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Questions of life's goals, accomplishments, religion, and social standing in present time.

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



Will it all be worth it? Striving for--most of the time--pointless, yet sentimental values that will help us feel accomplished. For what? Personal pride? A bigger ego?

On the contrary if we don't attempt at something, quite frankly then we'd all be fucking wastes of space. Why else would we be here? Has Darwin already figured this out for us? Or is there some sort of master plan?

Then religion  falls into place, supposedly to please the heavenly father, buddah, allah, etc. Going down the list of iconic religious figures as if walking down a grocery aisle looking for cereal, all different in one way or another, but, essentially, all leads to the same place when we're done with them.

Which leads to the climax of this rant. Over time us as "beings" will become dust and will be forgotten in time. That arguably is a fact. What brings a question mark is that when we perish, no one truely knows what will happen. For "beings" to simply expect society to follow rules and regulations for eternal happiness is beyond intellectual perception. So, to follow rules for eternal happiness/damnation, strive for mortal goals, and expect to be compltely satisfied is just impossible. That is a fact, arguably of course.

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