Scared and Alone

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a horror story that has elements of the movie SAW and the videogame Outlast. Keep that in mind as you read. Swearing is common in this so also bear that in mind!

this is a work in progress and will be worked on as I have time

(possible cast)

female--Celeste and Lilith and Alexia

male--Corona and Brad

kids--Ellie and Steve

this is just a rough draft so punctuation, spelling, and capitalization is far from being important for right now!  It is far from complete so if it jumps around a bit it's because I'm working on figuring out the way I want to set things up.  Deal with it ;) *laughing*.




I wake up to the sound of saw blades buzzing.  They sound less than 5 feet from my head.  The room is blurry and I feel as if I'm tied down.  My limbs are numb and I can't move my arms or legs.  My thoughts are interrupted by a deep and gruff sounding voice.  "Oh you're awake.  I'm glad because I was afraid that my plans for you would be ruined."  I tense up as I start to notice the room around me is filled with bodies hanging upside down.  Pain shoots through me as I come to.  Looking down I see that I'm being tied down by nothing but my own intestinal tract.  A large man with a scar across one eye down to his cheek makes his way over to me.  He is carrying a bone saw that is rusted and has fresh blood dripping from it.  "What are you going to do to me!" I shout out, almost afraid to find out the answer.  

BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ.  "Fucking alarm clock".  Celeste reaches over and goes to slap the alarm clock off.  She pulls a pillow back over her head to try to block out the light from the sun.  BOOM!!!  Steve barges into his mothers room.  "Mom wake up we're going to be late and dad already left."  Celeste thinks to herself "Fuck me today's going to suck".  Celeste loads her children into the van half awake but more tired than anything.  "MOM!!!!!  Steve keeps poking me and won't stop!" her daughter Ellie screams making Celeste jump a bit.  "Both of you stop it!" Celeste yells at her children.  "Ellie you're first because you're closer so be ready to hurry out since we're running late".  "OK mom and don't forget you said that Alexia could stop by after cheer practice."  Ellie gets out of the van and runs off to the auditorium.  "Ready for football practice Steve?"  Steve rolls his eyes and responds "sure mom".  Celeste completely misses his bored answer.

Celeste drops off Steve for football practice.  He runs over to his coach after getting his gear from the trunk of the van.  "I'll be back in an hour or so sweety!!!" Celeste yells from the drivers seat.  She starts to drive home to take a 30 minute nap before having to run back out to pick the kids up.  "I really hate that Brad left this morning for work and didn't wake me up." Celeste says to herself.  Her thoughts are interrupted all of a sudden by her driver door being smashed in through an intersection.  Celeste blacks out.

"Mom's running late today" Ellie says to her cheerleading coach.  "Normally she's early and watching us finish up."  Ellie's coach responds with "Well Ellie if she's not here in the next 10 minutes I can take you home and you can call her cell phone from the house if you have house keys".  "OK thank you very much" Ellie smiles and sits on the ground bored.

Roughly 20 minutes pass and Ellie's coach takes her home.  A few minutes pass and Steve arrives with his coach.  "What's going on?"  Ellie's coach asks Steve's coach.  "Celeste wasn't at the field to pick up Steve on time so I offered him a ride home.  Same on your end?"  "Yeah usually Celeste is early enough that it's not normally a problem."

Celeste finally wakes up from blacking out from the car accident and finds herself upside down with terrible pains in her ribcage.  "Oh you're awake.  I'm glad because I was afraid that my plans for you would be ruined."  "That voice, it seems so familiar, but why?"  These thoughts fly through Celeste's head when all of a sudden a large beastly looking man slams a bottle across her skull causing a gash to open up.

"Mom wake up mom we're going to be late.  Dad's already gone for the day.  C'mon mom wake....."  Celeste snaps awake from her dream in tears.  She is still in the dimly lit room.  "Owww fuck my fuckin head.  What the hell was...."  her voice trails off as she notices the large man sawing a body apart.  "That my dear was me."  The large man chuckles to himself.  "Call me Corona."  Corona points to a broken Corona bottle.  "Only beer I'll drink so it's fitting as a name seeing as you'll never learn my true name nor will you survive long enough to hear it."  The large man slowly lumbers over to Celesete, bone saw in hand, and gives her a large wicked grin.  "Don't worry you won't feel a thing."  Celeste looks down groggily and notices an IV in her arm held by duct tape.

"What, what are" Celeste can barely spit out her question.  "What am I going to do to you?" Corona cuts her off.  "Don't worry about that.  It's what you're going to do for me that matters."  "And what is that?" Celeste asks terrified.  "You're going to make me money, lots of it." Corona says calmly.  "Now don't worry about a thing I'll make this as painless as I can." Corona says with a laugh.  Corona places the bone saw against Celeste's stomach.  "I think I'll start with the removal of your lungs.  No maybe your liver.  Nahhh how about, yes I think I'll start with your heat."  Corona gives Celeste an evil grin as he begins to cut her stomach slowly.

Brad finally gets home and finds both Ellie and Steve sitting on the front porch with each respective coach talking to them to keep them calm.  "Uhhhh what's going on here?  Kids where's your mother?"  "I dunno" both kids respond almost in unison.  "Shit she's usually on time if not early for everything.  Where the hell is she?"  Brad thinks to himself.  "OK kids give daddy a few minutes to make a few phone calls."  "OK dad!!!"  Both kids respond.  A few minutes later and Brad is dropping Ellie and Steve off at friends houses for the night.

"Brad!" Celeste screams in pain.  "Brad where are you!!!"  "Nobody can hear you where we are heheheh" Corona chuckles.  "Fuck you, you ugly fucking piece of shit" Celeste screams.  Corona punches her in the face knocking her out cold in one hit.  Corona continues to cut open her stomach leaving everything in place.  "I'll teach that bitch to talk to me like that."  

Two days pass and Brad has come to the decision that Celeste has left him and the children.  He knew that their relationship was shaky and having two kids was putting a strain on it, but he thought he could make it work.  Brad calls the babysitter to cancel her showing up on Saturday so that they could have a romantic dinner alone where he had a surprise for her.  Brad also drives slowly to the jewelry store to return the ring he had purchased for that night a small tear dripping from his eye.

A few days pass and the police stop searching for Celeste as well.  Brad opens the newspaper while making his morning coffee.  He glances over a few articles.  "Heat wave coming soon, Deer population growing, ugh nothing interesting." he exclaims.  He flips on the TV to hear the morning news.  "...body found desecrated just after three o clock this morning along the streets near McHenry Falls Park".  Brad's ears perk up a bit as he pays more attention.  "Police are unsure of what exactly happened and the scenes are too graphic for TV."  Suddenly the phone rings and Brad answers.  "Yes, yes I understand, okay I'll be right there as soon as I get one of the neighbors to come watch the kids for me."

Brad flings open the door and runs to a neighbors house.  He pounds on the door ringing the doorbell uncontrollably.  Brad explains the situation missing pieces and starting to cry.  He tears off down the road going 50mph to the morgue to identify the body.  Brad bursts into the doors just as the coroner is saying to his assistant "organ harvesting.  Notice the brain, heart, lungs, and kidneys have been removed."

A few days have passed and Brad has his parents taking care of Steve and Ellie.  Brad holding a high caliber pistol with a hollow point round in his mouth thinks his last thoughts.  "I love you Steve.  I love you Ellie.  I'm sorry.  Celeste I'll be there for you soon"  With that he pulls the trigger.

Submitted: May 19, 2014

© Copyright 2020 Balrug. All rights reserved.

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