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When an exact clone of Madison shows up one day, the three friends attempt to explain her appearance. But secrets are being kept from them and if they are disclosed, the future could be lost.

Submitted: March 25, 2016

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Submitted: March 25, 2016



In the years past everything was great, I wish I could've stayed twelve forever.  But I eventually had to move on to highschool. The one good part about moving on to highschool was Madison. I worked with her at my first job, at a local grocery store. We had been together for almost two years when it started happening. At first it was forgettable, very subtle, just a   coincidence and nothing more. Then it got worse as the weeks and months continued. It was more noticeable, and with that it became even less explainable. I guess that's as good of a place to start as any.

It was a cold winter day and Madison and I were having lunch at my uncles restaurant downtown, Loui M's. Sitting there in a booth across from each other, I got a call from Jaxon in the middle of the meal. Jaxon was a friend of Madison and me who also used to work with us. He now works for the Department of Defence. I could barley hear him on the other end of the line, he was whispering really softly. 
"What's up Jaxon?" I started. 
"Didn't you say you were taking Madison out to lunch today?" He said. 
"yea man were at Loui M's right now why?" 
"I just came home from work and Madison is at my house. She's just standing there." He said in an uneasy tone. 
I replied "Jaxon, I'm with Madison right now, you can talk to her if you want." 
At that point Madison looked up from her meal, "Whats Jaxon saying Matt?" 
Jaxon seemed to hear her say that and didn't say anything for a few seconds. Then after a long pause he said "Havn't you been noticing these things lately? Or are you just choosing to ignore them? You can't run from this forever Matt, even if it is unexplainable. I'll be down there in ten minutes, don't go anywhere" 
With that he hung up. "What was that about?" Madison questioned. "Jaxon is coming here...listen, however weird this gets, just know that I trust you. I'm going to go wait for Jaxon out front, we have to talk. Stay here he should be here in a few minutes"
I got up out of the booth and left Madison there, as soon as I got to the to the entrance to wait for Jaxon, he almost ran into me while entering. I instinctively pushed him back outside so Madison wouldn't hear us. I saw Jaxon brought someone with him. It was Madison, the same one that was waiting for me in the booth as it looked. I peered back in the restaurant at Madison, then to the girl in front of me which was an exact living replica of her.
Jaxon was out of breath, "I got here as fast as I could. I brought her with me for proof."
"Jaxon what are you doing we can't let Madison see her! We have to do something about this!" 
The girl I've known for over two years was waiting for me inside. Even though there was the same exact blonde hair and the same blue eyes, on this girls face that was with Jaxon, I could see differences and subtle idiosyncrasies were absent . My girlfriend often wore a medical boot on her foot for her tendonitis, the girl did not. This girl with Jaxon was just an empty shell of girl. She never said anything, she never did anything, she lived for the sake of life. She existed for the sake of existence. 
She never slept either, the clone just stood there usually, watching us and observing us in my own house. Sometimes we were even too scared to sleep ourselves. There were obvious differences between the two.
"Look Jaxon, bring her over to my house, me and the "real" Madison will meet you there after lunch" I stated.
"Hurry up Matt. We can't ignore these things, they shouldn't be happening." Jaxon said uneasily.
With that I went back inside to the booth. Madison was sitting there as I told her we're going to meet up with Jaxon at my house and that we have to show her something. She could tell by the tone of my voice that this situation was uncomfortable for me. 
The car ride from Loui M's to my house was silent. When we got there we sat in my car for a minute. 
"Matt what's going on? What are you showing me that makes you so uncomfortable?" Madison said concerned.
"Look Madison it's hard to-" with that she cut me off with another question. "And why haven't I ever been to your house?" She questioned.
"Madison just come inside with me. We found something that we think you should see. All your questions will be answered soon enough" I said.
She followed me to the front door with a concerned look on her face. The key didn't even have a chance to touch the lock before the door swung open to Jaxon standing there, looking very worried.
"Dude she is really creeping me out man, she's been standing there and hasn't moved for the past hour." He said.
I tried to calm him "Alright man it's ok, we're here"
"Guys, what's going on here? And who's that?" Madison said while pointing to the lifeless clone of her standing, facing the corner in my living room. 
After hearing Madison's voice, the expressionless clone turned around to face us three. 
The girl spoke slowly and copied Madison word for word, "Guys, what's going on here? And who's that?". All while retaining her expressionless face which seemed devoid of all life.
The three of us froze in place at the front door. We were all staring at the clone of my girlfriend, it was the first time she ever spoke. As if me and Jaxon knew what each other were thinking, we slowly backed out of the house together, pulling Madison with us and leaving the clone standing there staring at the door. 
"Madison let's take a drive" I said.
It was silent in the car for the next five minutes, me and Jaxon too creeped out to talk and Madison was wondering what just happened.
The she chimed in "So is no one going to tell me what just happened in there? That girl looked exactly like me but there was something off about her."
Jaxon started to explain "Look Madison, we found her a few weeks back, she kind of just showed up out of nowhere. At first we thought it was you, but we noticed how lifeless she was."
"Yea, and I would be texting you while she stood there in her corner. The instances began to overlap one another so I knew it wasn't you, even though she looked exactly like you" I added.
