Midnight Snack

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Are you hungry? If, so...for what?

Submitted: April 08, 2016

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Submitted: April 08, 2016



“Why did you do it? What motivated you to kill those people, and eat them?”

“I…I just wanted to see what they taste like; what it feels like.”, I say, softly. As I stare, blankly, at the walls in the room, my eyes catch a glimpse of the Detective. His new aroma, sun burn; which was most likely from tanning at the beach… (well done in my eyes), started to pierce through my nostrils. I tried to fight back the urge; mouth started to water, stomach chewing my insides, and my hands started to shake. Quietly I say, “You have very nice skin, Detective…(Whispers) it is, extremely tender, and juicy.” By now, drool is pouring through my lips, and I cannot hold myself any longer.

“What the fu…I’m getting the hell out of here!”, screams the Detective. As he struggles to get up out of his chair, I burst out laughing from my own humility. I suppose that scared him even more, because he is racing out of the room…almost forgetting to slam the door shut. This makes me very, very happy.  I am almost too giddy to even get up out of my seat! After a little while of almost shitting in my drawers, I finally recover and lift myself up out of my chair. Walking a little way out of the room, I noticed that it is dark and empty. (Weird huh??) It seems like everyone said, “FUCK IT, I’M OUT.” I guess nobody wants to play with me… (sad face).


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