her .
Trying to remamber where he knew the name Bailey from.
Just as Jasper was raeching for the door he called out
“Frizz girl,” and as Jasper turned slowly from the door.
He added “I meet her befor you go!”
“Oh, ok come on shes right outside.
Oh and Daddy she really pritty.
Jasper said as she pushed open the door and ran outside.
Brice just smiled thinking. “Yeah right jas you think everyone is pritty!”
“Daddy said I can, I can play with her!” Jasper said
as she was jumping up and down next to Bailey.
“He did, well here you go,
Go play your little hearts out!” Bailey said as she let Lilly off her leash.
“Yeah I don’t think I had any other choice but to say yes!”
Brice said standing behind Bailey.
Bailey turned at the sound of his voice and smiled
and said as she held out her and to Brice “Hi, I’m Bailey Smith.”
Brice was taken back for a moment thinking that Jasper was right for
once Bailey was pritty, No more like beautiful vary beautiful.
“Yeah hi, I’m Brice Johnson. Jasper wasn’t bothering you was she”
Brice asked as he shok her hand still trying to remember were he
knew her name from!
“Oh no,
I was just walking on the beach with lilly.
When she came running up to us
and asked if she could play with lilly.
Of course I siad she had to ask you first.
Shes a vary sweet girl and vary friendly.” Bailey said with a smile.
“Yeah, Thanks,
Jas can be a little to friendly even with strangers.
I’m going to have yet another talk with her tonight about it.”
Brice said looking over at Jasper.
“She reminds me of myself when I was her age.”Bailey said
“Well thank you for making her ask first.
Shes a lot like her momma when it comes to new people.
Jaspers momma always wonted to know everyone
and everything about them,
and it looks like her daughter is just like her
and she only 4 1/2
and well it scars my cuz im a cop
so I see alot of the crazzy stuff people do!
Brice said still wotching his daughter play with the dog.
“Yeah I how what your saying.
I have 18 going on 19 nieces and nepgews
and I would be feries if one of them went anywere with someong they
didn’t know even is they were nice and had a dog!
Well I should go catch up with those 2 before Lilly runs off.
It was nice meeting you Brice!”
Bailey said steping back toreds the beach.
“Hey, are you still going for a walk? Brice asked.
“Yeah for a little bit longer. Why?
“Do you mind if I join you?
I was just looking for someing to make for dinner.
But its only a little after 4
and well if you dont have other plans you could join us
it’s only going to be Jasper and myself.”
Brice asked hopeing she would say yes!
“Oh, well if its ok with your wife then yeah that sounds good.”
she said thinking she was working late of out of town.
“Oh theres no wife.” Brice said with a sad tone in his voice.
“Oh . . . I . . . I’m sorry!” Bailey siad not knowing what elts to say.
“Hey we should go find those to before they run away together!”
Brice said sounding happy again and trying to change the subject!
“Yeah I wouldn’t put it past them to do something like that!
Well lilly anyways.” Bailey said with a wink.
“Oh and thank you for letting her play with Lilly,
she loves puppys and really wonts one
but I just don’t have the time for a one in the house
and well like i said she only 4 1/2
but maybe in a year or 2.” Brice said looking back at Bailey
as they walked bown to the beach.
Thinking about how beautiful she was!
“Well like I said I was just walking with her on the beach anyways,
and well I think she likes playing with Jasper
more than just walking with me.
Lilly loves kids you kinda have to if your in my family
the way my sisters and brother are poping out kids
and to be totlly honest I think Lilly likes them
more than she like me sometimes” Bailey said with a wink.
“Do you see then anywere?” Brice asked looking around.
“No I don’t. I wonder were there at?”Bailey said also looking around.
Just then they herd Jasper laughing on the other of the rock wall.
“Jasper Lynn Johnson over here Now!” Brice called out.
Jasper jumped up knowing she was in truble.
She ran around the rock wall, and stoped infront of her father.
“Yeah Daddy.” She said trying to be inasent.
“Dont yeah daddy me!
You know you cant play on that side of the rock wall.!
Cuz I cant see you! Don’t you?
Brice said looking down at his daughter.
“Yes daddy, but lilly ran over ther, and!”
she started to say nore but her father stoped her.
“No dont blame this on the dog Jas!
You know better you could have came and got Bailey or myself!”
He said with a hand on her sholder.
