Of A Kind

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A brief encounter of two individuals in a situation.

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011



She rushed up the staircase searching, looking for someone who could help her. Anyone. This was panic at its peak - she had to do something so vile that she dreaded it and yet, it had to be done pronto. In her flurry of emotions, she could not think of anyone who could help. The place was so crowded but it could have been an empty office on a Sunday night.

In the corridor she saw him, just about to turn into an open door. There was a vicious air about him. His companions looked more like co-conspirators, in a hurry to leave. She ran towards them just out of having nothing better to do. These were the kinds she had always dreaded and yet only they could have understood the urgency looming over her. The moving crowd made it difficult for her to reach to them. He had almost turned into the door when she caught his eye. Her face betrayed emotions her words could not have explained in such a short time. He stopped and turned. His companion touched his shoulder. This was not the time to waste.

She stopped few steps short almost in tears now. Tears of relief - because he had stopped. He motioned his companion to go ahead - he would be joining them in a minute. As he came towards her in a couple of long strides, all he asked was "What happened?".

He noticed that her eyes were brown. All these days, they had steered clear of each other's presence. It was a matter of principles and what they did. Each one in their heart of hearts knew that the other cannot be convinced - perspectives after all differ. But it was fine - they could co-exist as long as they did what they had to do. And he noticed that her lower lip pouted when she cried. "Like a baby" he thought.

He did not know exactly how to react to this outburst so he guided her to the nearest pillar next to the wall - it shielded her from the looks of strangers in the corridor. And then he muttered "OK fine, what do I have to do?". Her head jerked in his direction and now she was suddenly quite. She had not expected this nonchalant attitude to her grave issue. Her mind raced. But then knowing him she also knew that he meant it to a certain degree.

She blinked. She felt relief flooding all over her. She was suddenly calm. She felt like giggling. Only he could have this affect on her. Unexpected. She looked up to his waiting face and he could see that her mind was made. And his eyes widened in disbelief.

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