Discovering True Love(Kit's Contest)

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This is for Kit's contest. It took a really long time to get into writing this but I really liked writing it. This story is about Sarah discovering who she really is with the help of a perfect stranger.

Submitted: February 29, 2012

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Submitted: February 29, 2012



Discovering True Love

Sarah Robson is a fairly attractive 27 year old woman. She just moved into her first owned house which is located at the end of a dead end street just around a corner, so she doesn’t have many people visit her house unless she invited them.

Sarah has been an atheist since her mom died 9 years ago, right before she was supposed to go to Harvard. She had big plans and dreams to become a top class defense attorney. But when her mom caught Pneumonia when she was fighting breast cancer, Sarah had to put off college for a while and help her father get back up on his feet after his wife died. Sarah finally went back to school and graduated as valedictorian.

Sarah settled into her new house in the outskirts of Chicago as she was waiting for her life to turn around, little did she know it was just about to.


It was a cloudy, grey day in the middle of April. The weather called for light showers. There were Christian missionaries walking around going to houses talking about Christianity, trying to teach people their ways and even convert some people.

As soon as she saw the missionaries, Sarah pulled her car into her garage, closed all her windows, blinds, and doors, and turned off all the lights in her house so it would look like no one was home.  But sure enough, one well-dressed man decided to check her house and knocked on the door.

Sarah tried to seem like she wasn’t at home, but on her way to the back of the house she tripped over her shoes in the living room and fell on the floor with a great big “OUCH!”

The man at the door heard and said, “Are you ok? Sir, Ma’am, are you hurt?”

Sarah picked herself up and went to open the door. As soon as she opened the door, her eyes widened and she stood there staring at the most gorgeous, well-built man that she had ever seen.

HE was a 6’2” muscular man with light brown, swooshy, straight hair. He had the most beautiful blue eyes that were the color of the sky. He wore nice dress shoes, black dress pants and a white dress shirt and a red tie. His shirt was just tight enough to show off his strong, beautiful arms. Sarah tried to imagine him without his shirt on, trying to picture seeing his abs.

“Are you ok ma’am?” asked the gorgeous man.

Finally Sarah took control of her again and responded, “I’m fine thank you. I can’t talk right now, my…uh…mother is coming soon…I’m sorry.”She had started to close the door when the man stopped her. Sarah was shocked he was so eager to talk to her.

“Well, maybe…I could help you. Christianity is not only about believed but it is also about generosity and helping perfect strangers. I’m sorry; my name is Tyler, what’s your name?”

Sarah could tell he was just as eager to talk to her as she was to him, but she tried to hide it as best she could.  See, Sarah was a pretty, skinny 5’7” woman. She had dark auburn hair which reached halfway down to her elbows and she usually kept back with a head band and she had bangs that swooshed to the side. Most guys thought she was really attractive but she never quite saw herself that way.

“Um…Sarah, I’m Sarah” she said as they shook hands.

“Well nice to meet you Sarah” said Tyler with a smile and a gleam in his eyes.

“I guess I could use some help, but I still don’t really know you. Besides I really don’t want a lecture on Jesus and God and the church. Honestly, I’m atheist.”

“I tell you what; if you let me in to help you I won’t lecture you about Christianity,”

As soon as he said that, the sky rumbled and rain started to pour down hard. And before they knew it, a lightning bolt hit the power box on the other side of the street, killing the power for her house. They both looked at each other and thought the same thing. “Here, come in. Now you can’t go out in that storm” said Sarah.

“Thank you Sarah. Now I think the first question that needs to be asked here is, do you have some flashlights, maybe even candles? So we have some light of course” said Tyler in a slightly flirty tone. It was right after sunset, so the storm had immediately covered the house in darkness and without the power, it was almost pitch black.

Tyler followed Sarah into the back room to get flashlights and candles. After they set everything up in the living room, to have some light, they looked up at each other and stared at each other for a long time.

Finally Tyler broke the silence and told her, “You are beautiful. Has anyone ever told you that?”

