More than just old friends

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A tale between two friends Hara and Sarnine. This was my Assignment for my Year 11 English class and I thought that it would be a good idea to share it with the rest of the world. Please tell me what you think!

Submitted: October 19, 2011

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Submitted: October 19, 2011





Year 11 English – Short Story

Hara strode out onto the fields of Tenerron, fires burning around him as one of the archers bolted towards him. He casually flicked his wrist as the fool was engulfed in flames as dark as night. Hara watched in amusement as the archers cried out in pain. He ever so slightly glanced upwards as he noticed the energy now surging through what seemed lifeless clouds. With a smug grin on his unnatural face, he could feel the surge of bloodlust within him as he stretched out his hand. The remaining archers now surrounded in the blood of their fallen allies watched in terror as the red liquid rose into the air. Their eyes slowly followed the small droplets of blood as a giant ball of liquid started to form above their heads. Hara still retained his smile, his hand still up raised in the sky. He shifted his emotionless eyes towards the archers, keeping his head tilted up in the air. It was almost complete; the gigantic ball of blood now towered over Tenerron, its shadow instilling fear into those who glanced at it. It was all sudden, the ball shrunk into the sky, as if it just disappeared.

“So is this the extent of your power?! Ha! Your attack couldn’t even harm a fly.”

The other archers weren’t so convinced about this, something was wrong. Hara maintained his appearance; still smiling. Then suddenly a shadow was cast all over the plains of Tenerron. The blood ball that had disappeared had now hardened into needles, raining down onto everyone on the battlefield. In an instant, the frozen blood hailed down, impaling many bodies as they reached the Earth. This was a day that the residents of Tenerron would never forget. The day of red, as some came to call it. Hara, the humanoid demon became a name to fear greatly.

With his now blood stained clothes and angelic but bleeding wings, he slowly let down his hand from the sky and slowly lingered off into the shadows of the dark. His wings slowly moved in discomfort as they left behind a trail of blood. He lowered his head and frowned as he muttered to himself

“Fools… they think they can order me around and get away with it? I’ll see to it that their end comes painfully.”

Hara stopped in his tracks as the moon began to rise over the outskirts of Tenerron, masking the bloody plains in pitch black darkness. He turned his head left and stared at a shadowy figure that seemed to be monitoring Hara’s movements. The shadow became much less of a blur as it slowly approached Hara who stood in the light of the silver moon.

“Out for a little late night stroll are we, Hara?” It was a woman’s voice.

Slowly as she approached, her black velvet cloak became visible and the light of the moon seemed to reflect off her pale skin. She raised her lady-like hands over her head and removed the hood that covered her head. The light revealed a truly beautiful woman. Her hair was as golden as the sun, eyes as blue as water and lips as red as a rose in bloom. Her skin though was very pale. It was obvious that she was a vampire.

“Oh and what would a delicate little thing like you be doing out this late?” asked Hara.

The vampire let out a small giggle.

“I should ask you the same thing. It seems to me that you’ve been having a bit of fun. I followed the blood trail that your wings left behind… you should really clean up after your mess.”

“Your words of trickery won’t work on me. Tell me why you’re here.”

“Quite a smart one aren’t you? And here I thought you demons had no brains.”

“Don’t ignore my question! Answer me!” Hara was getting impatient; the air was starting to shift around him.

“Haha! Calm down. If you want a woman to answer you, perhaps you should call her by her name, yes? Otherwise women, well, they’ll just ignore you.” She was toying with him, smirking as she calmly replied.

“I’m running out of patience, Vaine. Perhaps if you wish to keep that life of yours, you’d answer my question. Now, why the hell are you here!?”

“I’ve come here to give you information. Sarnine wishes to meet with you at the Necroplayne. It seems that he has made up decision and wishes to discuss that” with you.”

Vaine turned around in an instant, facing away from Hara. She directed her head to the floor below her, frowning away from Hara’s sight.

“I’m afraid you might not like what he has in store for you...”

Vaine slowly faded away, back into the shadow before bursting into a storm of bats that flew towards the moonlight. Hara once again frowned before looking up towards the moon; the bats still visible in the shining light.

