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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: July 07, 2016

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Submitted: July 07, 2016





My grandson is a good pleasant chap,he never panics or gets in a flap.

Above average in manners and speech,he is clever and able to teach.

Now you see it now you do not,does'nt get ruffled when caught on the spot.

Trustworthy and kind the best in my mind,problems like dogs on a fox.

Good job he comes from the school of hard knocks.

He is the best lad in the world to me,when you meet him you will see.

Bad times he has with the silent rage when he's grown he turns his own page.

Lottery winners who they choose to care,one brave lad would get his share.

From boy to man instantly gone by,you can not fualt him coz he allways try's.




Born to rebel against the wind,breeze through the trees break a heart skin the knees.

Bra thats full shakes to teaze,born to rebel against the wind.

Corupt youngsters take the scene,talking words what do they mean.

Prescription meds rattle my head,how do you know when your actualy dead.

Religion and politics are the favourite whore,man is obscene right to the core.

Spreading the filth from town to town,trying to bring society down.

To be the man of the minute,full of shit mate you init.

Do not care for life as it is,lost my way lost the fizz.

Born to rebel against the wind.




Liquid running in the same direction,just won't tollerate no correction.

Two rivers are running deep,all we want is to go to sleep.

Calm the face of the running man, man,man.

Disulusioned Disulusioned.

Cant you see what i want to be hiding in this rhubarb tree

So come along to sing with me.

Gothic style punk and rock,come here babe and fill my socks.

Release the tension in my strings,see rewards what this will bring.

To my love i am dedicated just as long as i'm highly medicated.

Stayin calm is whats desired without a job i can't get fired.

35 and i am nameless i just want to be fu.....famous.




The chaos inside slowly eats me alive.

From boy to man without a guide.

To be a winner is my goal,before it can destroy my soul.

Harsh words are here,must be the day.

I do'nt want to argue thats all i can say.


My minds eye is spinning please let me get off.

Deep puff of poison ,hello mr soft.

Bending my back trying to please,door to my heart she still has the keys.

Phone calls are heated,i want to breakdown.

Get up here fast take this money to town.


Up and down the day belongs.

To match depression and your favourite song.

Practice and practice fills my time 

Ive never tasted a sweeter wine.

How can i cope on this island alone.

Constant demands to fight for the throne.


My mind is fraying its starting to fail.

Just can't listen to one more tail.

Truth and morals are all in the past..

I also pray for the torture to last

I will not restrain the beast within

Who would readily kill for the ultimate sin.




© Copyright 2020 baliel. All rights reserved.

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