“People have told me I was, but I have never really seen myself as beautiful” replied Sarah, slightly embarrassed.

“Well you are” said Tyler almost hypnotized by her beauty.

Then there was another strike of lightning and thunder that was so loud it made Sarah jump and Tyler caught her in his arms. All of a sudden, Tyler leaned in and kissed her. At first Sarah was so surprised she started to pull away, but then she started to also get hypnotized and embraced the moment. They finally pulled apart because of another thunder strike.

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be forward. You are just so beautiful” said Tyler.

“It’s ok. Umm…do you want something to eat or drink? I have crackers or tea or some old cheesecake from last night. The power hasn’t been out that long,” asked Sarah, trying to change the subject.

“I’ll have some water if you don’t mind. So I’m guessing your mother isn’t coming now in this storm” said Tyler jokingly.

Sarah came back with the glass of water. “Actually, I have a confession to make. I lied to you about my mother coming. She actually died about 9 years ago. I only told you that because I didn’t want you to lecture me about Christianity. I’m sorry”

“Oh, I am sorry. You shouldn’t be sorry for saying that. I’m not surprised. You wouldn’t believe what kind of stories people make up to get rid of us. Once, a guy said he was running from his ex-wife who wanted to shoot him. He even got a woman to drive up to his house and threaten him and me with a shotgun! Turned out she was just his sister and he paid her. Crazy, huh?”

Sarah sat down on the couch and didn’t talk for a little bit. Tyler tried to change the subject. “So, pardon me for asking this, but why are you atheist?”

“I haven’t believed in anything like that since my mother died” answered Sarah with tears forming in her eyes.

“Oh, I am so sorry” said Tyler.

“It’s ok. I’m sorry I’m being so emotional; this has always been a sensitive subject. My mom was my best friend.”

“Maybe it’s sensitive because you haven’t had closer yet. I know we just met and all, but you can talk to me. And I honestly don’t think I am going anywhere unless you kick me out” said Tyler with a small laugh at the end trying to ease the tension.

“I don’t want you to leave, I like having you here. I feel like I’ve known you for years not a few minutes. But won’t your friends or coworkers miss you?”

“Oh I’ll be fine. When it rains or storms, we just go home and collaborate later.”

“I’ve never really talked to anyone about my mother before but right before I was about to go to college, my mother was fighting breast cancer and she caught Pneumonia. When she died 2 months before the year started, I had to push back going to college to stay with my dad. Besides I wasn’t ready to go to college right after that” said Sarah, starting to cry. “The reason why I don’t believe in God or anything is because I don’t understand how any all-powerful being can be so cruel as to let that happen. How could they allow my best friend, my mother get Pneumonia when she had cancer and take her away from us, She was only 52. I think that is too young to endure so much pain!” She was raising her voice as she finished.

“I don’t think God ever means to take loved ones away. He certainly doesn’t do so just to be cruel. In fact he loves every single one of us, even you Sarah. It was just her time to go. I believe there is a reason for everything. However, we may not know the reason; we just have to trust that what God is doing is for the best.”

“I am sorry, but do you really expect me to believe in something that I’ve never seen or heard that didn’t do anything when my mother was really sick that had the power to save her but didn’t?”

“I am not telling you what to believe in. I am simply telling you my opinion and my reasons for my opinion. You can choose to agree with me or not, I cannot force you either way. What I can promise you is that I will support you in any decision and I will be here for you during that time. Listen to me, I am talking as if I see you all the time and I will continue to see you” said Tyler.

“Won’t we see each other more? I know we just met and all but we have grown so close in the last hour or so that I would very much like to see you again!” exclaimed Sarah hopefully.

“If you want to, I would like to continue to see you as well!”

“I really appreciate you listening to me and talking to me, but I can’t just change my opinion on a subject this huge in an instant. I need time to think about this if I am going to question it.”

“I completely understand. I am not going to try and change your opinion immediately, I like you too much to annoy you like that” said Tyler jokingly.

