No Escape from Temptation

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

No Escape from Temptation is about a young girl named Allie that cannot escape from unhealthy eating. Food surrounds her wherever she goes. Grandma and mama want her to take care of herself and lose weight. Eighth grade was a hard year with her mother moving into another relationship and Eddie's disorder. Temptation surrounded her and did not let go anytime soon.

Allistar Banks

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No Escape from Temptation

By: Allistar Banks

Allie had reached her highest weight in the 8th grade. She had lost control over what food was supposed to do for your body. She got confronted by grandma and mama over her overeating and appearance. Marie was there to save the day by giving her comfort and positivity. “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren gave answers to her health. God wants people to work out and diet to give them strength. Allie was trapped inside another person’s body but struggled to escape temptation.

Allie did not have a good eight grade year. It was difficult seeing her mom get into another relationship after breaking up with the first one. She had walked inside from school and saw grandma. Grandma saw how bad she looked in her clothes. Grandmother criticized them for being too tight. Eighth grade was a horrible year because of relationships and healthy living.

Grandma noticed her granddaughter coming in the house from school. She looked up and down at Allie. Allie looked nervous and felt scared of what she was going to say to her. Grandmother observed her granddaughters clothes.

“Allie, what has happened to you?” grandma asked.

“Nothing has happened,” Allie replied.

“You look bigger than ever,” she assured.

“Whatever,” Allie smirked.

“You need to take care of yourself,” she responded.

“No problem,” she said.

“Your mom needs to know about your mental stability,”grandmother said.

“Okay,” Allie said back.

Mama comes strolling in to see her mother and daughter. Melinda was concerned about her daughter self-esteem. Mrs. Billings had noticed how Allie acted strange around food and would want to eat everything in sight. Melinda was a part of the influence with ordering out fast food. She needed to stop ordering out junk food and be healthier. Mrs. Billings came home to see her family and thought about Allie’s lifestyle.

“Hi Allie, how are you,” she questioned. 

“Fine, just schoolwork,” Allie sighed.

“Honey, you need to change into different clothes,” she pleaded.

“These jeans and top do not look right on you,” Melinda pointed out.

“You are a part of the problem that has allowed for this to take place,” Allie said.

“Allie, people can refuse to eat fast food and just order a drink,” mama thought.

“Your right, it’s so frustrating,” Allie argued.

“Life is not always easy,” mother knew.

“It’s pretty obvious through your relationships and Eddie’s disorder,” Allie said.

Mama did not know what else to say. She just stood there staring at her overweight daughter. Melinda was determined to get Allie out of her bad habits and form good ones. Allie was a teenager and did not need to look this way. Teenagers had slender figures and energy to outrun an adult. Melinda stared at her and knew she needed to look like a healthy teen.

She had left after a long look at Allie for ten minutes. Allie started to text Marie about her family’s treatment towards her. Marie told her their opinions do not matter in a text. You are your own person and do not let them put you down. Do what makes you happy. Allie cried when Marie texted her back those words. She was not happy with life. Life was a dark hole with no light.

Eating was the only thing that soothed the young girl. It showed in her outfits, mood, and interactions with family or friends. Allie could not find inner peace in herself to get rid of the bad habits. The bad habits were sneaking food into her room, ordering fast food after school, and binging on sweets. Food was the source of comfort for Allie’s daily struggles in life.


Submitted: October 13, 2014

© Copyright 2020 banksallistar. All rights reserved.

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