Horology, the art of measuring time,
but how do you measure time?
in seconds?
in days?
no, you measure it... in moments.

P.S.: the hours next to the sentences aren't exact times
they're there to show the reverse timeline, that's all.

24:00A man, lying dead in the street.

23:00A man, getting stabbed in his chest.

22:00A man, refusing to give his money.

21:00A man, threatened by a 17 year old criminal.

20:00A man, on his way to his homely loneliness.

19:00A man, coming out the doorway of a Tobacconist.

18:00A man, buying a pack of cigarettes.

17:00A man, entering a tobacconist and is greeted with a welcoming "Told you so".

16:00A man, tearing off his nicotine patch and throwing his gum away.

15:00A man, thinking "what's the point."

14:00A man, putting his cellphone away.

13:00A man, saying that he just wants to go home.

12:00A man, being told that he should come, that it would help.

11:00A man, explaining what happened.

10:00A man, being asked why he isn't at the stop smoking meeting.

09:00A man, recieving a phonecall.

08:00A man, getting up, trying to stay strong.

07:00A man, dropping on his knees, trying to fight the flood in his eyes.

06:00A man, walking aimlessly.

05:00A man, wondering what he should do now

04:00A man, seeing the ambulance drive away.

03:00A man, calling a hospital.

02:00A man, crying.

01:00A woman, lying dead in the street.

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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