A Parents Nightmare

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Claudia Lawrence was one of the worst female serial killers and child rapist that the UK police had ever come across. Murdering two women and assaulting their preteen all she did to the children cannot be written, the abuse was so disturbing.

Submitted: November 26, 2016

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Submitted: November 26, 2016



A Parents Nightmare

This text has descriptions of crimes but some of the crimes can't be written in full because they are too terrible. However as much as possible has been included.

laudia Lawrence was one of the worst female serial killers and child rapist that the UK police had ever come across. Murdering two women and assaulting their preteen all she did to the children cannot be written, the abuse was so disturbing. Claudia was born on 27 February 1970 in North Yorkshire. She had a normal childhood growing up with her sister and both parents present throughout her childhood.

Claudia, from her camera

There was nothing out of place in her early years. Her family background was no cause for concern. It wasn't until Claudia was in her mid teens that she began to display disturbing behaviour. Her sister described to the UK police that once when they were on the way back from school a small child was hit by a car. Claudia stood and openly laughed, saying that she enjoyed the look on the child's Mothers face. Friends and her sister also describe that how Claudia when still in her teens if there was a preteen female child in the room would always play with it. Claudia would chase it then throw the child up and cache it making the child laugh. Nothing was thought bad about this until later years when her crimes were uncovered.

The murders and child abuse Claudia carried out where uncovered when Claudia was 35 and her family reported her missing. Claudia was a chef at the University of York's Goodricke College and failed to arrive at work for her early morning shift. When no answer could be got on her phone her sister went to her house. Claudia could not be found or at the homes of any of her friends and it was then that the Yorkshire Police became involved and she became a missing person. The police checked her phone and computer, which is normal. It was when they checked her computer the dark side of Claudia's life was found. Claudia had photos of the children she abused. The murders were known to the police and that the person responsible was a woman but until then Claudia was not linked to them. The crimes were carried out across the UK and a task force had been setup but Claudia had not been looked at by police because she had no criminal background at all.

The first murder Claudia carried out was on A 38 year old Mother who lived with her husband and two daughters. It is not known how Claudia picked her victims but one thing they all had in common was one or more preteen daughters. As with all her murders Claudia knew when her victims would be alone with their daughter's. Claudia would enter the house wearing corduroy overalls,boots and always had cloves on.

Claudia in her corduroy overalls

Covering her face with a black face mask. Claudia had photo's of herself with the victims on her computer, taken on time delay camera. Claudia's clothing it is suspected was chosen as to not leave evidence. The first victim was alone with her two children who can't be named. The police known what happed by very slowly questioning the daughters. Claudia forced all three of them up stairs the Mother held at knife point by Claudia. The Mother and the 12 year old daughter were taken into their bedrooms and tied to their beds with clothing and clothing was pushed into their mouths. After which Claudia went and strangled the Mother. Police reports made at the time of the murder say the person had one knee on victim at the time. The six year old was walked into her own room and undressed. Claudia assaulted and tortured the child on the bed for around two hours, timing from the older daughter. The way the child was tortured is known but cannot be included as it is too terrible. The child was mutilated for life and so was her sister after the assaults. When Claudia had finished with the child she told her to stay in bed and walked back into the older daughter's room and climbed on the bed. The 12 year old was assaulted and tortured again how cannot be included. When Claudia had finished she left them on the beds leaving the house with some of both daughters clothing and the Mothers. Claudia never came up as a suspect because she had no police record of any kind and did not come from the area.

The next murder didn't happen for just under a year. Experts say the clothing and photo's Claudia had taken from the first were no longer able to give her the satisfaction she needed. The next victims were a 30 year old Mother and her 9 year old daughter who again cannot be named to protect the child. The details of the murder again come from the child's statement to UK police after days of slow questioning. Claudia again dressed in corduroy overalls and used the same method of control. When just the Mother and daughter were home Claudia attacked them. The Mother was held at knife point and they were ordered upstairs to the Mother's bedroom. The Mother was tied to the bed with clothing and had clothing placed in her mouth. Claudia then walked the 9 year old daughter to her bedroom ordering her to stay facing the wall. It is thought that Claudia went and strangled the Mother at this point. The daughter was made to undress and Claudia dressed the child in one of her nightdresses then made her get onto the bed. Claudia assaulted and tortured the daughter for hours. Some of the child’s statement cannot by written because it is too horrific. Claudia asked her some personnel questions about the child’s life, normal everyday things. She asked them why assaulting her. Which the UK police physiatrists found difficult to advise on as the horrific level of abuse didn’t match the normality of the questions. It is not known how long they were in the bedroom together but it was for some time. Claudia most have known the family’s routine because she walked round the other bedrooms leaving the child on her bed. She clearly wasn't under pressure to move quickly. Going back to the daughter’s bedroom to continue with her. The child was finally tied up and gagged when Claudia was ready for leaving. Claudia as with the first crime scene took some of the child’s clothing and footwear also the Mothers.

