the beginning of a killer

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What makes a person kill?

No, it's the little things, building up and up till one day,
it can only burst.

Submitted: January 13, 2012

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Submitted: January 13, 2012



"A guy walking down the street, doing nothing, 
just walking, looking, thinking about everything and nothing,
a normal regular guy that no one pays any attention to, 
he just lives his life the way he always has.
I'm walking down the street too, I see him in the distance, 
our strings of fate entangled 'cause of this dreadful situation on the horizon, 
I must pass him, he must pass me ...

My heart skipped a beat, my hands started shaking, 
my head swarming with thoughts and ideas 
'What should I do ? 
Should I say hi? Should I wave? 
Should I casually raise my hand a little bit from my pocket indicating a simple hey ? Should I stop and hide till he has passed? 
Should I run away? 
Should I turn around and go home ?'
My mind couldn't make itself up, I kept walking, 
with every step I took, my heart started beating faster, 
with every inch he came closer my hands couldn't control themselves...

We were just a few feet away from each other and my heart had already given up on beating, 
my head became blank, my clothes were sponges filled with the fear oozing out of my skin, 
the moment was nearing, the man was closing in, I was dying inside ...

Step... Just a few feet more... Step... Just three more feet... Step... The moment was there...

I passed him? ... I passed him! ... It was finally over, 
my heart started beating again, my hands came to rest,
my head was filling with thoughts of what i would eat that evening, 
everything went back to normal... 


In the distance... I saw a woman... 
A normal woman, a woman nobody pays any attention to, 
a woman so painfully normal that it hurt just thinking about her, 
she was getting closer ... "

This is what the defendant told us when we asked why he did it, 
the events he described took place before he took a chainsaw to an elementary school,
and killed 40 innocent children and 6 innocent teachers ...

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