“So I see... What a fool he is. Sarnine... is this truly your decision?”

Hara’s emotion changed. He seemed angry as a red and purple aura emitted from his wings and body. The blood from his wings became more noticeable, a larger amount was flowing out of them. Hara gritted his teeth and spun around on the spot before leaping towards the north. Due to his condition, Hara couldn’t use his wings to fly. Instead, he is able to take quite long leaps and glide for a short distance before landing onto the ground again. He glided on into the night, terrifying civilians nearby.

Sarnine was pacing around in his tower, waiting for the arrival of Hara. Multiple thoughts were running through his head as he was hoping for a positive outcome after their reunion. Hara and Sarnine had been partners in the past, working together to complete jobs. They had become close to each other, a relationship like a best friend; that is if demons had emotions like humans. It was not long before the silence was broken within the tower. A flock of bats had flown in through a window, circling around Sarnine before slowly coming together to form a human-like creature. It was Vaine. Sarnine stared at her, he was finding it hard to ignore her beauty, and his eyes were having trouble directing away from her rather large chest area. It was about a minute before anything happened between the pair of them.

“Ahem... So...?”  Stuttered Sarnine. He was still trying to avoid looking at her chest.

“Hara is on his way. I felt his power increase as I was travelling back here. He doesn’t seem too happy about this. Sarnine... are you sure you want to go through with this?”

“I have no choice, Vaine. He’d find out by himself in due time anyway. I just hope...”

“Hope for what?! He’s obviously not happy with it! **ck! Why are men so narrow minded?!”

“Vaine... I” Sarnine was having second thoughts about his decision.

“I nothing! Fine! If you want to **ck up your relationship with Hara then do it! I don’t give a sh*t anymore!”

With this, Vaine leapt out the window she entered in, flying into the night as a flock of bats once again. Sarnine closed his eyes and turned away from the window, waiting for the arrival of Hara. He could feel the demonic energy getting closer to his tower. He looked down onto the floor and muttered to himself.

“It will all be over soon...” Sarnine let out a small smirk.

Hara was approaching the tower with speed; he could already see it in the distance. The aura that had appeared around him had grown bigger, especially around his wings.

“SARNINE!!!” shouted Hara. He was filled with rage.

Sarnine heard Hara’s voice but he casually grabbed a bottle of wine before filling his glass and sat down on his couch. He was not shocked to hear Hara’s voice at all.

“So you’ve come, Hara”

Right at this moment the wall to the left of Sarnine suddenly exploded, revealing an aura covered Hara. The dust cleared and the falling rubble finally came to a stop. Hara tilted his head towards Sarnine, his eyes were now covered in black and purple flames.

“Hara, it’s been long times... come, sit and drink with me.”

“Don’t **cking screw with me! If you tell me that you won’t go through with our plan then...!”

“It’s not that I won’t, it’s just that... I don’t see it your way anymore”

Sarnine smirked before raising his hand in front of him. Two large purple summoning circles appeared on the floor in front of him.

“Allow me to show you... that my power has far surpassed yours ...old friend”

The circles filled themselves with a magical force. They both turned into a vortex, two large skeleton giants rising out of them. A black aura appeared around their body, clothing them with demonic armour. Two large swords came flying out of the vortexes; the two skeletons catching them without hesitation.

“Necroguards, huh? Sarnine... you underestimate me!”

“No... It is you that underestimates ME! I will show you... my necromancy is far greater than the sh*t you can do!”

Sarnine commanded the two necroguards to attack Hara. They both launched themselves at the demon but only to be stopped by a barrier of black and purple fire. Hara raised his hand into the air. His right arm transformed into blood which flowed in front him Hara. The blood transformed into two swords, His right arm excreted transparent material. The blood flow stopped and Hara’s right arm had regenerated. He was now armed and ready to fight for his life.

“Tonight... I will be the one that kills you!” Sarnine calmly said.

Hara didn’t reply to his taunt, he was too busy focusing on the two necroguards that were still trying to break through his barrier. He flapped his bleeding wings and leapt up towards them. With a sword in each hand he performed a cross cut to both of the guards. Sarnine was quick to react. He swung out his left hand and made seals with them before throwing them at the guards. On impact, the seals expanded into black shields which softened the attack of Hara. He wasn’t able to fully protect his summoned beings.

