Private Life Murder

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Young Mother Rachel Nickel was murdered by being stabbed on Wimbledon common, London in front of her one year old son on 15 July 1992 in the middle of the morning. On a Common where people walked, run and walk with their own children. This is an account of what caused Rachel to be killed in such a way and in doing so will look into her very private life. It will look at very disturbing parts of her private life and ask the question could this murdered have been avoided.

Private Life Murder

This is an account in detail of a murder and the actions of persons heading up to the murder. However the discriptions are kept as low as possible. The photos at the end are only fair quilty because they are scans.

Young Mother Rachel Nickel was murdered by being stabbed on Wimbledon common, London in front of her one year old son on 15 July 1992 in the middle of the morning. On a Common where people walked, run and walk with their own children. This is an account of what caused Rachel to be killed in such a way and in doing so will look into her very private life. It will look at very disturbing parts of her private life and ask the question could this murdered have been avoided.

Rachel Nickel

Rachel Nickel then aged 23 was living by Wimbledon Common with her boy friend André Hanscombe who owned a large motorcycle courier delivery business , and their son Alexander who was aged one. It was he boyfriend's business that began the events to her murder because Rachel made use of it to begin to be unfaithful. Rachel was bisexual and found two of the motorcycle riders female partners attractive. Only the first names of the females Rachel found attractive can be given, Julie then aged 32 and Kate then aged 22. The two women were not bisexual themselves Rachel used the fact that she was the partner of Julie and Kate's boyfriends employer. Rachel would force the two woman to act as she wanted by telling them that if they didn't she would say their partner's had made sexual advances and touched her. Which would have ended their employment as Andre believed everything Rachel told him, friends of theirs stated that Rachel had Andre totally manipulated he would believe anything Rachel said. As such the two woman were terrified of Rachel. They knew Rachel could have lost their partners their job, the family income and their home plus both women had children to think of. Rachel placed the women under her control very easily but each of the women didn't know about the other. Rachel made each think they were the only one she was doing it to, making them think they were alone. Rachel's partner Andre did not know any of this was happening.

It looks from the statements they finally gave UK police it began with just small things, first Rachel told the women what to wear. Sometimes Andre and Rachel would meet with some of his riders and their partners for drinks at a bar or at Andre and Rachel's home. Also Rachel would choose Julie or Kate and order them to go out with her for a drink alone. It's at these times Rachel would control the two woman each not knowing the other was under her control. Kate was told she always had to wear boots when she would be at the same place as Rachel, Rachel even choose the different styles. Rachel began with Julie by making her wear skirts no lower than her knees and high heel shoes if they were going to be at the same place. Rachel if she had one of them alone would run her hand over their legs. Once Rachel knew she had them under control it didn't take long for her to want more. Julie described how when she was at Rachel's home she was taken into the bathroom by Rachel. Who then pulled down Julie's skirt, opened her top and whilst laughing sexually assaulted her. Julie was too terrified to tell anyone because of what Rachel would do. It wasn't long before both women were being touched by Rachel. Kate was touched whenever Rachel had her alone her skirt or Jeans would be pulled down, her top opened and then Rachel would touch her. This went on her sometime before Rachel wanted more again from them.

It got to the point where Rachel would order one of them to her home when Andre was not there and whichever of the women she had there would have to sleep with Rachel. Both said in their statements that Rachel was violent with them. They were terrified what she would say to Andre and so they followed Rachel's orders allowing her to act as she wanted. Both Kate and Julie said that when they were forced to do this Rachel's son would be in the house. Rachel would shut I'm in another bedroom. Both women's UK police statements match each other about what would take place to this time. Whichever of the two women Rachel had in her home she would love to humiliate not just force them into sex acts. Whilst Julie or Kate were in Rachel's bedroom both said Rachel would always wear a police woman's hat and hardly little more clothing (she was more likely wearing a fake dress up hat). Rachel would then shout abuse at them before sleeping with them. Kate described an incident were Rachel's son began crying, wanting to come out. Rachel went to him still wearing the police woman hat and picked him up. Once he was calm again she shut him back in returning to Kate. Both women when through these assaults at Rachel's home for some time also still having to wear what Rachel told them when out. Rachel's depravity increased towards the murder this can only be a link the police would have followed had the women come forward at first but both were terrified of it coming out. Kate and Julie when finally giving their statements told how Rachel had Andre's 12 year old daughter under control by fear. Rachel told the young girl if she didn't do as she was told she would say she had seen her taking money. This terrified the girl to be under Rachel's control. Julie and Kate didn't see any abuse of the girl but Rachel did humiliate her.

