Lament for 'Great Britain'

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What has happened to 'Great Britain'?

Submitted: November 21, 2011

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Submitted: November 21, 2011



We're happy to pay enormous sums

To celebrities and such

But. although we expect them to save our lives

We don't pay our nurses much


We give help to all minority groups

So they get everything they can claim

But, when it comes to our pensioners,

They're not treated quite the same


Life for them is made difficult

By forms they have to complete

To receive a minimum pension

And a supplement for their heat


It's often said that 'crime does not pay'

But of late it seems to me

The courts are no deterrent

They just set the criminals free


We bring back criminals to this country

So their medical treatment is free

Except that somebody has to pay for it

And that's workers like you and me


We're taxed throughout our working lives

And, if we manage to save,

Our successors lose some inheritance

When we're taxed beyond the grave


And the sage just continues

It gets harder every day

To justify our treatment

Of the people who earn their pay

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