Come Away With Me

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Alex has never liked a girl before. Then Sophie comes crashing into her life and turns everything upside down

Submitted: April 09, 2014

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Submitted: April 09, 2014



Sometimes life is just so confusing. Do you ever get those days where you wake up and you just know something is going to happen today and it's gonna be big. Well I do. It was one of those mornings. 7 a.m. my alarm went off. As usual I hit snooze repeatedly until I realised it was 8:20 and my bus was in ten minutes. Nothing new really, I do it every morning. Why I don't learn I will probably never know. Anyway, I flew out of bed, grabbing random clothes as I went. Where was my other shoe?!? Two minutes. Ahhh I'm going to miss this bus. Finally I found it.... On the kitchen table. Don't even ask. I legged it out of my appartment and flung myself down the stairs. BANG!! I hit the floor with a thud and rubbed my head. What did I just run into. I looked up and there she was. Fiery red hair, fierce green emerald eyes and a worried look on her cute face. Wait cute? Where did that come from? "Are you ok?" Her voice was soft and made me shiver inside. "Yeah, I'm grand, don't worry, my fault anyway." I stood up and patted myself down. She smiled at me warmly and held out her hand. "I'm Sophie." I took it in my own but jumped when i felt electricity pass between us. She looked shocked as well. "Ummmm Alex... My name's Alex." "Nice to meet you." She smiled once again at me and my heart melted. Why did I feel like this. She's a girl. I'm not gay, am I? "I got to go, sorry." I pulled my hand out of hers. Weird how we had just been standing there holding hands. I ran down the rest of the stairs and out the door just as my bus dissappeared over the hill. Brilliant, walking to college yet again.

I get through the front door ten minutes late and burst into class. I feel all eyes on me as i mumble a quick apology and scan the room for a seat. That's when I see her. Sitting next to the only empty seat is Sophie. I stand there staring at her until a polite cough brings me back to reality. The lecturer is staring at me and i feel my face go beetroot as I make my way to the seat and plonk myself down. i glance shyly at Sophie who is giving me a bit of a weird look. Oh god, she saw me staring. Be cool. I turn to her and smile. "Hey Sophie." She smiles back at me and then goes back to listening to the class, her hand moving swiftly across her page as she takes notes. She looks so beautiful, the way her hair falls over her face slightly, the way her tongue sticks out a little as she concentrates. She's pretty perfect. What am I thinking? She's a girl!!! I'm not in the mood for class. I'm so confused. I lay my head down on the desk and shut my eyes.

A small tap to my shoulder makes me jump. I sit bolt upright and see worry creased on Sophies face. "You ok?" She looks so worried. All i want to do is stroke her cheek and tell her that everything is just fine. My hand moves towards her subconciously but I snatch it away quickly. She now looks confused. Great. "I'm fine, just a little tired is all." She smiles cautiously at me. "Ok." The bell rings signalling the end of class and I stand to leave. As everyone piles out, I can feel Sophie behind me, her face just inches away from my skin. It makes me shiver. I get out of the class and feel another tap on my shoulder. I turn to Sophie. "Alex, could you show me where the lockers are please?" "Yeah, no bother." I lead her down the hall. "So is this your first day here then? I raise an eyebrow towards her. "Yeah, I just transferred from Colorado." "ah cool, what number locker did you get?" "Ummm 137" "Really? Cool, thats right next to mine."

I point out her locker to her and she opens it, placing a few of her books inside. As she shuts the door, James approaches her. James is the college football star. He thinks he's all that because most girls swoon over him with his blond hair and blue eyes. He leans into Sophie whispering into her ear. She looks really uncomfortable and tries to pull away a little. He just leans in closer. The way he is acting really pisses me off. I walk over to them and shove him away from her. "Back off James. She doesn't want that." He sniggers at me and just pushes me out the way as he strokes her cheek. She looks like she's gonna cry. "Just stop." i push him once again, as hard as i can and he lands on the floor. I put my arm around Sophie and walk off down the hall with her.

