Short Way Out (editing)

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Jessica Roalling couldn't be more sad that she was actually at one of Tyler McCalf's concerts. This was definately on her things not to do in your life.

Tyler McCalf on the other hand just wants to be in the spot light all the time, having that high of girls screaming after him. But off the stage his only way out is alcohol.

What will happen when he mixes two things together that aren't suppose to happen?

Submitted: April 02, 2011

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Submitted: April 02, 2011



Author's Note: I hope that you like, i jsut felt the need to write something and once again i got writer block on writing never going down. But I hope you enjoy, and like it, comment on it, and become a fan. Thanks for your support (:

"Tyler! Tyler! Tyler!" The chanting of girls echoed throughout the auditorium, hoping that they would get one more song out of Tyler McCalf, just wanting to hear his angelic voice vibrate around them as it just rocked their worlds.

Just turning eighteen Tyler didn't think that he would have this kind of affect on so many girls at once, him being kinda chubby when he was little. Who would have thought that he was going to be one of the most famous people in the world, having most of his songs go double platnuim, having any girl that he wanted. But that was what opeople saw in him, that feeling of being on stage gave him a high like nothing ever in the world except when he drank. being on prescription pills that say not to drink alcohol with was a big no-no. But as the girls yelled for him to come back all he did was want that high back. He grabbed the bottle of whiskey and took a sip getting that burning sensation in the back of his throat as if the spot light was beaming on him.

Jessica Roalling was at the Auditorium hearing the last song and all of the girls scream actually thinking that he was going to take one home. Whatta douche. Jessica didn't even want to be there, but if it ment passing a class then she was all up for it. Trying so hard to keep her grades up so she could get a scholarship and go to the college of her dreams. Even though her family was loaded and very well known. Just thinking this Jessica squished her way through the crowd of girls dressed in tight fitting outfits and even some in short mini dresses. 'What is with people these days really over dressing?' she thought bitterly seeing some girls as and almost her boobs as she was jumping up and down 'Ewww.' Finally getting outside the warm soft breeze hit her, she inhaled getting some well needed fresh air than smell the sweatiness of other people, Jessica shuddered at the mere thought of smelling the inside of that auditorium again.

Tyler stumbled his way down the street having funny glaces from people but they just returned back to normal as like seeing a famous star was just average, good thing he put on a disguise to hide. He didn't want this on most magazines, one of the worst times would be his fans doubting him. Swurving a little as he tried to act normal not wanting people to know he was drunk he felt slighty dizzy, the alcohol finally getting to him. His vision blurred even more than it was as he felt like he was going to pass out from two bottles he had drank along with the one in his hand that was one quarter full. Taking another swig he found a gate with a mansion of a house. Not as big as his but enough to show that they had money. Not having the engery to actually call for help. He just went to one side of the gate so the security cameras didn't see him as he slowly passed out as his heart slowed from the drinking and his prescriptions mixed together.

Stepping into the vehicle Jessica felt some warmth from the sun that was just setting, taking out her camera from the centre console times like this she was actually pretty happy she had a carefree life. Some people say that a picture can hold a million words and Jessica sure lived along with that. As she shifted her black neon into gear she drove to her house. Coming close to a half an hour drive she finally arrived at her house, but from the angle she was at she could see a stranger stranded and no one had seen or they just ignored him. Feeling bad Jessica had went to go check out what was going on with this guy. Leaving the passenger door open in case the guy decided to attack she had a quick get away.

Slapping the figure she thought it was the best idea, he had the chance to regain conciousness and she could just walk away as nothing had happened. Nothing happened. Getting close to his ear she yelled, again nothing but a slight flinched. Putting her hand near the base of his neck pushing two fingers to find his pulse, it was barely there and was very slow. Shit! This guy was dieing! Hauling up the figure from the ground he was a big guy, for such a small girl with a petite frame. But thats what everyone liked about her except her money. Finding the strength that she thought she didn't have she made the short distance to her car to get to the hospital fast.Pushing the mysterious person into the passenger side fo the car she tried her best to put him in the sitting position and buckle up his seatbelt as she ran her way to the driver's side repeating the same motions as a couple of seconds before. Shfting into gear once again that night she drove as fast as she could to get to the hospital as fast as she

Reaching the emergency part of the hospital Jessica started screaming for help, while honking the horn to to garb some attention not really feeling the need to carry that heavy body with the sink stench of alocohol covered the air along with most of the strangers clothes. Tyler's head was leaning incredible as if his neck would snap any second so Jessica went to put his head straight while doing everything, when she grabbed onto the wig and lifted it came off with the shower of golden locks showing his real identity. A small gasp escapes Jessica's lips out of pure shock. Along with the nurse that finally showed up along with some doctors or people that were more bulkier than both women. The scen unfolded infront of jessica shock written all over her face. Who would have thought she would be the one to bring Tyler to the hospital becuase she actually felt something pull her to him. maybe he was actually different, there must have been a reason why he was drinking.

The doctors looked over the body, pumping the stomache of everything in it, while trying to get him to breath more and not die at the moment. He was going slowly, being to young to die yet, he still had a lot of life.

"I don't think he's going to make it sir." One of the nurses stated the obvious. His breath was shallow and his pulse was barely there. Like clock-work the sensor went into a straight line making it all reality that one of the luckiest people in the world had died in that hospital showing devistation within the room. No one spoke giving the body peace.

"Well I guess this is it. I'm going to go tell the girl that brought him in what has just happened." With that Dr. Dreth had left the room and started walkng toward the waiting room filled with other people not knowing what was going to happen.

"Excuse me miss? I'm just hear to tell you that the patient that you had brought in had just passes away. I'm sorry ma'am." With that he walked away. Trying not to let his tears fall down his face unlike Jessica, she had let them fall, not really knowing someone that she had helped just died made it all reality what had just happened, maybe this was ment to be? Maybe he wasn't what everyone thought he was suppose to be? Maybe he had troubles with life like all of us but he just decided to take the short way out.

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