The two crimes were quickly linked by UK police but again Claudia’s name didn’t come up because of her lack of a criminal record. The police made the decision not to release the fact that the crimes were that of a woman. The UK police do withhold details of crimes because of any future trial. No suspect for the crimes were found and police had very few if any evidence to go with. It was not until 27 Feb 2009 that the police had one of the most unusual gifts with both crimes. Claudia had failed to report at the University of York where she was a chef. When the University couldn't get her by phone family members went to her home. After her sister had phoned her friends and none of them had seen Claudia she was reported missing. The police searched her home and nothing was disturbed, no sign of a struggle. They found nothing of interest in her phone records it wasn't until police looked at Claudia's computer that the police themselves were shocked. On Claudia's computer were photos of her child victims being assaulted from both crimes. Claudia herself was on some of them using a timer delay on her camera. Also there were photos taken inside Claudia's home. Police found in her bedroom the corduroy overalls, boots and mask she had used. It was then the police knew they had their suspect. However Claudia was missing and the question was why.

The police had no idea Claudia had carried out the crimes so there was no reason for here to run. Also it was clear to the police that Claudia had left the house as normal that morning. Her chef's whites had gone but more important her credit card and passport were still in her house. Whatever had happened Claudia clearly had left as normal then been abducted. This was a difficult problem for the police first she was their suspect, second they had to setup a missing persons case for Claudia forcing police to tell the public that she carried out the crimes. The police on the missing persons had nothing to go on Claudia had vanished. The police on the murder and assault case had to look into Claudia's life and found other victims. Because whilst looking at Claudia's computer photos of another child were found not connected to the Murders also that she could have carried out other crimes.

The child was one of Claudia's friend's daughters her name cannot be given. She was aged 10 on the photos but older when questioned by UK police. On most photos she is wearing a school uniform which became of interest to the police. There were also photos of an adult woman on Claudia's computer the police needed to trace. When they questioned the child it had to be carried by female police over many days as not to distress the victim. The statement the child gave to police she told of how Claudia used to have her to stay overnight to help the child's Mother. The child told of how another woman she didn't know would arrive later, this was the woman in the photos. The child told how Claudia made her dress in the school uniform every time including a coat. The first time the child ask why and Claudia replied, because another little girl had given her uniform as a gift to her. When the child asked why Claudia replied, she didn't have any choice then laughed. What happened after the child was dressed she wouldn't say and the police decided not to force her to answer. The child did confirm that the other woman stayed all night with Claudia. Then the child confirmed she had seen the other woman dressed in a police woman's hat many times. In the statement the child remembers both Claudia and the other woman saying, everyone trusts a police officer. The child didn't want to say more about nights at Claudia's house but it is clear she was abused by both women. The other woman was traced by police but there was no evidence against her. The police had the photos of her in a police woman's hat but it was a fancy dress one, so no crime there. There wasn't any photos of her with the child and nothing else in the photos of her was evidence of a crime. The woman told police she didn't know the child's clothing taken from the two houses was in Claudia's home. Because the child wouldn't talk about what happened to her after she was dressed in the school uniform the police had nothing they could charge the her with. The woman also couldn't be placed at the two murder crime scenes.

The police identified the school uniform and found another of Claudia's victims. A girl from that school had been walking home when she was pulled into some trees and assaulted by a woman. When the assault was over the child's school uniform was taken leaving her to run to the nearest house in a state of undress. The victim said that the woman that carried out the assault was wearing corduroy overalls. Police now knew Claudia's crimes went back into her life history more than they thought. No more child victims were found by UK police but experts say that sexual killers don't just begin to kill and torture in the way Claudia did. They build up to the attacks like the one carried out on the child walking from school. She wouldn't have been the first of Claudia's victims. However the police face one of the most difficult problems ever found in a murder crime. Where is Claudia why has she gone missing.

The police know from searching Claudia's home she left for work as normal. On her way to work she went missing. To date there has been no trace of Claudia and she is still listed as missing. No money has been moved in her bank her phone has not been used and is off. So what has happened to Claudia. Until her sister made the missing persons report Claudia was never a suspect in the murders. Her name wasn't even in the police system for any reason. So Claudia had no reason to run, plus her passport was in her house. So she didn't run what else are we left with. Claudia fell victim to a serial killer herself just by chance. A killer who was killed by a killer, it is possible but very unlikely. Stranger attacks happen but are very few in the UK also Claudia herself a serial killer would have had to be in the correct place and time to fall victim to another killer. So there is only one reason remaining Claudia was abducted and killed by the husband of one of the murder victims. This has its problems the children that were assaulted and tortured did not know what Claudia looked like because of the mask. Plus Claudia did not live in the area of the murders. The child victims only knew Claudia's voice, so did they hear it somewhere. Claudia had a large social life with many friends and did go out. The child victims would have had to been in the same place as Claudia and listen to her voice. Then their family's would have had to find Claudia again to plan her abduction. All that would have had to come together for it to happen so like the other ideas it is unlikely. The other woman who used to stay with Claudia was watched by police for months until it was decided she was not involved.