"You ok Soph? He won't do anthing, you're safe." I can feel her shake a little under me indicaating she's crying. I pull her a little closer to me. I can smell the apple shampoo she must use. It smells so good. She smells so good. I lead her out the door and walk towards the main gate. "My car." she mumbles and points to a mini cooper sitting in the corner. I take her keys and walk over to the car. She sits in the passenger side as i hop into the car and drive off. I pull in once we get out of the school grounds and look over to her. A single tear falls down her cheek and I catch it with my finger. "Its ok, he won't touch you again." She looks at me, her green eyes glistening with tears. We sit like that for a long time. I'm not sure how long because I got lost in her eyes.

She turns away then, hanging her head low. I sigh in frustration, what is it about this girl that makes me so drawn to her. I turn the key and start up the engine. "Where would you like to go?" She looks at me and shrugs. "I haven't really been anywhere, not yet." I smile. I put the car into gear and swing round onto the road. It is such a turn on that she drives a proper car, not one of those crap automatics. Wait, did i just say a turn on? What is happening to me?!? I looked over at her. She was looking out the window, in her own world. The sun shone down onto her. It made her glow almost. She looked so beautiful.

I parked the car up on Sparrows Lookout. It was my favourite place to go. You could see the whole town from here. We got out of the car and I walked over to the edge. Sure it was a big drop but i had been coming here for years and I knew if I fell it would be grand. I mean, the sea was right below and I had even jumped off here before, just for fun. I turned towards Sophie and she was standing a bit further back. She looked around her in awe but seemed hesitant to come any closer to the edge. I held out my hand. "It's ok, you won't fall."

She takes my hand and clings to it and she comes to stand next to me. A gust of wind pushes past us and she jumps wrapping her arms around my neck. I look at her and she looks up at me. My eyes linger on her lips before I turn away. My heart races and i turn her to face the town. I stand behind her and put my arms round her waist, holding her against me. She relaxs into me and places her hands on top of mine. She looks back at me smiling. She is a bit shorter then me so I smile down at her. Her lips look so perfect. I really want to kiss them.... What is wrong with my head? Where are these feelings coming from. I look down at her lips and back up to her eyes. Her cheeks glow and she turns away. Damn, I think she saw me.

I pulled up outside my appartment building. Sophie had told me that she had just moved into number 3. I was above her in number 5. The rest of the ride had been mostly silent  but it was a comfortable one. I was lost in my own thoughts about her. If only she new, it would definately have not been that comfortable. I stepped out of her car and she followed me. We walked up to her door and i handed her the key. My fingers tingled as they brushed her skin. She hugged me tightly. "Thank you so much Alex. Today was perfect." I smiled at her as she dissappeared inside. I walked into my room and was asleep in seconds as images of Sophie filled my dreams.

I woke up to a light knock on my door. I groaned and turned towards the clock. 8:00. I stumbled out of bed wearing boxers and a beater. I don't know why i wear boxers. They are just comfy to sleep in. I opened the door and Sophie smiled back at me. Her eyes wandered down to my boxers and she raised her eyebrows. It was too early to be embarassed but I blushed anyway. "Hey Alex, I was wondering if maybe I could take you to get some breakfast before college, as a thank you for yesterday?" I nodded and moved out of the way so she could step in. I left her on the couch as I dissappeared into my room. I took my time getting dressed and styling my hair. I picked out a pair of jeans and a black shirt and gelled up my short black hair. I walked out to Sophie and she smiled at me. My heart skipped a beat. We walked off down the stairs and out to her car.

She was driving today. We went to a little cafe for some food and then headed into college. She parked up her car and I stepped out. I spotted James watching us and he sauntered over. I glared at him as he walked over to Sophie. She didn't look happy. "Hey, Sophie right? Listen I'm really sorry about yesterday. I didn't mean to upset you. Friends?" He held out his hand to her and she reluctantly shook it. He gave me a sly look as he walked back over to his friends. "You ok?" I walked round to her side of the car. "Yeah, it's fine." She smiled at me and we walked into class together.