“Yeah, But you were both talking,
and well i didnt wont to be rude. I’m sorry daddy!
She said apologizing to her father.
“Jas thats never stoped you before!
Now go get Lilly and get back over here, and make it fast!”
Brice ordered her.
“Just call her name hunny,
and say come on girl, and she will follow you.”
Bailey said as Jasper went running around the rock wall.
“Sorry about that. But if she thinks shes gottin away with something
well then she thinks she can again and again
and I can be haveing that!
Cuz she trys to get away with everything!’’ Brice said.
“Yeah well, Now she really reminds me of myself
and half of my family!’’ Bailey said laughing.
Jasper and Lilly came running around the rock well just then
and Jasper yelled out ” Got her!”
“Ok now run back down the beach with her!”
Brice said and pointed in the other darectshon.
Then they all turned around and walked back doen the beach.
Jasper and Lilly ran infront of Brice and Bailey as they talked.
“Can I ask you somthing?
You don’t have to answer if you don’t wont to
or if you think it none of ma bisness!”
Bailey ashed looking over at him.
“No, Go a head what is it?”
He looked at her knowing what she was ging to ask.
“Well I was just wondering if you not married.
Why you have a wedding ring on your finger?”
Bailey asked looking at his hand.
“Oh, Well I was married but she pased a way almost 5 years ago.
I just can’t bring myself to taking it off.”
Brice said looking out over the water.
“Oh, I’m so sorry Brice!
I . . . I shouldn’t of asked and in sorry that was vary rude of me!”
Bailey said with her hand on his arm.
“No it’s ok, and thank you.” He said still looking out over the water.
“Almost 5 years.Tthat means Jasper was only a baby then.
That must not have been easy taking care of a baby by yourself?
Bailey asked
“Yeah Gracey thats my wifes name.
She pased away after giving birth to Jasper.
The Dr’s could’t stop the bleading,
and yeah it was for the first your or 5! He said with a wink.
I didn’t know the first thing about babies!
I always thought that Gracey would be there to show my what to do.
Thank God I had my sisters and my mothers to help me out
and to be honest I still do sometimes.
But I must say I have most of it mastered.
Well its more like shes got me mastered,
and had since the day she was born.”
He said this time looking at his daughter.
“Well I know I just met you.
But I think your doing an amazing job with her.
Shes a good kid and a little to friendly with strangers
but thats cuz shes a sweet girl who loves puppys
and just wonts to know everything.
I can name 3 guys right now that could never do what your doing!”
She sais with her hand on his arm again.
All Brice could do was think of the wormth of her hand
on the skin of his bare arm, as he said “Thank you! I tey my best!”
Bailey let go of Brices arm when
Jasper came running up to them and said.
“Daddy I’m hungry. Can we eat?”
Brice looked at wotch and said “Wow it’safter 6 already.
What about you Bailey? You hungry?”
“Yeah, I’m getting there she said.
“Ok then lets go. I was thinking about brots or burgers on the grill.
What do you think?”
“Ewww daddy No!” Jas stopped and protested.
“Yes Jas, I know you dont like them.
Thats way I have hot dogs just for you!
unless Bailey thinks there ewww to”
Brice said looking over at Bailey with a smile.
“Oh no thats ok there all yours!” Bailey said with a laugh.
Then they started for the house again.
When they got to the house Bailey tolled Lilly to stay outside.
“Oh no thats ok, she can come in.” Brice said.
“Are you sure? Shes a big girl! She may brake something.
I would hate for that to happen!”Bailey said holding Lilly back.
“Oh, Well I don’t think theres anything left from Jas
running around here!” Brice ashured her.
Then they all went in the house.
“Jas sweety. Can you go wash up, and change your clothes.
Then come set the table outside for three?” Brice asked his daughter.
“Yes daddy.” Jas answerd.
Brice started getting the food out of the frig,
when Bailey asked”Can I help with something?”
Wonting to do anything to get her mind off of
Brice and how hadsome she thought he was.
“Yeah, Can you help Jas set the table?
She does a good job most of the time but she still needs help sometimes.”
Brice said as he got the plate, silverware and cups and said.
“Thank you.” when he handed them to her.”
“It’s the lest I can do.”
Bailey said as she walked out to the back deck
and waited for Jasper to get out there.
Jasper sat the table hersalf with just a little help here and there!
Brice walked out with a plate of food and said.
