Mysterious Mystery

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Please ignore bad grammar and misspelled words. Enjoy!
Ch 1

*Zara's P.O.V*

"FREEZE, CATCH HER DEAD OR ALIVE," men on horses carrying swords yell at me.

Breathing heavily as my feet pound against the hard dry ground, my heart pounds hard against my chest. I look behind me. Crap I have to lose them, they are getting closer. As I continue to look behind me i don't realize there is a big root sticking out of the ground. Turning around my foot gets caught in the root sending me flying to the ground, hitting my head on a big boulder I instantly black out.

Moaning I touch my head and wince in pain. Slowly opening my eyes I observe my surroundings I'm in a huge room laying in a big bed with satin sheets. I life up the blankets to see my clothes have been changed into red silk pajamas with the initials HJA sewn into them. "Huh I wonder who that is" I think to myself. I slowly rub the gold thread thats sewn into the material.

I look to my right to see a covered tray with a single red rose and a note. Curious I grab the tray and lay it on the bed carefully. I slowly open the letter and read it.

Dear Mysterious Stranger,

My father saw you being chased and was curious as to why you were being chased so he followed you and was carefully observing you when he saw you fall and hit your head. My father instantly stopped the men and took you with him. They tried to take you with them but, he wouldn't let them. That being said he really thinks you should stay in bed for a few days until we know you are better. You may use my shower if you'd like and if you need anything don't hesitate to ring the bell next to the lamp. I truly hope to get to know this mystery lady that has come into my life.

Your Mystery Man

P:S: I hope you like potato soup and crackers.

Smiling I hold the note to my heart. I must write him back after I eat that is.

I lift up the tray lid and see freshly made potato soup, still steaming. Getting a spoon full I slowly blow and take bite. Looking around the room I see a dresser in the far corner and the bathroom next to it.
I am going to write him back, just don't know what I want to say quite yet.

As I finish the soup I put the tray at the end of the bed. Slowly sliding off the bed I wince in pain. OUCH my hip. When my feet hit the ground I sit on my legs opening the first draw on his night stand. JACKPOT! Found the pen and paper.

Slowly I get on the bed holding the papers and pens with me. I look to my right and see a book. Grabbing it I place the papers on the book and start writing

Dear Mystery Man,

First and foremost please tell your father thanks so much for saving my life. Also thanks for the potato soup. Its my favorite. I would love to meet the stranger that saved my life.

I can't really tell you why I was being chased but, I hope I'm safe here and hope those people never find me. I would also love to get to know you. I'm so sorry this is so short.

Love your Mysterious Stranger.

I fold it up and lay it on the tray. Smiling happily I lay down and close my eyes. Falling into a deep sleep.

*Hagen's P.O.V*

"H-H-How is she?, " I stammer nervously. I have no idea what this women looks like and she already has me worried like crazy about her.

"Hagen?" I hear a voice say. I whip around glaring at my butler. "Sorry Prince Hagen." he says fixing his idiotic mistake.

"WHAT IDIOT," I growl. I watch as he shakes. Rolling my eyes I then say "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?". He jumps back surprised and hands me an envelope.

"She wrote you back, " his voice shaking.

My mood instantly changes as I snatch the letter and quickly opening it to read it. Leaning again the pillow in the guest bedroom. Smiling as I read the letter I quickly get more paper and a pen, running to a desk I sit down.

Dear Mysterious Stranger,

I can tell you that you are definitely safe here. Nobody will lay a hand on you and if they harm a little hair on you the will be thrown into prison.

I'm so happy that you liked the potato soup. If you really want to meet my father I will let him know. I can't seem to get you out of my head and I don't even know you. It's okay that yours was so short. Question One: What is your favorite color? Mine is Blue and Green. Tag your it to ask the next question. I'll be counting the minutes until my next letter.


Mystery Man.

*Zara's P.O.V*
(3 months before )

"YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF CRAP."screams Kevin storming in angrily into our bedroom, pulling me out of the bed by my hair and throwing me against the wall. "YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE UP AT SIX THIRTY TO MAKE MY FREAKING BREAKFAST. "I-I'm sorry," I stammer. "SORRY IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, " He screams punching me in the eye and drags me down into the kitchen. My heart stops when I hear food frying in a pan. Not able to get free from him, he shoves my face in the frying pan. Screaming in pain I hear him shout "SHUTUP, YOUR WORTHLESS," Kevin throws me against the kitchen and I hit my head on the counter. I suddenly see a break to get out of this hell hole and I run for the front door. I watch as Kevin tries to grab me but just barely misses me. I run out of the house to find my freedom. I don't where in going but wherever I'm going I hope to be happier.


Sleeping on the confy bed I hear a light knock.

"Ms," a males voice says. Moaning I open my eyes.

"Come in," I say sitting up. A nice man in a suit comes in and hands me an envelope.

"From the Sir," he says nodding and stepping back some.

"Thanks by the way what is your name? " I ask.

"Jackson, may I possibly ask what is yours? " he asks. Smiling I look at him "Hello Jackson. I'm Zara, but please don't tell him, " I say shaking his hand but scared if the mystery man heard my name he'd know who I am.

"Nice to meet you ma'am. I promise I won't tell him. Is there anything that you need? " Jackson asks.

"Yes, where are the towels at? Can you show me?" I ask slowly trying to get out of bed. Jackson quickly takes my hand and helps me out. "Thanks," I say as my feet hit the ground. We instantly let go.

"Follow me ma'am and I'll show you, " Jackson says as I follow him. "They are in this cabinet." Huh
Jackson says pulling out a blue towel and handing it to me.

"Thanks," I say nodding as Jackson leaves to let me shower.

After I take a nice long shower I shut off the water and grab the towel. Drying off in the tub. Wrapping the towel around me i step out and see fresh PJs, a single rose and a letter. Smiling I quickly open the letter.