The days flew quickly with Sophie in my life. We became best friends. Did everything together. About two weeks after I met her, I was laying in bed just drifting off to sleep when I heard that oh too familiar knock. I strolled over to the door and opened it smiling. My face fell. Tears streamed down Sophies face. I pulled her into a hug as she tried to calm down. I rubbed her back soothingly. I pulled back a bit to ask her what had happened. "I just... I had a bad dream and...." She sobbed harder. "Can I stay with you?" I pulled her into the appartment and sat her on my bed. She looked cute in her oversized t shirt. I shook the thoughts out of my head. Grabbing the spare duvet I walked back to her. "Ok, you can have my bed and I'll take the couch." She looked confused and shook her head. She took my hand and pulled me onto the bed. I lay down beside her and she held my arms around her. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I could hear my alarm but as I lifted my arm to shut it off, I couldn't. Something heavy was on top of me. I opened my eyes and smiled. Sophie had turned over in her sleep and was now laying with her head on my chest and her legs tangled with mine. I freed my arm and hit the clock. 7 a.m. I could lie her for a while with her. I replaced my arm and watched her sleep. She looked so calm. So cute. All I wanted to do was reach out and touch her face. I couldn't though. She stirred in her sleep and looked up at me. I smiled at her. She blushed then as she realized the way she was lying and untangled herself from me. She was adorable when she blushed.

She went back down to her appartment and reappeared dressed and ready to go. It was still early so I took her keys and we headed up to Sparrows Lookout. We hung out there a lot. It seemed she liked it as much as me. We sat on the edge and watched as the town came to life. She leaned her head against my shoulder and i put my arm around her. We stayed like that until we had to leave. Just happy to be in each others company. Not talking, not messing. Just relaxed and free.

It was almost Christmas. I couldn't believe I had been friends with Sophie for two months. She stayed over pretty much every night now and I won't lie and say that it was just amazing because although it was, it was also very frustrating. I couldn't exactly tell her how I felt now could I? We walked out of class and Thomas, one of James friends came over to us. He handed me a flyer and Sophie one too. His eyes lingered on her. "I hope you can make it." She smiled at him and my heart broke. I looked down at the piece of paper. Of course. The big Christmas party. Jessica Finch, the head cheerleader held a party at her house every year. It was always the talk of the school for months after. Who slept with who? Who had a fight? Who was the most drunk? I looked over at Sophie who was smiling at hers. She wanted to go. I rolled my eyes and scruched up my leaflet. "C'mon Alex, it will be a laugh. Please." She looked at me with puppy dog eyes. I sighed. "Yay!! Thank you, thank you, thank you." She jumped onto me and hugged me tightly. I held her close and breathed in her sweet smell. I put her down and looked into her eyes. "You owe me."

I got ready that evening and waited for Sophie. I was wearing black jeans and a red and black checkered shirt. My hair was spiked up and styled to the side. Sophie had once said that it looked good that way so i kept it like that for her. She walked through my door. She no longer knocked and I gasped. He green dress hugged her figure in all the right ways. Her long legs looked sleek in her matching heels and her hair fell in loose curls around her in a way that took my breath away. I stared at her with my mouth open. "Oh god, do I look that bad? Give me two minutes and I'll change." She turned to leave and i jumped over the couch and grabbed her wrist. "No, don't. You look perfect." She smiled at me and I smiled back. I looked down at her lips. She blushed. Why does she never say anything when it is obvious she sees me?

It seemed like the whole student body was in Jessicas house. I pulled Sophie through the crowds and handed her a drink. Thomas appeared next to her. "Hey, you made it, would you like to dance?" She nodded shyly and took his hand, giving me her drink. I glared at them as they swayed together. I drank my drink, then hers followed by another. Thomas held her close against him as they dance. My heart was in my throat as I held back the tears. Just then he leaned down and kissed her. I watched as she kissed him back before I turned and ran to the bathroom. I slid down the wall as I let the tears fall freely. I held my knees tightly up to my chest as if I would break apart if i let go.

