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Submitted: August 09, 2008

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Submitted: August 09, 2008



Choice, well it can be a tricky thing to comprehend. Especially when we know it’s just one more layer of illusion, choosing the right word, well to say Maya. Why not? If it’s my choice, then it’s my choice of words. Does Maya seem more triggering than the word illusion; perhaps no.


Well I can’t tell, can I? It seems I have asked a question by giving its reply. Haven’t I?


I have stopped believing in choice the way it was designed to be believed. I see no more choice; all I see is the remainder and the quotients in the perception of power possessed. A simple equation that cannot be equated. That’s all about choice I choose to choose.


Right now you don’t have the choice to know what it actually is, I have the power between us to determine what you will gain or loose from our strife. Driven by what I know, I can either give you the precise meaning of choice as I know it or I can choose to bullshit you out by making you not take all this seriously.


So, what you think as your choice is on the other hand my perception of power over you amongst us. Or so perhaps what I choose to perceive. Well that brings us back to where we chose to start. Choice.


It is all that matters; a choice?


I propose a proposition to you; to all of you; if you can make a choice that was not the eventual choice you would have any way made. Please get back to me with it and I will…………… but it is still your choice; so if you choose to comprehend my unsaid words denoted by the doted line then you know what to do.


So choose if you must.

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