Dear Mysterious Stranger,

I truly hope you enjoyed your shower and I thought you would like fresh pj's. I can't wait for your next letter.

Mystery Man.

Smiling I walk out into the bedroom and see new sheets on my bed. I walk to the bed and grab the book, some paper and a pen.

Dear Mystery Man,

Of course I would love to meet your father. That is if it's okay with him. He did save my life that is. My favorite color or well colors are green, purple, red, blue, brown, black and bright neon colors. Pretty much any color except pink. Gosh I HATE pink. I'm not at all a girly girl. I'd rather go playing some rough sport, then "cheering on" some rough men playing those sports. I'd just rather be in the game then cheering them on. Now my question. What is your favorite animals? Mine are Dogs, dolphins and penguins.

Mysterious Stranger

As I fold up the letter I hear another knock. Smiling I say "Come in, "

I watch as Jackson walks in with dinner. "Your dinner madam," Jackson says picking up the lid. I think he could tell by the look on my face that. "Is something wrong? You don't like it do you, " Jackson asks scared and quickly taking it away. "I'm so sorry what would you like, " He asks.

Smiling I say "It's okay. How anout some grilled chicken and mashed potatoes? " I ask.

"Yes Ma'am," says Jackson quickly leaving almost to quickly. That was weird.

An hour later Jackson knocks again. "Come in, " I say. Jackson walks in and quickly sits the tray on the bed and lifts the tray. He's watching me and I sense he wants to know if I like it or not. I cut a piece of the grilled chicken and try it.

"Oh my gosh this chicken is the best ever, " I say taking another bite. Jackson does a sigh of relief and nod. "Um are you okay?" I ask worried.

"Yeah, it's just I didn't expect you to be so nice and easy to please. Everyone women your age is may I say a "stuck up snob" " Jackson says. Giggling I look at him.

"Yes they are but I'm most definitely nothing like other girls," I say as I finish off the food. "Oh please give this to the Mystery Man or "Sir" as you call him, " I say handing him the letter.

"Yes Ma'am. Please enjoy your night and if you need anything don't hesitate to call for us, " Jackson says leaving.

"Yes, Sir" I say watching him leave and as soon as the door closes I slide under the covers, laying down, saying my nightly prayers, and Falling asleep as soon as I finish. Sleeping good all night.

*Hagen's P.O.V *

Pulling the blankets over me I try and fall asleep but after what feels like three hours I give up and get out of bed walking to the kitchen to make me a midnight snack: chocolate chip cookies and milk. I'm the kind of a guy that will make something for you then bring it to you as a surprise and just because. I absolutely love surprising the ones that are important to me. Speaking of that I smile as I get an idea.

As soon as I finish my third batch of cookies I pour a glass of milk. Looking for a paper and pen, I quickly find one and start writing down a small quick letter. What is this women doing to me?

*Zara's P.O.V *

"NO! GO! GET AWAY! " I scream in my sleep. I suddenly hear a knock and snap out of my nightmare. I slide out of bed and walk to the door slowly cracking it open I see 4
6 chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk with a note by it.

Dear Mysterious Stranger

A midnight snack freshly made by yours truly just for you. I love making baked goods for people I truly care about. I hope you enjoy.

Mystery Man

Smiling I take the plate of cookies and the glass of milk with me and sit on the bed, enjoying and finishing the snack I sit the plate and glass on the nightstand. Getting an idea I grab the book and open it pulling out some paper that I stashed in it and the pen. Starting to write a letter

Dear Mystery Man,

Thanks for not only the sweet treat but thank you from the bottom of my heart for snapping me out my nightmare. I can't believe you make your own desserts. No one has ever done something like that for me. I hope to possibly maybe try more. I can't wait for your next letter.

Mysterious Stranger

P:S: Don't forget my question that I asked. What is your favorite animal?

Folding it up I write. To: Sir From: Her, on the folded flap and sliding out of the bed, I walk to the door, kiss the paper and slide it in the door Crack. I can't wait for the next letter. Am I really falling for someone that I've never seen before? Wow, love is weird and scary.

Walking back to the bed I get in nervously as I lay back down. Praying I don't have another nightmare. With a full happy belly I fall asleep instantly.

*Hagen's P.O.V *

Before going to bed I look down the hall to see if she got the sweet treat. I smile as I see the tray gone, but curious how she didn't get the letter. As I get closer I quickly realize it's for me. Quietly I pick up the letter and walk to the guest room.

Hoping in bed I read the letter. Man this women just seems to get better and better. The more she writes me, the more I want to get to know her more and more. She's polite,kind and she's probably even kind. She's right, she's not like most girls at all. Most girls love pink, but she aparently hates it. She's really more into the guy colors and sports. Honestly politeness is probably something I should learn. I do treat my "help" like crap but hey who cares? NO GEEZ, IT'S STUFF LIKE THAT. That I must change. I will try for now on to treat everyone better. I should probably write and tell her how she has already changed me, but I'm so tired now that my writing would look like crap at this late of the night. I'll write her tomorrow when I'm not so dead tired.

Crap I just realized I didn't clean the kitchen. I better go clean it since I'm trying to be a better person to everyone. I quickly get out of bed and quietly run to the kitchen. Quickly and quietly cleaning.

Ten minutes later I'm back in bed, confy and pulling the covers up to me, I smile as I feel good about what I did. Man if it feels this good to help with something I might continue to help them with anything they may need. As I continue to think to myself, I instantly fall into a deep sleep for the rest of the night.

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Ch 1

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Please ignore the bad grammar and misspelled words. ENJOY! *Zara's P.O.V*   "FREEZE, CATCH HER DEAD OR ALIVE," men on... Read Chapter

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