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As you read on,you'll realise it's a fantasy.

Submitted: August 10, 2014

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Submitted: August 10, 2014






I’m tired of this, it makes me so sick, Ona was talking to herself, when she started swearing in French Yolanda her best friend and roommate walked up to her and gave her a glass of water, then she started crying and Yolanda put her to sleep.

It was my phone that woke me up, the caller ID was Dr Ola-Daniels, my father, Mr All is mine, Mr High-class. I loathed this man. I picked  it up. At the other end my father spoke in his very polished English accent ‘’Ona darling, today’s Emil’s birthday, it’s a dinner party at club 360, you’re attending and you’re wearing a black dress, I’ll send my driver to pick you at 6:00pm’’with that he banged the phone on me. I was so pained, the tears couldn’t come out any longer, like who the fuck does he think he is, i don’t like high-class people, why won’t he leave me alone, he has my life printed out like one of his philosophy books. I was going to win this war with him and that was final, let the games begin!



I handed both of them a glass of moet each then poured myself a drink. It was our bet night. Something i and my two best friends started years ago. We usually place bets on girls and since we started, i had never lost and that’s why i was ‘’the fox”. Kwame Anansi my Ghanian friend is the Ghanian minister of education. First spoke first “Em, i don’t think you can win this one oh”. Ade the governor’s son spoke “Kwame, free the guy, let him lose and let us have the money”. I started laughing hysterically, finally when i was well composed and  I looked at the both of them seriously and said Ona is going to eat out of my palms soon enough and i would laugh at you guys and that’s it.


CLUB 360

Ona got down from the car wearing a crop top and leather pants with sneakers. Atleast her colour was still right she thought to herself with a smile. She was the last to arrive, all eyes were on her, she was this kind of tall person that people believed  were supposed to be put on display in the museum, apart from her long legs she had this flawless skin and she looked somewhat like these Egyptian goddesses. She did not care that she was being looked a, she just sat down and she brought out her tablet and she started working on it.

Emil had too much to drink, he was drunk like fish, he needed a place to calm his head, when he bumped into Ona and when she started swearing in French he touched her head as if to pet her. Then she jerked backward and she was about to leave when he pulled her back, “you do not have to be scared baby” he said. Just then Ona said “Emil or whatever you call yourself because you’re the vice president’s son doesn’t mean you can go around touching people okay??” when he opened his mouth to give her the talk of her life, he threw up on her. It was about to go down.....................................................................


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