Eye of the Beholder

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A man has a mysterious experience with a lucid dream.

Submitted: January 03, 2015

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Submitted: January 03, 2015



I laid down on the soft cushiony couch that dwelled in the corner of my basement. I had been clearing out the house all day and by now my dogs were barking, and I was as tired as a lizard who had found a source of heat in the middle of the night. As soon as I laid down on the sofa, my body sank down into what must have been one-hundred feet of cushion, and my eyelids became insanely heavy. Almost instantly I fell into a deep, lifeless slumber.

Suddenly I felt a numbing sensation in the middle of my forehead, interrupting my sleep; that’s what I thought anyways. When I tried to open both of my eyes neither one would move. It was like I had no control over them. My mind was conscious but it seemed as though my body was not.

Gradually, the numbing sensation in my forehead became an odd tingling feeling, and then it felt as though there was some kind of muscle forming up there. With time the feeling in my forehead became familiar and I realized that for some reason a third eye had formed itself up there.

This eye, I found out, I was able to open. When I did so I was genuinely surprised at what I saw. My breath was beaten out of me at what my basement had become; well I mean I guess it wasn’t a basement anymore.

The sofa was now placed at the peak of the hill overlooking a beautiful tallgrass prairie that soaked down into the bottom of a deep valley where a river glistened and shined up into the sky. With a closer look I noticed a herd of grazing animals laying on the hillside, chewing cud and basking in the sunlight.

The animals were unfamiliar to me and unlike anything that I had ever seen before. Great, curled horns sprawled out from their gigantic heads. They had thick, dense fur that drooped down further than their actual bodies.

They were all big, even the young ones, bigger than elephants, and I could not help but to gawk at the massivity of them. Most were dark red or maroon in color, but a few, the females perhaps, were a lightly shaded grey in color and without horns.

My gawking ended abruptly by the unmistakable sound of people’s footsteps coming up the hill from behind me. I peered over to the direction of where I heard the footsteps. Less than a minute passed before the sounds became louder and a group of about twenty people, of whose origin I knew not, emerged from the hillside.

I was nervous as I did not know how these people would respond to my presence, and there were no places to hide except for behind one of the massive cow type animals, which for some odd reason I thought was a terrible idea. I just stood there looking like a puppy who was just caught chewing on a shoe.

Remarkably the people did not seem to take notice of me and walked right passed. It was then that I got a good glimpse of their physical features. Tall and slender were they, with dark tattoos covering their pale white skin. They did not wear much except for small, fur, towel looking things around their waists. I decided that their eyes were the most magnificent feature about the people. Shining bright, the iris of their eyes were lit up intensely with the most pure color of gold that I had ever seen up to that point.

After they passed me, they continued to walk down the hillside towards the herd of animals. When the animals spotted them they all stood up and shuffled their way down into the valley; the evident ranchers following closely behind.

I stayed on the hilltop until the two suns that kept watch over the land retired for the night and the orange colored moon peeped its way out from behind the clouds. By this time the air had become cool and the hairs on my arms stood at attention like royal marines. A dense fog enshrouded the valley, and the neck tingling sounds of many nocturnal animals singing their songs filled the atmosphere plum full.

Time flew by as I sat there listening to these foreign, yet beautiful sounds. The air gradually became cooler and cooler until it was teeth-chattering cold. I took this as my cue to curl back up on the sofa and return to reality.

Everytime I lay down now I hope to return to that magnificent realm and delve deeper into a world other than our own. Who knows, maybe when I close my eyes for the last time I will finally return.



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