“I can’t believe I am saying this since I just met you but I like you a lot too” said Sarah finally with something to be happy about in a long time.

Tyler and Sarah sat together on the couch for many hours talking about little things from their childhood to their high school to what movies they like. They spent 6 hours talking like this. The whole time, Tyler had his arm around Sarah, keeping her close to him as if he couldn’t let her go right after getting her. Halfway through, Sarah had grabbed Tyler’s hand that wasn’t around her shoulders and locked her own hand with his and they sat like that until the candles went out.

Sarah started to wonder if Tyler was going to stay there all night so she asked him. “Tyler, don’t be offended but are you going to leave anytime soon? Because we have been here for hours, I don’t want anyone to worry about where you are or anything.”

“I don’t live with anyone except my dog, and he’s fine till morning at least. I didn’t want to go but if you want me to…”

“No! I don’t want you to go, but at the same time I’m hesitant on asking you to stay, because I am afraid that you will think I am being forward. I am normally not like this.”

“Normally like what, confident, strong? You are not being forward; I would not think anything less of you if you asked me to stay or if you asked me to go. I only want you to be comfortable.”

“Well then, I would like you to stay, but I don’t really have a big room for you.”

“Pardon for the suggestion, but maybe we could just stay out here on the couch together. We could fall asleep talking to each other if you want” suggested Tyler.

“I would like that” said Sarah, smiling the biggest smile she has had in a very long time.

They grabbed a few pillows and some blankets. They pulled open the couch to make a bed and they lay down together. Tyler wrapped his arms around her and they lay facing each other and he kissed her on the forehead. They hugged each other and talked some more until they fell asleep to the sound of the storm dying down outside.

Sarah was the first one to wake up the next morning. She woke up and when she saw Tyler laying next to her she was nervous asking herself what happened last night. But then she remembered what a perfect gentlemen Tyler was to her and she smiled and continued to lay there, still wrapped in his arms as she waited for him to wake up.

Finally Tyler woke up and whispered into Sarah’s ear, “Good morning, my love.”

Sarah turned around with a smile still on her face, but bigger after hearing him say that and they kissed each other so passionately, as if they thought they would immediately wake up from a dream and would be in their own beds by themselves.

Tyler and Sarah got up and made breakfast. Tyler showed her his amazing pancake flipping skills while Sarah poured out the milk and fixed the table. They ate in silence except for a few smiles and winks here and there. When they were done with eating and cleaning up the table, Tyler said he had to go.

“Do you have to?” asked Sarah, hoping there was some way she could get him to stay with her.

“I’m sorry but I have to. I have to go to work; we have to catch up after that storm yesterday.” Tyler grabbed the few things he had and headed for the door. He stopped halfway there and turned around and looked at Sarah.

“I want to see you again. I left my number and email on a note in the kitchen for you. I have never met anyone like you before Sarah. You are amazing and beautiful, remember that. And God loves you, just like I do” he kissed her and headed for the door.

“I love you too! And I promise I will contact you soon!” shouted Sarah.

“Maybe we’ll get lucky and there will be another storm again soon, I’ll have to remember to come back to this neighborhood on a day like that” said Tyler with a smile. He winked at her and walked out the door.

“Wait, where’s your car? Do you need a ride to your house or something?” asked Sarah.

“My car is not too far away, I’m fine. Thank you though. Oh and Sarah, just know that your mother is watching out for you. I will see you later” he winked at her and turned the corner.

Sarah went back into her house and sat on the couch. She tried to recollect what happened that night, if it was only a dream or it actually happened. She smiled because she knew that there was no way it didn’t happen because sure enough there was the note Tyler mentioned in the kitchen. And throughout the day, Sarah found little notes around the kitchen and living room with Bible verses all meaning the same thing, God loves you. She knew that Tyler had to be the person everyone always talks about, she knew it had to be true love because their connection was so real. She fell asleep that night thinking about him, but also knowing her mother was indeed watching out for her, maybe even standing next to God himself.

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