calm the dust

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Politicians will always tell you anything for your votes, but the power is always vested in the people. We choose the leaders we deserve, that is why most corrupt societies will always chose the same old people, we recycle in stead of voting.

Submitted: March 13, 2013

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Submitted: March 13, 2013





Dust from the road?

Is it the awaited medicine? Ne’er!

The clinic was shut down.

The police patrol? Can’t be!

No petrol to waste. Besides,

No brews these sides,

Their pockets their guns make wide.

Ooh! Finally, he’s kept us in mind.


The dust rises only when he is around,

Feigning reconciliation when proposing.

Last time it was easy,

The promising tide filled the air,

The unfulfilled promises his campaign hallmark.

His speeches euphonious.

His slogan “change precedes development”.

Is it voting him in to bring development? No!

Change from penury to opulence then

Bring development? Yes!

But still aiming for the higher price,

He rolls his own dice,

Since he is in our minds,

Higher the dust does rise.


The long wait made us wise,

That we cannot live by rice.

We too want the change,

Equipped hospitals and proper wage,

Clean water and crushed illiteracy.

As a pregnant cloud,

We rain and settle the dust.

His downfall our only revenge,

But, how long will the soil be wet?

Alas! We can’t tell.








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