With great power comes great responsibility

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When suddenly you become the older child of your parents, you slowly start to forget about yourself for the sake of the family.

Submitted: March 17, 2012

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Submitted: March 17, 2012



When someone becomes older, he confronts bigger issues than he used to do once younger. These issues may have the easiest solutions ever, but sometimes you just don't see it that way. The solution doesn't come easily.

As we all know, with great power comes great responsabilities ... It can't be more true!

When I turned 17, I thought my life would change for the best. I have become one year older, which means - as I believed -  more freedom and more independence. Yet, what have happened after my birthday disapproved my beliefs, and had made me reconsider my willing to grow more.

My biggest brother had to move to the US to continue his studies. My other brother had to go the US too with a Disney World Program. So, I stayed here with my parents and my younger brother. To my parents, I have become their older child. You can't imagine what had this meant for both my parents and I.

For them, this meant I was the only one to rely on in every situation, I have to do the house work, the shopping, take my brother to school, help him do his homework ... in brief, for my parents, i was the one who helped them in everything.

But for me, this meant lots and lots of stress, of insomnia and a sort of captivation: beside my dutees towards my parents, I had my own too: I am in the senior year of high school, and i have a lot of exams, work and preparation for the final exam. My parents couldn't see it this way. 

I kept suffering in silence for a long time. This problem had effected my studies, my relationship with my parents and my relationship with my surroundings. 

When I saw that my silence wasn't leading me anywhere but to torture, i had decided to speak up, and to voice my problem. After a lot of research on the net about how end it, i found out that the easiest solution is to confront my parents and tell them about my feelings, I was sure they were going to understand.

Indeed, I talked to them sincerely and they listened carefully to what i had to say. As I was expecting, they were very understanding. Moreover, they blamed me for not telling them what was going on. So, I was relieved. 

I realized from this experience that telling the truth is way better than keeping it secret. Only, sometimes telling the truth can be harmful, but still everyone deserves to know he shoud know.

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