Joseph Kony And His Crimes

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This Is A Article About Joseph Kony The King Of Crimes The Invisible Criminal Abducting Children Help Is Needed The U.S Government Is Trying Their Best.

Basil Masadeh A Young Writer Who Is Amazed By The Easiest And Simplest Of Things. And Turns Them Into Amazing Articles And Story's.

Submitted: June 07, 2012

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Submitted: June 07, 2012




Dear Reader, This Article May Contain Foul Language, Viewer Discretion Advised.


Joseph Kony The Invisible Criminal Snatching And Abducting Children In Africa Turning The Boys Into Child Soldiers And The Girls Into Suck Slaves .

Preforming Murder and forcing them to kill their Own Parents. This Is Not Some Old Fairy Tale This Is Real As You Read This Children Could Be Snatched


At First The U.S Government Refused To Help Africa As It Was Not a American Issue But A Group Of People Started A Campaign To Stop Kony.

Kony Was Now Aware of This And Started To Change His Routes And Tactics.

The American Government Has Been Searching For Him For A Long Time But Rumors Spread That Kony Has Left Africa And Went To Either Syria, Israel Or Even Iraq

As Obama Has Given The "Ok" To Search For Joseph Kony But If The U.S Government Feels That No One Cares About Joseph Kony.


The Mission Will Be Aborted And Canceled As It Will Not Be An American Issue Or Matter And The U.S Army Will Be Forced To Leave Africa.


So We Need To Do Our Part To Make Joseph Kony Famous And Get Him Arrested As Soon As Possible 


George Clooney Quotes:


**** I Believe That Criminals Should Be As Famous As I Am, It’s the Only Way Is Fair So They Get Caught****


It Is Our Duty To Protect All These Children And Make Kony Visible. And Make These Children Visible!

If this is an Hour of Need Its Your Moment to Shine to Capture This Criminal before He Does any more Damage We Need 

To Do something About this Even If it Just Donate Some Spare Cash You Don’t Need Because Looking for him Needs Money And The US Government Can’t Keep Spending These Kinds Of Amounts Of Money And It Will Be For A Good Cause And I Know That Sometimes You Can’t Always Give Money But If You Have Some Spare Cash That You Don’t Need  Please Donate This To The People There As They Need It More than you do, And I’m Sure they Do.

Imagine Your Self One Of those Poor Children Having To Kill Friends And Family Forced To Rape Your Own Sister For To Kill Your Own Friends 

Imagine Begging a Heartless Terrorist for Mercy and Not Getting it Imagine Seeing Your Brother Getting Kill before Your Very Eyes but the US Government Is Doing Their Best. Start By Telling Your Close Friends And Maybe Your Parents. Then Tell Your Friends at Work or At School Then Getting It More Public.



Every child In this World Has The Right To Not Be Afraid Of Rape, Slavery, Kidnap, Abduction 


 Even If it’s A Page on Facebook, Facebook Status, Tweet about It. Make a Poster 

It’s All Up Too You


 Regards Writer.

Basil Masadeh 


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Joseph Kony And His Crimes

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