Better without me

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Its easy to lose sight of whats important when you arent in a position to see the big picture.

Submitted: June 26, 2011

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Submitted: June 26, 2011



"What is this? Whats happening?  This is Mandy's old room, how did we get here?  I dont understand".

"There is a lot you dont understand, which is why they sent me, and why we are here".

"That look on her face, I have never seen her look like that, its like she is alive but empty.  Can she see us, or hear us?
Now what is she doing?  Where is she going?"

"She is going to work, she leaves for work at this time every morning, or she used to .  The bus stops just outside the flats
next door, remember.  Here take my hand"

"This is the old offices that she worked in.  It was the taxi rank over there that i first met her, we shared the taxi because i
it was pouring down with rain that night.
I dont remember here ever looking so tired and lonely though, what is it, has something happened?  Did i take all those tablets,
is that it?  I must have paassed out and wow that was guick!  Am i dead then, what happens now?"

"Yes she did look tired and lonely didnt she, but then she never really liked this job, and only took it as a way of geting
enough money together to rent her own place"

"its lunch time and she hasnt moved from her desk yet, surely she has to eat"

"Thats what the doctors kept telling her, that she needed to eat whether she felt hungry or not.  Her parents threatened her with a
psychiatrist if she didnt pull herself together.  Which was another reason she wanted to move out".

"This is her place again. Its only seven o'clock and she is curled up in bed.  Did she not have any supper?  She didnt go anywhere
except to work and then home to bed.  Is that because of me?  Have i reduced her to this, by taking those stupid tablets?  I thought
i was helping, i thought she would be better off without me.  All i seem to do is mess things up.  I know she kept telling me that she
loved me more than life itself and we would get by as long as we had each other, but i thought she deserved better.
Why are you showing me this now when its too late, im dead, there is nothing i can do about it?"

"What you are seeing isnt he present or the future, its the past.  The day you just witnessed was the day before you met Mandy.
The Mandy you know, the one who loves you more than life itself, didnt exist, until she met you. 
That lost and lonely expression that you failed to recognise, was the way she used to look, day after day after day.
And then she met you.

You didnt take the tablets.  You drank too much whisky and passed out.
Its time to wake up and put things right.  Now do you understand?".

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