Someone walked in but I just ignored them. Sean crouched down next to me and put an arm on my shoulder. Sean and me had been really good friends but then he had gotten a girlfriend and she didn't like him hanging out with me so he had dropped me. I cried harder. He pulled me into a hug and we just sat there for what seemed like hours even though it was only like ten minutes. "Why don't you just tell her how you feel A?" I looked up at him confused. He sighed and sat down leaning against the opposite wall. "I know we haven't talked in ages and that's my fault and I'm sorry but I still look at you. I miss you A. You were my best friend and Cass has taken that from me. I see you every day with her. The way you look at her. It's obvious that you are in love with her." "How do you know?" he sighed again and looked hurt. "Because.... It's the way I look at you."

I sat there looking at him, trying the process what he had just said. He loved me?! What? He took my hand in his. "It's ok A. I know you don't feel that way and I will get over it but I can't bear seeing you this way. Just tell her. Go and be happy. For me." He looked me in the eyes and I just nodded. He stood up and pulled me with him. I held him close to me and he stroked my back. He pulled away and studied my face. "No more tears, ok?" I nodded and he smiled at me. He put his hand on my chin and tilted my face up toawrds him. He kissed me lightly. It wasn't a kiss that said I want you. It was more of a friendship kiss, if that makes sense. I smiled at him as he left the room. I looked in the mirror and fixed my face. I love her. I am in love with Sophie. Ok, I'm just going to take her outside and tell her. No, I'll tell her inside. No, I'll wait until we are home. Just do it!

I pulled the door open and headed down the stairs. I scanned the room for any sign of her. I couldn't see her or Thomas anywhere. I had a bad feeling. I checked every room and found nothing. Random people were having sex but she wasn't one of them. I walked outside the back and looked around. Noone was out here. I sighed and turned to head back in when I heard a muffled sound coming from the shed. I walked towards it and stood outside listening. "You are so pretty Sophie. Why do you hang out with that wannabe dyke. Are you gay too? We can't have that, can we boys?" A few cheers came from inside. I listened harder. "Tell you what, we are gonna fix your problem even before you realise you have one, ok?" I heard her cry as I flung open the door.

Thomas was lying on top of Sophie. James and two other football guys held Sophie down. They all had little clothes on and Sophies were thrown in tatters around the shed. I hauled Thomas off of her as adreneline kicked in. I threw him across the room as James launched himself at me. I stepped out of the way as he landed next to me. I grabbed her head and smashed it against my knee. One of the other guys went for me. I stretched out my arm and my palm collided with his nose and he grabbed his face. I punched him in the stomach so he joined James on the floor. I felt a whack to my mouth and tasted blood as the last guy held out his fists. I saw red as I noticed the bulge in his boxers and I launched myself on him. I kicked him between his legs and gave him a smack to the mouth as he too landed on the floor. I looked at Thomas who had gotted back up. I stalked towards him and he ran from the shed.

I panted heavily as I looked at the three unconcious bodies at my feet. They'd be fine. I turned to Sophie who was in a ball sobbing. I pulled her into my arms as she cried against me. She was shivering with the cold as the tears poured down her cheeks. I grabbed a random blanket and wrapped it around her. I made sure that it covered all of her and then I pulled her close, leading her out and around the side of the house. I sat her in the passenger seat and jumped in. She just leaned back and cried. My heart was breaking. I didn't even stop as we walked up the stairs past her door. I brought her inside and went straight to the bed. I grabbed some clothes and put them on her before pulling her into bed with me. She curled up against me and cried herself to sleep.