"But this is the first time she's said anything, or moved on her own for that matter. I think she reacts to you in some way. We didn't want to tell you because we didn't know how you would take it." I replied.
Madison said with disbelief, "So an emotionless clone of me just showed up randomly a few weeks ago?"
"Well we can't explain it either" I said.
"What are we gonna do with her? Can't you just move or stay at a hotel until she leaves?" Madison suggested 
Jaxon cut in, "that's just it Madison, she doesn't leave us alone. She's ubiquitous, believe me we have tried to run."
"That's where we were for those two weeks over the summer, running. We agreed if we found a place where she wasn't, we would contact you. But whenever we walked into a bar, or entered our hotel room, she was there. Just standing there, waiting, and watching us." I added.
The conversation started to make us three uncomfortable. We dropped Jaxon off at his house and Madison agreed to stay with me the next few days. I couldn't be in my house alone with that...thing. Whatever it was.
I told Madison to try and ignore the clone, but it kept staring at her. Tracing her every movement. Sometimes it would even copy what she said. When she asked where the bathroom was, the clone repeated it word for word but continued to stand there. When we went to bed it followed us to the bedroom. She was watching Madison sleep. It was unnerving to say the least and I couldn't imagine what Madison was going through at this point. The lifeless clone never seemed to hurt Madison or interact with her in any way though. It was just copying her, almost as if it was learning from her. The next morning I woke up next to Madison. She was still asleep so I got up and started to make breakfast for us. In the middle of cooking, Madison walked in the door with a confused look on her face. 
"Matt do you know what happened last night? I woke up in your car." Madison said groggily.
I took a long pause which I could tell made Madison feel uneasy. I glanced in the bedroom from the kitchen to find a girl that looked exactly like Madison fast asleep. But she was in front of me as well. I was really confused at this point and I was having trouble telling them apart. The clone seemed to be acting more and more human each day spent with my girlfriend. But I couldn't tell which one was the clone until I saw the medical boot on the girl in front of me. She slept with it on at times when her tendonitis was really bad.
"Madison, she's in my bed. I woke up to her sleeping beside me" I said uneasily.
Madison leaned to the left to get a glance of my bedroom with the clone sleeping in my bed.
Madison started, "I thought you said she didn't sleep"
"She doesn't" I replied.  
Both me and my girlfriend walked up to the sleeping girl. As she was lying on her stomach, we noticed a tattoo on her lower back. It said,
 "LH & SARC Implants,  AI#729-003. Report Beacon#4" 
That's was odd, we didn't understand any of that. It looked like some kind of copyright info of some sort. Non that we've ever seen at least. I called Jaxon over here to show him. When he entered the bedroom he froze up when he saw the tattoo. We knew he was uncomfortable. He sat down in the kitchen and let out a frustrated sigh. 
"Shit, this isn't supposed to happen. At least not yet." He told us, "This is really bad guys."
"What's the matter Jaxon?" I asked confused.
Jaxon replied, "Even though my boss, and the head of the Department of Defence, wanted to keep this confidential, I guess I have to explain what's going on here."
"You knew about this Jaxon?" Madison said broken.
"I wasn't sure of it until I saw this tattoo, I didn't want to make false assumptions. Did you ever wonder why I never told you my field of work at the Department of Defence? It's because it's classified, I've worked for the DoD for ten years now. Just recently they promoted me to Head Manager of SARC" Jaxon explained.
I cut in, "Wait what is SARC?" 
He continued, "SARC stands for Surveillance And Reconnaissance Corp., it's a small Organization that just started out. It focuses on certain brain implants and artificial intelligence progression. Look I'm really not supposed to be telling you this"
Madison spoke up with a slight annoyance in her voice, "Oh no, you owe us an explanation Jaxon."
Jaxon let out a sigh "Look if this is what I think it is, then Operation Ajax already is in effect. It's supposed to be a fail safe in case the human race really messes up, like messes up so bad that our species is dwindling or becoming extinct. In that case SARC and the time travel technology we call, Last Hope are to team up and send people back in time to figure out what we did wrong. But the problem is that time travel technology is in the early stages of development and completely fries the human mind. When they reach they're destination, they have the cognitive skills of a three year old. To combat this, we are working on AI implants implanted in the brains which help the time traveler regain their cognitive skills over time. Usually theyre sent back to their selves and develop they're personality and cognitive skills. It looks like she's learning from Madison. If your wondering about paradoxes in time, we're not exactly sure why those arnt happening. We think it has something to do with the AI implants. It wipes they're brains and personality so technically, they're not the same person when they travel back"
Me and Madison stood silent for a second, taking all of this in for the first time. Even I didn't know THIS much.
After wrapping my brain around what he had said, I asked, "So you're saying this is actually Madison from the future?"
"Yes, since she showed up just a few weeks ago, it will take a few more until she finally starts acting like herself"  
Jaxon added.
"Wait, doesn't that mean the human race is becoming extinct though, somewhere is the distant future?" Madison replied with a worried look.
Jaxon stated, "yes but our race didn't necessarily start to crumble at this point in time. This is just a scout, all scouts are assigned to Report Beacon #4. They were sent in fifty year intervals of time. They live out they're lives for fifty-years and die like any other human or be sent back home. Then another scout takes their place for the next fifty years."
"Jaxon what are we going to do with her then?" I asked.
"We let her pass through, let her live her life and do what she was told. Even if she does find something, SARC will take care of it. We don't need to worry about her. We just give her a place to live and let her do her thing." Jaxon said.

