Introduction of my series project 3

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I will give deeper analysis of some more important characters especially women who are the source of the big mystery........

Submitted: May 06, 2013

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Submitted: May 06, 2013



Now I will give deeper analysis to some more important characters, especially women who are the source of the big mystery. The first woman I will talk about will be the most evil character in my series. She is a big criminal, murderess and leader of many mafious gangs. She is engaged in various illegal activities such as theft, cheating, contra, drugs, currency forgery, illusionate companies and so on. Then, she is engaged in the dirtiest destructive missions against the national profit being deeply alliant with evil political forces. She makes contracts with many dishonest rich and powerful people in order to fulfill their vicious aims, achieve their dishonest profits, execute all the people they do not like, then take huge sums of their money and their properties as she was promised. She also works with various vicious international companies in order to fulfill their dirty objectives in her country. Then, she is engaged in the secret murder of many important persons who are pretended as deeply dangerous for the security of the country (political opposers, thinkers, businessmen, humanitarian strugglers, honest artists..........). In brief, she almost does all the dirty jobs and makes contracts with various international evil and powerful groups. And the big irony will be that after the Revolution, she will turn on acting as a human right activist and showing herself as deeply revolutionnary, angry for the misery of people, and seeking serious reforms. Her speeches will be very harsh and very motivating which raises anger and emotive tension and pushes for movements and fights........... The second woman I will talk about will be a very ambiguous and very mysterious woman which is the main source of the biggest wonders, worries and troubles. She is then the main cause of the most abnormal stories happening in the environment. I will nickname her in this article the woman of the dark. She is so ambiguous that we cannot determine whether she is indeed virtuous or evil and whether her intentions are indeed good or bad. She will trap many important persons with various ways then cause then serious mind troubles and very cruel general worries. She will engage them to be involved in so much amazing stories and abnormal affairs. She will use her amazing tricks in order to make them seriously troubled, worried, and understanding nothing about what is happening to them. Then, she will use her amazing psychological techniques in order to make fires, follies and agitations for many men. This woman, having very ambiguous aims, will reverse many big plans of many important persons using her very professional techniques. Then, she will be the main cause of many unusual and expected on which would be carried on by the same important persons trapped by her. She relies so much on psychology, intelligency and technology. She causes a big fire and anguish for an important man making him deeply affected with her in order to push him to her target plans having very ambiguous reasons. In fact, by her psychological thunder and domination, she had made many men make abnormal affairs and idiot actions. In order to approve her ambiguity, some men got profit from her and other got damaged following no classification criteria. Then, she used her very professional intelligencial techniques in order to be the main cause of the most abnormal stories happening in the environment having again very ambiguous purposes. She is called the woman of the dark because she phisically never appears to the majority of important men she had trapped. In brief, this woman is the most dangerous because she is scientifically very expert and she is very skilled and very professional as a woman............. Personally, by this long speech, I am referring on two real women I have already known.............

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