I woke up the next morning and looked at Sophie. He face was tear stained and he hair a mess. I got out of bed careful not to wake her and turned on the tap in the bath. I let the water run as I grabbed some juice. I headed back into the bedroom. Sophie was sitting up in the bed. She looked so broken. I walked over to her and sat down next to her. She flinched as I lay my hand on hers. I led her to the bath and pulled off her shirt and underwear. I helped her into it and handed her a washcloth. I walked out and got breakfast ready. "Sophie breakfast is ready. I walked up to the bathroom door and knocked on it. "Soph?" I opened the door and ran to her. She was unconcious. A razor lay on the ground where it had fallen out of her hand. Deep gashes were slashed across each of her wrists. "No, no, no. Sohpie wake up.... Please wake up for me." I pulled her up. She opened her eyes slightly looking up at me. "Alex" she whispered so I could barely hear and then she passed out again. I grabbed two towels and wrapped them tight around her wrists. I pulled some clothes on her and picked her up. Grabbing her keys, I raced outside. Don't do this to me I said in my head.

I looked over at her as I sped to the hospital. She was still breathing. A police car pulled in behind me, lights flashing. I'd deal with it later. I flashed my lights back as I continued driving like a lunatic. I couldn't let her die. I heard the sirens start up as the policeman continued signalling me. I could see the lights of the hospital. I sped up and spun as I flew into the car park. I pulled up outside the main door with the cops right behind me. I took no notice of them as I ran round to the other side of the car. They were yelling at me to keep still. I pulled out Sophie and heard them taking their guns out. I didn't care. I pulled her close to me as I ran into the hospital. "Someone help please." I rush of people came towards me and she was placed on a bed. A team of doctors swarmed around her while I explained what happened to one of them. "Are you family?" No, but..." "I'm sorry, you have to wait here." He rushed off with the others and I sighed. I heard someone clear their throat behind me and looked at the two officers standing there.

Due to the circumstances, they let me off with just a caution. They were both nice enough guys. Luke was in charge and he kept his game face on the whole time. Andy was a bit more relaxed. It was like good cop, bad cop in real life. They stayed with me as we waited so that they could talk to Sophie about what had happened. Luke went to get coffee and left me with Andy. I relaxed a bit. Andy turned to me. "Don't mind him. He takes this job way too seriously sometimes. So this girl, Sophie, she your friend?" I nodded. "You should tell her how you feel." I looked at him confused. "What do you mean?" "Kid I know that look, you have got it bad, tell her." He smiled at me and put his hand on mine. I smirked. "Who you calling kid?" He laughed at me and ruffled my hair, much to my distaste. I straightened it out again while he held back another laugh. I smiled at him and then sat back into my seat. Maybe I should call her parents.

The doctor from earlier walked out. I stood up and walked towards him with Andy at my heels. "Your friend will be fine. We stopped the bleeding and gave her some blood so she should be up and about within a few hours. You can go and see her now. 12B." I thanked him and looked at Andy. I wanted to be alone with her for a while. He nodded as if reading my thoughts and sat back down. I smiled at him and walked off to find my girl. I eventually found her ward. Hospitals are impossible. She was lying in the bed. Her eyes were closed as a drip pumped blood into her. I walked over and sat down with her, taking her hand in mine. She opened her eyes and smiled softly. "Hi." "Hi." "How are you feeling?" "Better now." She gave my hand a quick squeeze and closed her eyes again.

Her drip beeped to say it was done and a nurse came in taking it out of her arm. I looked at where it had been and my eyes wandered down to her wrists where she had bandages covering them. She looked at me with sadness in her eyes. I stood up and climbed onto the bed next to her wrapping my arms around her. "Don't ever do something like that again. If you feel like that, you come to me and we will talk. I'm always here for you Sophie. Don't forget that. I care too much about you to even think about what could have happened." She held me closer as she drifted off to sleep. I don't know when I fell asleep but I know that it wasn't a good sleep. I was worried and most of all scared. I was scared of losing her.

Someone shook me. I groaned and rolled over. They did it again. "WHAT?!?" I turned round to see Andy standing there. "Whoops, sorry." I smiled sheepishly. Sophie stirred in her sleep and looked at Andy frowning. "Hey. Your Sophie I'm guessing unless Alex normally gets into bed with strangers." He nudged me playfully. She sat up and smiled at him. "I was wondering if you might be ready to talk about what happened? No pressure now, if your not, we can leave it for a while." She shook her head. "No, I'm ready." I gave her hand a squeeze. "Now, we've already heard Alexs version so it's up to you if she stays or goes." She looked at me. I smiled at her and she pulled me into a hug.

