Series little draft part 7

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More stories of our series from the point of view of the MAFIA with different characters

Submitted: July 14, 2013

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Submitted: July 14, 2013




Jilany Ben Sleyah (shop owner)

Jilany would be so angry and so hateful about his situation as a shop owner because his clients would be very rare. So he collected his little MAFIA group formed from Nabhen Rbouti (dry fruits vendor), Amir Jamrawi (cakes mill owner) and many street vendors. Jilani would first manage with his group to target great vendors and small businessmen, trap them with very malicious tricks, conspire against them, execute many vicious plans aiming at becoming rich at their expense, and then breaking them and rising by their downfall through cheating them, deluding them, making them do very stupid mistakes and executing the extremely immoral competition against them. Because their plans and their executions were so tricky, so complicated, so wicked, so new, so original and so professional, Jilany and Nabhen succeeded in collecting a still unsure big fortune and becoming little but alright and very original MAFIA leaders, within the remarkable damage of the targeted vendors and businessmen because they were deluded by all the tricks, fallen in almost all the well planned traps, and all the immoral conspiracies against them succeeded. Jilany and Nabhen, who became very close friends, made many small project in so tricky and confusing illegal and immoral ways. Then, Jilany collaborated with many street vendors in order to make many revolutionary and immoral trade activities full of deceiving, cheating, imitated merchandise, investment with forged money or money which was supposed for the owner to be used for something else, selling food and drinks out of date in packages of very smart international trade marks, selling alcohol traditionally perfumed in smart packages as they were trade mark perfumes, and selling old but repaired and cleaned machines as they were new. All those missions succeeded because first the street vendors were so professional and so talented spokesmen; second because there were so many ignorant and stupid people who were very easily trapped by them. Jilany sent them then to different missions of theft, rubbery and pickpockets, deluding companies and important persons by very professional tricks, forgery of money and software, using foreign currency in a so beneficial but immoral way, destroying shops by selling so near to them cheated merchandise which appear to an average man much better than the shop genuine merchandise, stealing mobiles, cleaning them and selling them abroad very expensively, making very bad publicities in different cafes by very skilled rhetoric liars against honest vendors in order to destroy them and boost Jilany and his group at the expense of them and sending printed papers written in foreign languages full of well made lies showing as very important news and information in popular areas in the shape of international magazines. All those plans had a great success because Jilany group was so skilled and professional especially in lying and pretending that they were officiers; and because there were so many naïve and stupid people who were very well deluded with them. Then, Jilany would ally with Helmy Sabbah, a secret investigational agent for the vicious part in the political authorities and for foreign vicious groups. He would be assigned to target important persons, political strugglers, thinkers, artists, scientists and very skilled people, and manage to make the most professional and well made conspiracies in order to destroy their lives. Jilany would do his job very well targeting many great people he had known and had felt able for a challenge against them. Two artists, two political strugglers, a “dangerous” vendor, a philosopher and two computer men became bankrupt, permenant jobless and socially persecuted at the hands of him, thanks to the well done job of his very skilled group which developed more and more. The political authorities was very well and professionally deluded concerning their affair seeing them as traitors, and the society rejected them for fear of contamination. An artist, the two political strugglers, the philosopher and the two computer men were oppressively condemned with a series of crimes and were judged between 10 and 20 years of prison, thanks to Jilany and his group very professional and perfectly made conspiracies and forgeries and thanks to the help of vicious people from the court. Jilany would then be adopted by Jamila Ajbewi and become a very loyal agent for her and a rusher and hard worker for her; he admired her so much and was extremely effected and drugged by her very sweet and perfectly built language containing very trembling words and very sweet techniques of speech beauty and rhetoric absorption. She spoke to him in a relatively gentle way and tempted him so perfectly in material, profession, authority, power, moral, business, existential, emotional and all the related possible sides giving him a great pride and a burning fantasy and hysteria to work with her. He decided to do his best to become a loyal agent for her; and she made him amazingly and internationally more and more rich, powerful and successful. Jamila ordered him to exclude Nabhen and his group because they were not appropriate. Jilany wanted to act as a man with his intimate friend Nabhen and offered him a constant salary of 2000 Dinars in the condition to leave him alone forever; and Nabhen rejected that offer with full dignity and continued to continue his job alone as a little MAFIA. He was little but very original and constantly successful little MAFIA leader of little but very creative and innovative immoral missions. He was growing more and more but very slowly. His hard working group and the important but very stupid deluded persons gave him the link to delude two French, two English, and a Swedish businessman and make them support him and amazingly boost him thinking that they were really making so innovative investments in a developing country within a local manager. So Nabhen became so powerful and an equal parallel to Jilany. Amir Jamrawi would then become the first consular and the right hand of Jilany. Jilany would execute different jobs with Jamila in a so perfect way. He would at a period enter in a serious challenge and brutal clash with Siwar Halmy each fighting with his group; but Siwar would make him experience the worst terrors, anguish, anxiety and unrest and defeat him and his group at the end in the most cruel way. He would prepare various plans, best tricks and hunting techniques, and most developed conspiracies with his group against her. Helmy Sabbeh would have his deepest scandal, most cruel defeat and then the mortal clash thanks to Siwar and her group continuous struggle, brave challenge, long sustainity very brutal painful and merciless clashes with Helmy, his group and his supporters , and popular and international media and pressure groups. It would be the end of Jilany also, the intimate and strongly helping collaborator. They would flee away together to an unknown destination.


A very rich and very smart MAFIA leader living in the forest. His main activities are money forgery, illegal exportation and cheated and imitated most wanted merchandise fabrication. He sells his different cheated merchandise in different zones especially the away ones to different stupid shop owners, street vendors and the hotels who were unable to recognize him. Jinta was using high school students in his different missions; he was also assigning to them different other missions (rubbery, delusion, cheating, pickpocket, sale of corrupted material as it were alright, establishing illegal and immoral companies, electronic cheat and pirate, pirate of successful companies signature and office, immoral trade full of lies and cheat and so on)

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