“Wow, looks good ladys.
“Bailey helped me with it.” Jasper said.
“Only here and there but she did most of it hersalf.
Bailey said as she put her hand on top of Jaspers head.
Then Jasper started to run down the steps of the dack
to play on her swngset.
“Get back here your not getting birtty again!”
Brice said before she could step off the last step.
“Ok, fine.” Jasper said as she walked back in the house
and diapered up stars.
“So do you live on the lake or do you just stay up here for
the summers?”
Brice asked Bailey as he put the food on the grill.
“I lived just two houses down untill I was 18,
but now I live in Nashville.
My sisters and brother only use the house in the summer
and holadays. Now that both of our parents are gone.” Bailey said.
“Really! Did you go to Silver Point High? Brice asked.
“Yeah. Why?
“Cuz I went to Silver Point High and so did Gracey.
This house is where I gruw up,
and Graceys house is right in the middle of us.”
“wait was your wife Gracey Grant?” Bailey asked.
“Yeah she was did you know her?
Brice asked turning from the grill to face Bailey.
“You could say that.
She was friends with my sister Nevaeh.” Bailey said.
“Yeah, now I know where I knew your name from.
I knew your sister they were best friends right?”
But I don’t really remember you though.
I just remember your sister,
and doesnt she have a twin brother?”
Brice said checking the food.
“Yeah, They were best friends since they were real little.
Gracey was always at our house or Nevaeh was at hers,
and yeah she does his name is Cooper.
He and our oldest sister Riley live in Georga now
and are both married and have lots of kids
and you don’t remember me cuz,
I wasn’t cool or old enof to hang out with them
when we were kids.” Bailey said with a wink.
“Yeah I was like that to with me little brother.
So how is your sister these days?
Barce asked taking some of the food off the grill.
“Shes good. Shes married and has a six year old sun
and triplets that will be 5 in a week.
She and her husben are big time loyers in Nashville now.”
Bailey said as she pored herself some water.
“Wow triplets! Brice said as he walked into the house.
Then steped back out and asked “Hey would you like a beer?”
Bailey said. “Yeah sure a beer sounds good. Thank you.”
Brice walked back outside with 2 beers and asked “So are they were boys or girls?”
“All three are grils!” Bailey said with a smile as she opened her beer.
“Wow. I couldn’temagen 3 of Jasper. I think I would go mad.” Brice
said, as he took the rest of the food off of the grill, and turned it off.
“Yeah they do sometims!” She said laughing.
“And you what do you do?” Brices said.
“Oh, I’m a writer.” Bailey answered before she took a drink of her beer.
“Anything I may have read. Brise asked.
“Well only if you like romance novels or if you read to Jasper.” she said.
“Yeah, I do read to Jas. What books did you write?”Brice asked.
“Well I wrote ‘Mommy Why’ and ‘In My World’.” Bailey said.
“Hold on. I’ll be right back.
Brice said as he walked back into the house.
While in the house he called Jasper down for dinner.
When he came back, he had 4 books with him.
The 2 she told him about and 2 more that were not children books
and she was vary surprised he had them.
“Wow you have ‘Love Ends With The Truth’ and ‘Sent With Love’?”
Bailey said with a smile.
“Well don’t be to wowed. There my sisters.”Brice said laughing.
Jasper came running out just then. Asking if th food was done.
“Yeah. Go wash your hands, and I’ll get you a plate.”Brice said.
“Why do you have my books out here?
Jasper asked before she went back inside.
“Well Jas. Baileys the one who wrote them.” Brice said.
“Oh. Cool!” Jas said then she took the 4 books back in the house
and washed her hands.
“Yeah thats the respons I always get from children.
Even from my brother and my sisters kids.
I think the parents get more exsited then they do.”
Bailey said with a laugh
as she wotched Jasper walk into the house.
Jasper walked back out with her father,
who had 2 more beers for bailey and his self
and a bottle of water for Jasper.
They all sat down and eat ther dianner and taked.
Jasper asked Bailey “Did you really write my books?”
“Yeah hun I really did! Do you like them? Bailey asked.
“Yeah, Mommy Why is my favorite!”
Jasper said before she took a bite of
her hot dog.
Oh yeah why is it your favorite? Bailey asked.




Chapter 3
JULY 29, 2007



Bailey got up at 6:30 and eat breakfast.