Both women said in their statements mostly the same things would happen. Rachel made the 12 year old girl wear a long red wool coat to school. The coat is known as a duffle coat in the UK. Rachel did this because the coat was not the fashion for 12 year old girls. This caused the 12 year old girl to be laughed at whilst at school which Rachel enjoyed, Andre didn't know or see the coat because he work long hours trying to gain bigger customers. Rachel's disturbing behaviour towards the girl was also seen when Rachel and Andre would have them and others for drinks. Kate stated that she, Rachel and Rachel's step daughter were alone together. Rachel told her she had chosen the dress her step daughter was wearing because she liked humiliating her. Rachel had made the girl wear a satin dress that's style was not what a girl of 12 would want to wear, again it was not the fashion. Also Rachel told both women that the girl had to have her hair like Rachel told her. This was another mode of control Rachel enjoyed, Andre must have been thinking the dress was her choice. It is not known if the girl was assaulted but Rachel's control was becoming more disturbing. The last time was when Julie had been in Rachel's bed and the girl came home from school as Julie was leaving. Rachel said to the girl she was to keep her coat on and the girl did what Rachel told her and pulled the coat on again. Rachel then began laughing at her asking if she had enjoyed wearing the coat. It is not know why Rachel wanted her to wear the coat inside most likely just to humiliate her, Julie at this point put on her high heels and left. This happened only just over a week before the murder and Julie or Kate would not go to Rachel's home again. Kate had to meet her in a public place and as usual wear boots. Kate was phoned by Rachel telling her to pull some boots on and meet her now but after that they would have no contact at all.

On 15 July 1992, Rachel and her one year old son were walking the dog on Wimbledon Common when Rachel was attacked. Her attacker cut her throat, stabbed her and cut a word into Rachel. A walker found her son close by crying on the ground, which caused the walker to find Rachel. She had be stabbed 42 times, including on both breasts and between her legs. The UK police did not know of the sexual contact between Rachel, Kate and Julie and neither of them came forward. As such the police used their time in only looking for a male suspect. There was no forensic evidence, 32 men were questioned including registered sex criminals. As the investigation dragged on weeks turned into months with the police no closer to getting a suspect. Which increased the media presser on the police with the murder being in the media spotlight. The police had no more suspects and case went cold which was a shock to the media and public. Julie and Kate had not come forward at this time if they had made statements about their involvement in Rachel's private life things could have tuned out different for the police. It can't be said they would have had a suspect quicker. However the police knowing Rachel's private life could have moved things along more smoother for the police.

In 2002 ten years after the murder Scotland Yard used a cold case review team to begin again. They used refined DNA techniques only recently made available. A small team of officers and retired veteran investigators working from secret offices in South London analysed statements from witnesses, reassessed files on a number of potential suspects and examined the possibility that the case was linked to other crimes. In July 2003 reports surfaced that after 18 months of tests on Rachel's clothes police had found a DNA sample which did not match her son. The however the sample was insufficient to confirm an identity but was large enough to rule out suspects. In July 2006, the Scotland Yard team interviewed a convicted sex killer for two days at Broadmoor Hospital in Berkshire. The 40 year old man diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic had been held at the secure institution for more than ten years. Later reports revealed the man to be Robert Napper the convicted killer of Samantha Bisset and her four year old daughter Jasmine, murdered in November 1993 16 months after Rachel's murder. However after a long investigation of where he lived and confirming his movements he was ruled out.

It wasn't until a friend of Julie's went to the cold case police that Julie and Kate's part in Rachel's life came to light. Both told the police everything when questioned only because of the fear of being prosecuted for holding information from a murder inquiry. Rachel's step daughter was questioned also but would not give a statement. She was not pushed to do so by the UK police because of her age at the time of the murder. So it will never be known for sure if Rachel did more than humiliate her. No one has ever been charged with the murder but in theory Kate and Julie must be looked at. The stabbing of Rachel could have been done by a woman but Julie and Kate's family place them elsewhere. Both woman told the police their partners never knew what Rachel had made them do but could such a thing be kept secret, there is no direct evidence there partners knew. However Kate would have always had boots on when they went to meet Andre and Rachel and Julie had to wear skirts no lower than knee length and high heels. Would this not have caused there partners to ask them questions. There are many questions unanswered that should be. They will however almost probable never will be.

Rachel out Drinking with Kate, Julie and friends (this is when they had to dress how she wanted).


Rachel laughing at her step daughter in the coat, picture crop so not show daughter.


This photo was found in Rachel's house. Her boyfriend did not take it so it was someone else Rachel would let into her bedroom without him knowing.


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