A harlequin's sin

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A jester of kings, brought smiles a plenty,
went too far with the queen, and now pays the price.

Submitted: January 13, 2012

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Submitted: January 13, 2012



"Off with his head!"

The king's voice echoed through the courtyard,
the words themselves were enough to shatter windows and ears alike,
but it was his furious voice that made my heart flee to the deepest corner of my chest.

How did it come to this, a simple entertainer, a jester of sorts, 
lying here on the chopping block, waiting for the headsman to finish his drink.

Why? What did I do to deserve this? 
All I did was please the queen the way she wanted,
it was her that was lonely when the king was away on yet another crusade,
was it not my task to keep his and her royal highness happy?
I guess her husband did not approve of my methods ...

In the few moments I had left, I looked around me,
the faces that used to wear smiles as I juggled and fooled around were now covered in judging gazes,
never had I felt so alone, I used to be the fire that kept the athmosphere burning,
the heart of the party,
but now, I am a lone wolf surrounded by lions,
a maverick among what used to be the ones that came closest to being friends.

The crowd grows more and more restless as the executioner waddles out of his small cabin,
a rusty axe covered in the blood of the ones that suffered the same fate as me in his one hand, 
a bottle of ale that used to be full but now suffers the same emptiness I'm feeling right now.

"Right! It's time you maggot!"

His voice trembling with the remaining effect of the ale is even more frightening 
then the steel blinding me with the reflection of the last light I'll ever see,
he aims his gaze at the royal balcony, the king's hand giving the signal to go ahead,
"Kill him!" the crowd yells,
"Here we go!" the hooded man says,
"Serves you right!" the queens voice was something I did not expect,
after all, she didn't seem to dislike my actions as she was moaning in delight.

The axe is raised,
the crowd stays silent for just a moment,
the king's gaze focused as a hawk on its prey,
the axe descends ...

As my head falls I see something,
the balcony crumbles under the king and queen,
I hear their screams and then a sudden silence ...

This moment may have lasted only a few seconds,
but it was the best time of my life...

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