Then she did most of the cleaning she had to do down stares
and left the other floors for another day.
when she got up at 6:30
She blasted the radio while she was cleaning.
So she did not heir the phone ring when her oldest sister
Riley called at 8 and at 8:25
and again at 9.
Bailey called her back atwhen she was done claening.
“Well its about time girl! I you called like 3 times!
Riley asked before Bailey could say a word
when she answered her phone.
“Sorry I was cleaning the house
and I had the radio up to loud I couldn’t heir the phone ring.”
Bailey said apologizing to her sister.
Well I was callin g to ask you for a favor.”
Riley said with a little laugh in her voice.
“Let me guess it has soming to do with this house of the party?”
Bailey said sounding a little annoye!
“No. Bradley and i was wondering if you couled wotch the kids for us?
Bradley wonts to take me on a 2 week cruse for our annaversury.
I know its alot to ask but we really need a brack!
So do you think you can do it?” Riley asked praying she would say yes!
“All 8 of them?” Bailey said laughing.
“Yeah.”Was all Riley said.
well it a good thing there all good kids ‘most of the time’
and there not Nevaehs kids or i would have had to say no
cuz to weeks with those kids would drive my crezy and
i would never have kids!” Bailey said laughing.
“Oh thank you!
Thank you Bail we owe you big time!” Riley said
“When are you and Bradley leaving? Bailey asked.
“Well we will all get to the lake on the 5th,
but Bradley and I have to leave on the 10th
to get down to Florda by the 11th.
The cruse leaves on the morning of the 12th
and gets back on the norning of the 25th.
We will fly back here that afternoon
and we should be at the lake house by midnight at the latest.”
Riley explaned to her sister.
“Is Coop, Shelby and the kids comeing up to the lake with you?”
Bailey asked.
“They said they were.
Well hey thats Skyler cryin i got to go feed her again,
but thatks again like i said we owe you big time!” Riley said
Well tell you what, write my next book and we’re even.”
Bailey said laughing.
Riley just laughed and said,
“that the book would just sit there on the shelf if she did.”
“Yeah maybe your right.
Well I’ll let you go i can still heir Skyler cryin.
I’ll see you in a week love you Ri” Bailey said.
“Yeah love you to Bail.” Riley said.
After they both hung up the phone.
Riley went to feed Skyler,
and Bailey went and took another shower
cuz she was all swety from cleaning the house.
After her shower Bailey put on on her white bekini
and a wight skirt like the pink one she had on the day before.
She was in the kitchen making herself some breakfast.
When she heared the door bell ring.
She grabed her thin pink hoody and put it on as she walked to the door
but when she seen who was standing outside she didnt bother zipping it.
“Oh my god.
What are you 3 doing here?
I thought you all moved away?”
Bailey said as she opend the door
and seen her best friend from high school Tambra, Izziy and Zoe.
“Well I seen your car in the driveway the other day.
So I called these 2 crazy girls up and tolled that the fames
Bailey Jo Smith was at the lake house.
They came right over cunsidering we never get see you anymore.
Now that you went and got all famis and left us in the dust.”
Izziy said with a wink, as Bailey toled them to come in.
“Now I’m not the only one here that whet and got famis”
Bailey said looking at Tambra.
“Hey I’m not the famis one Mark is.
I’m just the little wife that stays home with the kids.
oh and he takes out to the aword shows to parad me around to all his
star friends !” Tambra said in defens.
Tambra just turnd 24 and is married to none other then
country singer Mark _.
They have a 2 year old boy and twin girls that are 9 months.
“I’m so sarry Tam that must be horabl! Izziy said with a wink.
Izziy shes 21 and married to .
They have been together since they were 15 and 16 years old,
They have 4 going on 5 kids together.
They had there first when Izziy was just 16 years old
So there oldest daughter is 5 years old, they also have a 4 sun,
and twin girls that are 1 1/2.
Oh and her belly looked as if it was going to pop at any minute.
“Yeah well at lest you 2 got out of here,
while we’re still stuck here!” Zoe said.
Zoe is 22 and married to Jason
no one really liked him, cuz he was to cuntroling of Zoe
and Bailey really could not stand him
cuz when she seen Zoe about a year ago
she had broses on her arms and her back
that were a little to oveas that he was hiting her!
but they have been together since they we’re 15
and now have a 4 year old daughter, a 2 year old sun
and a 1 month old baby girl.