But it wasn't the same with her here. Even after weeks and weeks when she finally acted normally, it was odd. She never spoke to us, only when she needed something. I guess I wouldn't either for fear of the Butterfly Effect but she never interacted with us at all. She just did her thing. Day to day, week to week. It got to the point where i couldn't take it anymore, i would get uneasy with her in the same room as me. I knew I had to get rid of her. Even if that meant going to extremes to achieve that goal. Jaxon couldn't know about it though, I had to make it look like an accident. I planned it out for days, weeks even.

"You killed her?" The agent finally interrupted.
"Well isn't it obvious?" I said looking him up and down, observing his uniform and the big white letters on the black jacket reading "S.A.R.C."
The metal room was plain and apathetic in color and mood. Only a pane of double sided glass, a metal table which we sat at and a metal chairs in which we sit in existed in the dimly lit room. And of course the hand cuffs attached to me and the table. The door to the room opened, bringing me out of my anecdotal story. Jaxon entered the room and relieved the agent that was with me.
"Matt, this is a federal crime." He said as he started to raise his voice. 
"You put this whole operation in jeopardy! I can't get you out of this one Matt! What were you thinking?!" 
I sat in silence. Reminiscing on my murderous actions. I started to chuckle a little, laughing at how she was flailing and choking on her own blood.

Jaxon stood there with a look of confusion. "This isn't a laughing matter, I could get demoted for telling you about the operation." 
Jaxon stood there for a minute watching me laugh as I reminisced on my actions before he shook his head as if he has given up on me and promptly walked out of the room. I couldn't stop laughing, I didn't need him anyway, as long as I had the memories.

I walked out of the room, leaving him to his own devices, handcuffed to a table. 
"I think he's gone" I said to, Johnsen, the SARC agent that was with him previously. 
"I think his mind has gone AWOL, he just keeps chuckling to himself." 
Johnsen responded, "Send him to the psych ward, your lucky this worked out for you so well, or there would be worse consequences for disclosing the operation."
I let out a sigh of relief as me Johnsen walked out of the interrogation room, passing the doctors from the psych ward on the way out.
"Man where do they get these people" Johnsen said. 
"I know right, that was a close one. I guess I should take most of the blame for it though" I said to Johnsen.
After we left the interrogation room, we never saw Matt again. Johnsen went to his desk to get some paperwork out of the way and I went home to clear my mind. I'm not sure if I'm more disappointed that I lost a friend today, or that I almost ruined the whole operation because of disclosing confidential information. Maybe I'll try and forget about this big mess after a good nights sleep. 




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