It's not easy being a parent

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Parents-value them

Submitted: November 21, 2011

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Submitted: November 21, 2011



As children, we take them for granted, thinking they'll always be there

They'll give us lots of kisses and treat us with due care

They'll feed us when we're hungry and our cries they'll always heed

They'll rejoice in all our learnings and tend our every need


And, as we become toddlers, they'll faithfully watch us grow

They'll recognise gaps in knowledge and teach what we don't know

They encourage our free spirit, for that's sometimes how we learn

And when we do something naughty, they'll attempt to look quite stern


Of course, there will be times when they may tell us off for nought

It wasn't as if we deserved it, of that we had no doubt

It's just that they are unreasonable and feel it's what parents should do

It;'s simply that they are incapable of seeing from our point of view


We then grow into teenagers and our free spirit comes to the fore

We believe the world owes us a living and that our parents are really a bore

We so want independence because they stifle our every move

We think we can manage without them, we've really got something to prove


And so we end up married, when we believe we are fully grown

We end up like our parents, with children of our own

And it's only then we realise what we put our parents through

How much we do still need them and what respect is due


So while you have your parents, appreciate what you've got

Give them the praise and help they deserve and love them an awful lot

For none of us lives forever and you'll miss them when they're gone

And if you mistreat your parents, your children may carry that on

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