They all walked into the kichen.
Izziy seen the food be the stove
and said while holding her belly,
“Well looks like we came just in time to kidnap you for the day!
We were going to go eat breakfast at Jimmy’s.”
“That sounds good i have not been to Jimmy’s in years.”
Bailey said.
Jimmy’s is owned by a family that was friends with the girls’s family
and they we’re there almost every friday or saterday night
when they were kids with who ever they we’re dating ats the time.
It was noon when they got to Bailey.
“Hey i would love to stay, but i have to go get my brats from my
mommas before she goes crazy with all of them there with her!
Hey i wont to bring them by some time so they can see there Aunt Bailey.
Whens a good time?” Izziy said with a wink as she got in her car.
“Well why dont you all bring the kids over here for lunch so i can
see all them.” Bailey said to her friends.
That sounds good i think they would like it to!
You didnt have other plans did you .” Zoe asked
almost as a after thought.
“No, and even if i did i would have changed them
for my best friends! Now go get those kids!” Bailey said.
They were all back with all 10 kids intoe by 12:45.
They all had lunch outside then went down to the beach
The older kids played in the wanter
and the younger ones played in the sand
while the babies slept on blankets.
Bailey and her friends talked about what was happening in there lifes
since the last time they were all together like this while they
wotched the kids play.
Tambra talked about all the singers she had met in the past few years
and how crazy Marks life was right now and that he was always no the
rode but that she didnt mind that it was harder on ther kids than it was
on her now.
Zoe went on and on about how happy she was just being a wife
and mother.
Bailey, Tambra and Izziy just looked at each other then at Zoe.
Then bailey looked at all her friends and said
“Am i going to be the one to say it?”
“Say what! “Izziy asked.
” dont liy to me Zoe,
Is still tretting you the same way as when i seen you last?”
Bailey asked her looking strate in her eyes.
Zoe looked down and then said “that was 2 years ago he has changed
since then! Then she got up to go help her son with a bucket of water he
was playing with.
Bailey wotched as Zoe got up
and when she leaned over to help Matthew
Bailey jumped up and said “THAT SON OF A BITCH!”
and walked over to Zoe and polled up the back of her top.
“If hes changed then what the hell is this on your back?” she said
looking at Zoe.
“What are you 2 yealling about?” Izziy asked as she and Tambra
walked up to them.
“Nothing!” Zoe said polling down her top.
“No show them! Show them what you wonderful husben has been
doing to you for years now! Go ahead show them or i will!” Bailey said
looking in Zoes eyes leting her know she was not kidding!
“What the hell is she talking about Zoe?
What is _ doing to you?
Oh hell no hes not, is he hitting you Zoe?”
Tambra said as she realized what they were talking about.
Zoe turned around and showed her the
huge bruse on her lower bach and the one on her side.
“Its not that bad he just loses his temper some times,
its not that bad I swar!” Zoe tryed to say but
Bailey stoped her and said. ” Your sounding like it was ok for him
to he hitting you. What the hell is wrong with you? you dont need this
shit not from him not from anyone. You know what you need to do.
You needed to do it the last time I seen you no wait I’m wrong you
needed to do it the first time he put his damn hands on you!”
Bailey said trying to stay calm.
“Yeah well that easy for you all to say your not in love with him,
and you don’t have children with him, and well I cant lose my kids,
I just can’t!” Zoe said looking at her friend with tears in her eyes.
“Is that what he said? “That he would take the kids if you left his
sorry ass!” Tambra asked holding her hand.
“Yeah hes sai it a few times!” Zoe said still crying
“Hey Zo, Do you remember who my sister is and what she does
for a living and what her husben does for a living?”
bailey siad looking in her eyes again.
All Zoe hot out was “Yeah but”
when Izziy siad”arnt they both loyers?”
Yes they are and if you wont out just say the word and I will give them
a call and you will be safe I promes!” Bailey said with tears in her own
eyes and holding Zoes hand.
“I . . . I have to think about all of this! Can I get back with you”Zoe
Feeling exhausted Zoe said she was going to her mothers for the night
and would talk to them tomarrow.
After Zoe left the others taked about what they could do to help her.
They all knew she needed out.
But was she ready for that kind of change!
Tambra and Izziy left at 3:30 an hour after Zoe left.


© Copyright 2020 bailryjo2006. All rights reserved.

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