The Adventures of Barry, Coop and Jay - The Dinner

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Barry and Coop go for a lovely Italian meal. With hilarious consequences.

Submitted: November 09, 2015

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Submitted: November 09, 2015



(BARRY and COOP enjoying a lovely Italian meal together)

BARRY: How's your spaghetti mate?

COOP: Ha... PASTA la vista, baby!

BARRY: Ha ha. Nice pun.

COOP: (Pointing to BARRY'S pizza) Life is like a pizza, because it's a circle of life.

BARRY: ....sorry, are you trying to quote Forest Gump or that 'circle of life' bit from The Lion King?

COOP: (fidgeting in his seat slightly) uh, oh.... and the first rule of Fight Club is to try your best.

BARRY: Mate, calm down. You don't have to get one right. It's fine.

COOP: Are you speaking to me? Huh? Are you speaking to me?

BARRY: (face palming) I don't even know if you're doing Taxi Driver or are just asking me in general.

COOP: You're only s'pose to blow the bloody car up.

BARRY: ....

COOP: Frankley my dear, I couldn't give a monkeys.

BARRY: Jesus, I need another drink. Where's that waiter?

(JAY appears dressed as a waiter and wearing rollerskates)

JAY: How may I help you?

COOP: Ha ha. Jay's here now.

BARRY: Can I have another beer ple-- actually, no. You're definitely going to fall over.

JAY: No, no it's fine. I've got this. One beer coming up.

(JAY turns to COOP)

JAY: (Schwarzenegger accent) I'll be right back.

COOP: Ha. Robocop. Classic.

(JAY skates off very precariously)

BARRY: Are you okay now?

COOP: Luke, I am your Dad.

BARRY: *massive sigh*

(JAY returns unscathed)

BARRY: (Smirking) Hey guys, I have a drinking problem.... *purposely misses mouth when trying to drink*

JAY and COOP: Oh no!!

BARRY: Guys, relax. It's that bit from Aeroplane.

JAY: I'll get a rag of some kind.

(JAY reaches down and picks up a napkin without moving. He then suddenly falls backwards and crashes into the table behind him. With hilarious consequences)

COOP: Jay! Take my hand if you want to stay alive!

(COOP stands up and tries to run to JAY. However he brings with him the table cloth which is tucked into his collar, thus pulling the entire table over. It wraps around his legs and he tumbles on top of JAY)

BARRY: ....can I have the bill please?

JAY: *Chewbacca noise*

The End.

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