The Boy Through The Window

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
She watched them from the tree branch and through the window, trying to decide which one to devour.

Submitted: November 24, 2010

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Submitted: November 24, 2010



She crouched on the tree limb, watching the family she was about to consume. She could feel the cold air in her lungs. It made her feel brand new again, like she had when she had first become a vampire. Like she didn’t have to work to breathe. But the crisp winter air was even easier to breathe than the humid muggy air of the summer.

She could see each and every detail of the snowflakes as they fell. She could see how light affected the windows of the home in front of her. It was beautiful. She could have gazed at it longer if she weren’t focused on her prey.

She listened as the woman made dinner and served it to her family. She carefully examined each member of the family. First there was the woman, known to her family as Eileen, and Mom. She had brown hair in a bob, and was aging beautifully. She worked as a waitress, as they really didn’t need her to work. It was a leisure job now that all her children were in school. Next was the man, who was named Darek, known to everyone as Dad. Next was the oldest son. His name was Sean. She could smell his blood all the way from her tree branch. Ick. He had a buzzcut, and brown brown eyes. Next was the one she knew she wanted as a meal. His name was Aidan. He had long-ish dark brown hair, blue eyes, and the whitest skin she had ever seen on a human. Next was the youngest child, a little girl of six years named Delilah. She was adorable, and she could never eat her.

She decided Aidan would definitely be her next meal. But first she had to get him alone. She stalked him the whole night. She climbed onto a higher tree branch like a gymnast. She watched him through the window of his room. He listened to his music, got on facebook, and practiced playing the acoustic guitar.

She used her gift to become invisible, and jumped the to the window sill, pulling herself up by her fingertips. While his back was turned, she let herself in and closed the window. He wouldn’t know she was there unless he ran into her, which she would not let happen. She was lightning fast, after all.

She accidentally closed the window too loudly and he turned around in a flash, confused and startled. She laughed silently. If only this beautiful boy knew. Soon he was going to be supplying her strength and speed, as well as her sanity. She needed him.

She watched over his shoulder as he did his homework and was on facebook. He was very intellectual and passionate. He looked up videos on youtube, and listened to The Beatles and Underoath.

The next day, once again invisible, she followed him to school. He didn’t talk much, except to two girls who were both blonde, and an Asian boy in science class. At lunch he didn’t eat.

Tut tut, Aidan, she thought. You need to nourish yourself for me.

After school he went to soccer practice. She watched as he zigzagged through people and zoomed down the field. He was special.

That night when he laid down to sleep, she laid down beside him, too, wishing she could sleep as he did. She let her invisibility wain. She wanted to see herself with him. As she lay with him, she knew she couldn’t eat him. She had been so looking forward to it, but he was too beautiful. Too human. Too happy. He was too Aidan.

She heard his heart speed up and his eyes pop open. She couldn’t untangle herself without hurting him, and she found her gift wasn’t working. She sighed silently. This had never happened before. Was it because she was touching a human? She’d never felt the need to be invisible while eating her food. Usually they would die soon enough, anyways.

But Aidan was different, as she should have known that from the start. He’d always been different. She’d never felt inclined to get to know her prey. She’d never followed them around for more than twenty-four hours before.

His blue eyes peered at her. He got up and backed away, frightened.

“Wh-who are you?” he stuttered.

She got up at vampire speed and was next to him in less than a second. “I’m Gwen,” she whispered.

“Who are you?” he asked her again, more strongly this time. “… what are you?”

“I’m a vampire,” she said softly. He backed up. “I was going to eat you, Aidan. You’re my favorite kind of meal, after all. Human. Clean blood. A good heart… And you have the prettiest eyes.”

He backed up some more. She didn’t like that. He thought she was a monster. “Why haven’t you eaten me, then?” he asked bravely.

“Because I’ve been watching you since yesterday’s dinner, when I was contemplating which of your family to eat. Your sister was much too adorable and young, as she needed her parents And your brother… His blood had meth, and that stuff is nasty. So you were the only one left, and clearly the most beautiful.”

“That doesn’t answer my question.”

“Because you’re special. I should have noticed from the start how special you are. You play soccer for your school’s indoor team. You have decent grades. Not many friends. You’re beautiful. And I just like you for some reason, despite your overwhelming scent.” His blood smelled like cinnamon. Like Christmas. She loved Christmas. She also loved soccer.

She sniffed him and grinned. He looked at her in horror. “If you aren’t going to eat me, then why are you still here?” he asked.

Why was she still there? “Because I love you,” she said.

“Well leave me and my family alone, if you love me so much,” he said coldly, glaring at her. She felt her heart break.

She shook her head sadly, wishing tears could fall from her eyes. Her hair fell into her face, and she felt like she was in a movie. Her beautiful hair. Her beautiful face. And he still didn’t want her.

“Alright,” she told him. “Just one second.” She moved closer to him and he stiffened. She pressed her lips to his gently, careful not to break his face. She put her arms around his shoulders and buried her head into the crook of his neck, smelling his cinnamon scent.

Suddenly the burn in her throat got so painful she couldn’t control herself. She could hear the pulse of his blood in his neck. She bit down, forgetting who she was. She just knew the pain had to stop. She almost drained him dry. But then the pain subsided, and she realized who she was feasting on.

She looked at his bloody neck in horror. She couldn’t let him die! Gwen bit harder into him, being sure to leave venom in his cut, so he would likely turn. She used her nail, and cut into her wrist. She squeezed so that the blood would gush out, and put it to his mouth. She cradled his head, angling it backward so the blood would slide into his throat and into his own blood. She could feel herself becoming weak from how much blood she was giving him. She took her wrist away. She had to get him away. She couldn’t let him be near humans if he woke up.