The murder crimes and Claudia's missing persons case have now gone cold. There is simple nothing for the police to follow up. However Questions do remain that other's could still answer. The woman on the photos dressed in a police woman's hat. Did she give Claudia the police hat for Claudia to wear. Did Claudia go to the victims houses in a long coat and place the police woman's hat on her head at the last moment. The hat if looked at quickly could have fooled the woman victims. Does this explain why there was no forced entry to both houses and why the crimes could be carried out in daylight. Claudia once talked her way in would have removed the hat and coat and pulled out the knife. Thus controlling the Mothers so easy in the houses and slipping on the mask. The children in the houses did not see Claudia until she had their Mother at knife point with the mask on. Claudia in both houses had time to slip the mask on before the child victims seen her. So the children did not describing the police woman's hat in their statements plus not seeing Claudia without the mask insured they lived.

Then we come to Claudia's sister Ali who was questioned by the UK police. Ali did not take part in any of the crimes and wasn't in the in Claudia's house when the child had to dress in the school uniform. However the UK police questioned all the children in Claudia's family and Claudia's sister's children told the UK police very good information. The oldest daughter of Claudia's sister told that her Mother once gave her a horse riding hat and riding boots telling her Claudia had taken them off another girl. The riding hat and boots were the same type that had been taken from Claudia's 12 year old victim. The child also told police that she and her Mother were given coats by Claudia. Then described how Claudia gave her Mother a pair of suede thigh boots. Her Mother held one of the boots up and laughed with Claudia saying , she will not be needing them now. Then Claudia whispered to her sister and they both laughed. The daughter remembered the boots because they looked strange to her because her Mother couldn't walk very far in them. The suede thigh boots were heavy for her Mother and the child thought it strange her Mother should keep them. When police searched Claudia's sisters house they found more clothing the same type as the child victims as Claudia's sister had children of different ages, the oldest the only one questioned. They found coats and shoes the same type as those taken from the murders. Also found in Claudia's sisters bedroom were the pair of suede thigh boots which were confirmed be the same make and size from the first murder. The first Mother Claudia murdered owned a pair until the murder when they were taken. When Claudia's sister was questioned by police she told how she did have the child's clothing off Claudia and the suede thigh boots. However didn't know about the murders. Claudia's sister when asked why she had told her daughter Claudia had taken them off another girl. Replied to UK police she just thought the clothing was pre owned. This is hard to believe the clothing and the thigh boots were just given free from Claudia without being questioned. When asked by police why when holding one of the thigh boots up she had laughed and said, she will not be needing them now. Claudia's sister replied with no comment. The police did not believe the pre owned story but could not find evidence against it. The thigh boots were only sold by very few online outlets but Claudia's sister had used them for so long no DNA of the murdered Mother could be found. So again the pre owned story could not be disproved. The riding hat and boots again could not be traced to the child victim close another to use in court. The same thing happened with all the other clothing it had been used and washed too many times. The clothing and suede thigh boots under UK law once no longer good for evidence was returned to Claudia's sister. Claudia's sister clearly has more questions to answer she was happy to dress her daughter's in the clothing and wear the suede thigh boots but is she holding back from police.

Why people do not come forward with information the UK police can do no more. Two Mothers have been murdered their daughters assaulted then tortured by Claudia who was the worst nightmare for the children. The police only had Claudia's name when she went missing. Claudia did not run from the police she simple vanished and police have placed both the murders and Claudia as a missing person in cold case. It is probable that Claudia will never be found and the murder cases closed. The children who went through the assaults and torture and will carry the torment of it all their lives and never have the cases closed for them. Unless the woman in the photos comes forward with more information. Also Claudia's sister and her daughter could also.

The woman wearing the police hat, from Claudia's camera

Police photo of one of the murdered Mothers coats found in Claudia's sisters house.

This photo of a child (face hiden) was found one Claudia's camera maybe her next victim.

Police photo of stolen stroller found in Claudia's house. This was taken from what is known as her first victim so far. A young mother was murdered and assaulted in her home and the stroller set taken. Other photos that can't be shown have Claudia sitting on it, Claudia is in a state of undress. Claudia also had photos of her sitting on the other parts of the stroller set shown. The baby was fine Claudia was sitting on them in her home after the murder.


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