Olivia has had enough of her ex-boyfriend Joey. She wants him to go away but he won't and it doesn't help that she's having his baby. Her best friends try to help her through it, but it may be too late.

This is book 2! This is the follow up novel to Decode! I got some good reviews on Decode and I loved writing it so I'm continuing it!

Table of Contents

I sat waiting to be called back to see Dr. Corten. Amy was with me. I was now 5 months pregnant with my baby. When my name was called I w... Read Chapter

I walked into school the next day feeling like crap. People still stared at me. I got used to it and ignored it. I saw Andy waiting for m... Read Chapter

"The Police and town are searching for her." "We have to help!" "Your dad is going but you have to stay here." I knew I'd los... Read Chapter

"What? Is she okay?" "She's bruised and has some cuts." "Is that it?" "No." "What happened?" "He...raped her." "W... Read Chapter

School the next day was torture. Everyone was asking about Amy. She wasn't coming to school until tomorrow. I ignored everyone and went o... Read Chapter

"No, but maybe it would get rid of Joey. He did this to me. Think of what else he could do." "I'm not afraid of him and it's too late... Read Chapter

I didn't make it far until I saw Joey sitting by Tammy on a park bench. They started kissing and I turned away. I got home and got ready ... Read Chapter

She was in my first period class. "Everyone we havea new student, Shana Belin." She looked around blankly and when her gaze caugh... Read Chapter

By the time lunch came I knew a lot about Shana. She was on my side and not Joey's. Me and Amy were planning a sleep over or the end of M... Read Chapter

At dinner I ate as much as I could eat. "Mom, you don't work, only at home, why can't you care for it for awhile?" "No, I can't. ... Read Chapter

I got up when Joey came into the living room. "Joey?! What are you doing here?" "I heard you were going to be here. So I decided ... Read Chapter

I didn't go to school for a week. From what I heard Amy didn't either. Shana said people were asking her about us. Tammy had even accused... Read Chapter

**this chapter is longer. Enjoy!** "Dr. Corten calm down. What's wrong?" "Amy tried to kill herself. Can you please over?" "S... Read Chapter

**1 Month Later!**(June) Me and Amy had been out all day shopping. I had gottne clothes for my daughter. We were meeting Andy for lun... Read Chapter

Joey left a few minutes later and I told Amy what he said. She wanted nothing to do with him. I however did. My cell phone rang while we ... Read Chapter

Later that day I e-mailed Joey and told him about my dad and Andy. I layed down and closed my eyes. I started crying. I got up and went d... Read Chapter

We walked around for awhile shopping. People from my school were there. It annoyed me when people laughed at me. It figured Tammy was whe... Read Chapter

A week later life slowed down. My dad's funeral went uninterupted. Joey was hanging out more at my house. Amy wouldn't come by if he was ... Read Chapter


Epilogue I woke up in a white room. I looked in to see my mom by me. She smiled when she saw me awake. "Where is she?" "Over ... Read Chapter