She carried him out of his room, into the cover of trees between pastures. There weren’t many places to hide in Wichita, Kansas. A day later, he awoke. His blue eyes popped open, and he realized who she was, and what had happened.

“G-get away fr-from me!” he yelled. He backed away lightning fast. “Why did you kidnap me? Why did you drink me even though you said you weren’t going to?”

“I didn’t mean to,” she whispered sadly, looking at the ground. “It was either kidnap you or let you eat your family. I’m sorry. You smelled so good.”

“That’s not a very good excuse!” he yelled.

She ran to him and put her hand over his mouth. “Shut up. You’ll wake someone! And do you feel that pain in your throat, right now?” He nodded, wide eyed and frightened. “That was one hundred times worse when I was hugging you goodbye! And it hurt so bad so suddenly I couldn’t even think. All I knew was how to stop the pain. I didn’t even know who I was!” She removed her hand.

“I don’t care!” he yelled even louder. “I’m a vampire! I can do whatever the hell I want! And maybe you shouldn’t have been that close to me in the first place!”

“No you can’t! There are rules, Aidan. And you can’t even go into the sunlight until you go to see the Council. I’ve booked us two tickets to Chicago, where we will hang out for awhile, until you learn to control yourself. When we get to the airport, don’t breathe.”

Aidan quickly considered his options. He would like to be able to go into the sunlight. And he didn’t want to ravage humans… He had to go with her, he realized. “How am I supposed to not breathe?” he asked angrily.

Gwen sighed. She should have know he would hate her. “You don’t have to breathe now,” she explained quietly.

“Alright,” he said, sitting down on the blanket that he had lain on while changing. “How long was I out?”

“About a day. It usually takes two days, from what the Council told me, but I almost drained you completely of blood, and then I may have used too much venom, and blood. But I couldn’t stand the thought of you dying.”

It was true. Not only had she panicked, but she could feel the pain start even before he was truly dead.

He felt anger rise up in him. “What happens if I get caught in the sunlight before the Council meets me?”

She hesitated. “Well you get fried by the UV rays.”

“And what happens when I get approved by this ‘council’?”

“You can walk through the day like a human.”

“How long have you been a vampire?” he asked.

“About five years.”


“Now or then?”

“Both,” he clarified.

“Then, I was sixteen. So now I’m about twenty-one.”

“You’re… pretty obsessive,” Aidan chose his words carefully. He needed to be able to go into the sunlight- go back to his old life. . . Wait. He thought. Old life? It was his life still. He hadn’t left it. Just taking a brief intermission he thought.

Misery washed over Gwen, and venom pooled in her tear ducts, never falling. Vampires couldn’t cry.

Aidan looked helplessly at her. What should he do? He hated her. It made his jaw clench and knuckles turn whiter than the moon above them, but he couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.

“I’m sorry,” he stuttered awkwardly. “Why don’t you tell me about your life? Before and right after becoming a vampire.”

“It was a few months after I’d turned sixteen when I was changed. A boy named Felix had just moved in next door. He was the most gorgeous boy I had ever seen. My mother had made me take a welcome cake over, and when I saw him I’d almost dropped the glass cake pan. I did drop it, actually. He caught it, lightning quick. He was so charming, and he seemed to like me, too,” she laughed sarcastically.

“He was in my History class. He’d stare at me to the point where I’d feel both flattered and uncomfortable. And he was so… everything he did made me feel fuzzy and good about myself…” She shuffled through her slightly muddy memories.

“Then one day, after school, there he was on my porch when I got home. I waved to him as I walked up, and I couldn’t help the smile on my face. His white teeth flashed back in greeting and his hair blew lightly in the wind. When I got on the porch he came over to me and enveloped me in his arms and then…” her voice trailed off, lost in the memories. “He kissed me. My first ever kiss. It was everything I’d ever hoped for in my first kiss.

“We went out for a few months. Each Saturday we went to either dinner or a movie. On Valentines Day he bought me white roses. Saying that their beauty reminded him of me. Everybody went for the obvious red roses. I was the most understated beautiful one, and he was lucky because he got me before anyone else could.

“He met my family. My mother and sisters all adored him… I adored him. I loved him… and I thought he loved me.

“One day, we were sitting in my bedroom. My sisters in the room next to us. He asked if he could try something. I agreed. He started out kissing me normally. But then his mouth strayed to my neck, and then he bit down- hard.” She looked up into the sky, trying not to cry. Aidan moved to hug her, his hatred melting away. What had happened to her in her change so was so much worse than his. She had trusted Felix, loved him. He’d betrayed her. But Gwen had never betrayed Aidan.

Gwen felt safe in Aidan’s arms, warm and comfortable. Better than she’d felt in Felix’s arms. “What happened then, Gwen?” he asked.

She sighed closing her eyes. These memories were the hardest part of remembering her human life. She’d worked so hard to get rid of them those first few months. “I bit him back. I drank his blood in revenge. He thought I was dead, and he dropped me onto the bed. I could hear everything as he went into my sisters room and almost drained them dry. I hear as he ripped his skip and fed them his blood. I heard as he left my house. My neck hurt so bad, as did the rest of my body, but I fought the pain to check on my sisters. I was dizzy, but I got up and walked to Stefanie and Juliet’s room.

“They were unconscious. I fell down and everything went black. When I woke up, they were standing over me, trying to make sure I was okay.”

Gwen looked at him. Aidan looked at her, then began to lean towards her. He kissed her. She melted, and all of her memories flew back to her mental filing cabinet. All she could think of was how nice his soft lips felt against hers. All he could think of was how right it felt, and wondered why he had fought her. The world faded, and they were lost in love.


© Copyright 2020 baisi. All rights reserved.

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