Fields of Darkness

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A Hero Comes back to this world to serve one purpose, and only one purpose, and that is to save the love of his life, the girl with the green eyes.

Submitted: May 10, 2011

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Submitted: May 10, 2011



Fields of darkness
Black souls fall from the sky
In to the mighty pits of hell
Cast down by the lies
You listen to the screams drowned by the bells.
The cracks begin to show
The wind violently blows 
And a hero emerges from the ground.
He pulls himself out of the ground
He stands up and turns around
To start his journy.
He listens to those horrid screams 
As all the black souls are ripped apart by the seams.
As he walks he grows old
With ever step he grows bold 
And he remembers his job on this world.
He turns his head
To the sound of the dead 
And follows the toll of the bell 
Which will lead him back to hell.
Everywhere he goes 
He knows
He needs to get back.
The hero walked for days at a time 
Learning the bells chime
Leading him to the gates of hell.
As he walked around the world He would dream of what he needed to do.
When he walked the steps he drew
Would disappear into the morning dew.
The sun arose in the morning 
But not from the east 
But the west.
Back at the east the souls feast on darkness.
The hero turns to the west 
He sees the green eyed girl
In a field basking in gentle sunlight. 
But all aroud her
Surrounded by this dark light
An evil blight 
Ready to consume who ever is coming for this girl.
The hero steps forward
Into the cloude of darkness
And he is swolled by it. 
The hero was in a dark room 
No way out
The hero knew what he had to do.
The hero walked forward ready
The hero was very steady 
For the evil that is coming.
Out of the darkness a fairmaiden appeared. 
"hero why have you come?" 
"i need to save the girl!"
"boy dont mess with this!"
"she is the only one!"
"child i will kill you if you go for the girl!"
The hero ran forward in to the darkness
The darkness was endless
He kept running.
"boy stop!"
" No i love her, she is the only one!"
"then son i have no choice but to kill her."
"No mother you cant"
" it is said if you love the girl all will perish"
" but destroy her and we will prosper. Mother i know."
The darkness dissappeard
The girl, she was there
She was holding one single rose
It was a twilight blue.
The hero walked up
The girl looked up
She looked right at the hero
He lost himself in the sea of green
Then the fair maiden appeard out of the green 
The girl with the green eyes screamed in pain.
The hero drew his sword and killed the fairmaiden.
"but why child?"
"mother i love her!"
"you chose her over the fate of humanity"
"i chose her over your insanity!"
"now dye mother"
The hero pulled his sword out of the maiden.
Walked to the gril with green eyes.
He took her hand
As his mother turned into sand.
The sea of green around them began to collapse.
The hero turned to the girl
"take this leap of faith with me"
"but you cant love me, the rest of humanity depends on me dying!"
" i prmised you, no matter what, i will save you! Id rather die with you and humanity, than just kill the one i love. I PROMISED YOU!"
The ground around them crumbled
The black souls began emerging from the cracks.
The hero looked back at the girl.
"trust me that i will not let this happen! I will save you, no matter where we are we will always be together!"
The darkness started to fill the sky
The sun was black
The moon was white 
The girl took the heros hand 
The end was in Sight
They looked at each other
He nodded at her and she nodded back.
"i love you"
"i love you too"
The girl curled into the hero
They looked up as the world was swolled by darkness and evil.
The hero looked up at the girl one last time, 
He heard the bells final chime
He Kissed her on the lips
The ground below them collaped
They fell in to the dark. 
The sound grew louder
The hero knew that bell
From years past
He was back in hell.

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