“Is that all you’ve got? That’s pathetic. I shouldn’t even need to waste energy on a weakling like you!” boasted Hara.

Sarnine ignored him he was staring at the shallow cuts on the necroguards.

“Those blades... they eat away anything they cut, don’t they? Impressive but... that won’t work on me.”

Sarnine summoned two lesser beings in the shape of wolves. They both howled and ran towards Hara. Hara saw through his attack and clicked his fingers. In an instant the two wolves were incinerated by fire, leaving only the dust of their bones behind.

“Impressive...” said Sarnine.

“You managed to take down those two wolves without any trouble. But I’m afraid you should’ve been paying close attention to yourself”

The wolves were a distraction. Hara had no time to escape the giant sword that was inches away from crushing him. The sword crashed down onto Hara, crushing everything around him. Rubble and dust were flying everywhere. When the dust cleared, it revealed a dead Hara.

“You were... weak, Hara” Sarnine smiled and de-summoned his necroguards.

“You let your guard down, Sarnine...”

Hara appeared behind Sarnine, his blades already in the middle of their path to his arms. The body that had been crushed was still visible but soon burnt into flames. Sarnine turned around with a sword of his own, parrying Hara’s attack. The three swords clashed, the impact released sparks from the blades of the swords.

“I nearly forgot that you could use illusions... luckily I didn’t.”

Sarnine was appearing to enjoy the fight.

“Tell me... Why didn’t you go through with it; why did you instead join them instead of killing them. WHY DID YOU JOIN THE NECROMANCERS!?”

Hara was angrier than before. The aura on his grew even more and his wings released blood more rapidly. Sarnine smiled and calmly replied

“That would be because... I’ve grown to hate demons like you, Hara. Filth. Absolute filth. That’s what demons are to me.”

Hara didn’t need to answer back. He had found out what he wanted to know. He was determined to kill Sarnine along with his necromancy. He jumped away from Sarnine, bouncing off a wall behind him. He propelled himself towards Sarnine, using the extra force from the wall to give his attack more burst power. The two entities clashed once again, sparks being emitted from each strike. Hara started to flap his wings and his aura was pushing him forward, making his attack even stronger. The pressure on the swords was wearing the weapons apart and as the battle went on, Hara and Sarnine grew weaker.

“Looks like you’ve reached your limit, Sarnine.” It was clear that Hara had nearly reached his too.

“Ha... I’m just getting started. I won’t die until you are dead!”

Sarnine lunged back at Hara, covering his sword in a dark aura. Their swords clashed once more, the pressure between the attacks caused the floor to crack and the walls to explode. Their weapons had had enough. All three swords broke on contact, leaving both Hara and Sarnine with broken weapons. They were both exhausted and their will and determination to kill each other was the only thing keeping them fighting all out.

“The necromancers... they killed your parents but then you decide to join them!?” Hara was running out of breath.

“If you can’t kill those who are stronger than you it is best to join them besides this power is too great to turn down!”

Sarnine had gone mad. He could no longer control the great power that he had obtained and it was eating away at his body. Hara could see that his body was slowly becoming unresponsive and he decided to take this chance to end it once and for all. With the last of his power the raised his fingertip and pointed at Sarnine.

“Necromancy eats away at your body. Sarnine, as my duty as your old friend I shall perform you a favour and end your pain.”

Sarnine couldn’t move his body any further, the power that he desired so much was slowly killing him inside. Hara fired a beam at Sarnine’s weakened body, covering him in an aura.

“Great seal of the five Gods!” Hara shouted.

At this moment the aura turned into divine and golden swords, each representing an element of magic. The five swords ran through Sarnine, releasing the sealing powers of lightning, fire, wind, water and earth. The aura transformed the body of Sarnine into a small necklace; he was now sealed away for good. Hara took a sigh of relief, walked over to the necklace and picked it up. He looked down at it and talked to it as if Sarnine was still there.

“It’s all over now. Sarnine, you fool. “

Hara turned around and left the tower, never to be seen again.


The End


© Copyright 2020 Baka Duck. All rights reserved.

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