Irresistable Suicide

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It's a poem that meshes suicide and seduction

Submitted: July 16, 2008

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Submitted: July 16, 2008



You wanted her inside of you so you shot up again
You condn't resist her beckoning call
She's whispering in your ear, begging
with her rosy lips that drip from your wrists
You found yourself subject to the blade of a knife
Beautiful Death so alluring make you weak in the knees
Put your mouth to hers and drink her in
She intoxicates you, straight to your head
Her arms wrap around you in a suffocating embrace
The touch of her fingertips makes you numb
It is her voice inside of you head that urges you on
As your soul bleeds out from your pores
You've let her inside of you now she's tearing you up
But you want her to stay because she feels so perfect
Touch yourself yet feel her flesh instead
Look in her eyes and you see paradise
Giving you just the smallest taste
These silent promises she makes to you
Give up, and lose all your pain
Tears down your cheeks but they come out like ash
She's dancing in your core, making you sick
It's part of the process like the blood on the floor

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