the life of a flower

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What would a flower think, sitting in a room, seeing those
strange legged creatures going about, doing what they do?

Submitted: January 13, 2012

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Submitted: January 13, 2012




Here I stand, here I live, a shelf in a small room, collecting the little light that I can find ...
There are just a few things in this room,
a bed, a tv, a chair and some machines that keep making noise,
not that I care about the noise,
not having ears can be helpfull sometimes.
A person is lying in the bed, 
a bunch of wires keep her connected to the noisy machines,
I think she isn't feeling so well, 
but she's always asleep so it's kinda hard to say.
Two other people had brought me here, 
they pulled me from my home and they put me in a pot filled with so called "nutritious dirt" , 
I hated it, it tastes horrible ...
If things couldn't be any worse, the machines start making even more noise,
just this constant sound that could drive anyone crazy,
but I don't have a brain so going mad isn't an easy task for me.
A group of people in green clothes and masks rush in with this other noisy machine,
they start undressing her, 
i thought people only did that when they want to reproduce or to cleanse their skin.
They grab these two panels and put them on her chest,
after one of them shouts "CLEAR !" the girl suddenly bounces in the air and falls back, 
are they trying to kill her or something cause she already looked pretty dead to me?
this goes on for a few more times untill they seem to give up on whatever they were doing,
one of them starts producing fluids from her eyes and grabs a piece of paper to whipe it of her face, 
I think they call those pieces of paper tissues, but I'm not sure,
they roll her and the bed she was on out of the room and close the door...
I wonder what person they will put with me next ...

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