The Clubhouse

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Submitted: December 10, 2011

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Submitted: December 10, 2011




The happy group reached the clubhouse as it was called. It was an old-fashioned round building with glass windows and doors. One side of this building faced the ocean and the setting sun cast it's golden lights onto the ocean facing porch. The light streamed into an open kitchen which was bustling with activity.


As the group entered the main sitting area, they could hear music and laughter coming from within. The crowd was young and the party was just starting. This was also a usual hang-out of some students from the near-by university but it required membership. So the crowd was selected and consisted of students who could afford this luxury. Eliza noticed that there were three elder ladies sitting in the formal seating area. They were escorted by two young gentlemen, who seemed to be related to these distinguished ladies. A small retinue of staff waited upon them. 


Slowly the room started filling with young ladies and gentlemen who came to pay their tribute to the ladies. The ladies met each one of them with great affection and enthusiasm. The gentlemen were courteous with young ladies and friendly with other gentlemen, yet they did not join the crowd as everyone moved to another room for drinks and food. It all seemed very formal and out of place. Though the group was dressed as casually as another person in the room, the treatment meted out to them was different from the rest.


Eliza was tempted to find out more about them so she bent over to Helen and asked. "Oh, they are some kind of local royalty or of that sorts. Not that any of that royal power remains but yes, they have managed to maintain the culture and lifestyle for all these days. Those two gentlemen are brothers - Edward and Thomas. Their parents died in a plane crash couple of years back. He and his brother stay in their old mansion with their aunts, who are the guardians of these two now. Man, they are rich! They both attend the university like us and that is why they are here today. Their aunts accompany them sometimes to the clubhouse for a change".


Eliza looked back at the ladies and she happened to make an eye contact with one of them. The lady smiled at her and Eliza could not help but to smile back in return. The lady seemed kind and friendly. Eliza and Helen moved from the window to join the crowd in the dining room. Josh greeted them in the dining room - he was Helen's boyfriend. The trio headed for the salad bar and the evening continued.


As Edward lounged on the far end of the porch, he wanted the evening to end soon. Thomas had escorted the Aunts home and he had told him to wait. Randy was supposed to meet them at the clubhouse but he had not shown up till now. Three of them were leaving for Houston early morning. His eyes were closed as he was feeling really tired now. It had been a long day. He heard some voices entering the porch and soon a small group walked into the moonlit porch. It seems they had not noticed him napping on the porch chair.


"Oh you can't do that!", he heard Andy exclaim. Edward winced. Andy was always up to no good. Since he did not want Andy to know that he was on the porch, Edward just lay there pretending to be fast asleep. "Oh yes I can! Check this out!", an unfamiliar girlish tone replied. He could hear Josh and Helen shout in encouragement and his eyes opened involuntarily. He saw a tiny white figure standing on the porch railing facing the sea. Her dress was flowing with the wind and her stilettos were thrown on the porch. Her face was radiant with excitement in the moonlight as she obviously enjoyed the view from her precarious perch.


Edward was surprised at her incessant chatting. He suspected she was drunk. But more than that he was startled by her claim of hanging around for some more time to see if she could swim in the ocean tonight. "She clearly is either out of her mind or totally sloshed!". 

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