A canvas tale

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The pain a blank canvas endures under the rage of an artis
with no inspiration.

Submitted: January 13, 2012

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Submitted: January 13, 2012



I lie here in the dark, surrounded by my brethren, waiting to be taken.

The darkness flees as the light enters through the open folder flap,
the pressure on top of me becomes lighter as one of my brothers is taken away,
the weight above me isn't much, it won't be long till it is my turn,
my turn to be mutilated ...

The folder opens and closes a few more times, 
taking one of my brothers with every opening, my time is near, 
my dearest brother, the one right above me tells me this :

"Don't worry brother, we're not going to hell, but to paradise."

These were the last words I ever heard of him, 
it wasn't long till also he was no more, my time had come,
the folder opened and I saw the being that had massacred thousands of my brothers,
it grabbed me and laid me on a desk filled with the corpses of my brethren.

There I laid, for a moment I was at peace,
I finally saw more than just the inside of the folder and my brother lying above me.

It wasn't long till the being was ready to begin its ritual, 
my death would not be a painless one, the being grabbed it's tool, 
a stick with hairs attached at it's end,
from the hairs, a substance was dripping on the desk, 
a yellow substance of wich I didn't know if it was lethal 
or only to mark my body for the true killing tool.

The tool smeared the substance all over my white body, 
it felt cold but it's texture was pleasant to feel, 
the being was clearly content with what it was doing and kept adding different substances, 
all in a different color, 
the only markings I could make sense of were five letters, 
spelling "Adisa" somewhere at the bottom corner of my body,
perhaps this was what my brother meant, this pleasant feeling, paradise ...

The being grew mad with every stroke it added to me, the strokes became slashes, 
the pleasant feeling became a torture, 
the substance became hard and painful to touch,
it wasn't long till the being grabbed me and looked at me for one last time...

The last thing I felt was my body being crushed in the hands of the creature and being thrown in a metal bin...

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