By the time she was finished, I was sure my face had gone a different colour because I was so angry. My fists were balled up and I was just glaring at the wall. Sophie stroked my arm and I softened immediately. "Well, thats all, thank you Sophie. We'll be in contact with you. If you need anything, heres my home phone number, just in case. You too Alex." I smiled at him as he left out. "He was so nice," sophie said as she cuddled close to me. "Yeah he really was, wasn't he." I pulled her impossibly close as we drifted off to sleep again.

I awoke groggy and tried to pull Sophie closer. I heard a laugh I didn't recognise and opened my eyes. Sophie and a nurse were both looking at me trying to hold back the laughs. I glared at them as I felt my face heat up. I sat up in the bed and they both burst out laughing. "What?!?" The nurse handed me a mirror and i groaned looking at my hair sticking up in all angles. She smiled at me. She looked only a little bit older than us and had long blond hair tied up in a neat ponytail. Her eyes were a grey sort of colour. She was quite cute. Oh god, now it isn't just one girl I'm referring to as cute. I groaned again while they both looked at me confused. I flopped back down fixing my hair. "Alex get up, its breakfast time!" Sophie nudged me causing me to slip off the edge as the both burst into fits of giggles.

Brilliant. I stood up and glared at them. "Sorry Alex." She smiled guiltily while the nurse stiffled her laughs. I smiled at her. It was so annoying that I couldn't stay mad. "I'm Kate." The nurse held her hand up to me. I took it in mine and shook her hand. She smiled warmly at me. "I'm guessing your Sophies  girlfriend." "No," we said in unison. I looked at Sophie. "She's not... I mean, I'm not... I mean we're not gay," I suttered. "Ok." She eyed me suspiciously while Sophie looked a bit confused. Kate smiled at us both. "Well, duty calls." She walked out the room brushing against me by accident as she passed. "Sorry." we both said as she skirted round me, her face a deep crimson.

I turned back to Sophie who didn't look very happy. "What's wrong with you?" "Nothing," she huffed. "C'mon, I know you better than that, now tell me." I poked her ribs. "She liked you." "What?!? No she didn't." "Her face was bright red when she hit against you." "So, that doesn't mean she liked me. Anyway what does it matter?" She looked down at the bed not answering. Was she jealous? I smirked at her. "Someone jealous?" "Don't be ridiculous, I just don't want someone messing around with you. She looks like she doesn't do relationships." Her excuse made no sense. "Maybe I'll go find her and make out in one of the wards." I smirked again while Sophie glared at me. "Alex, are you..... Do you like her.... in that way?" Oh god how do I answer this. I looked at the floor. "I honestly don't know Soph." I looked up at her. It was clear she was trying to hide her shock. She looked at me and smiled. "You should ask for her number." She looked a bit hurt when she said that. Why? "Nah, don't want to." "Ok well whatever you decide in life, I'll always love you." She pulled me into a hug. Love. If only she knew the way I loved her. She would run a mile.

"Its going down, I'm yelling timber...." I danced around the appartment tidying as I went. Sophie was coming home today. I jumped up on the couch bouncing as i sang along. I turned around to see Sophie standing there laughing at me. I grinned at her and flew over to her. I scooped her up in my arms. "Swing your partner round and round, end of the night its going down, one more shot another round, end of the night it's going down." She giggled as I spun her round. The song ended and I put her down. "I never knew you could sing Alex." She was smiling up at me. Her old twinkle back. The guys had been charged and she finally seemed to relax. She looked happy again. She hugged me and I pulled her closer.

"Lets go out Alex. I haven't been out in ages." "Ok, anything for you." She grinned at me and ran out shouting that she needed to change. I laughed walking to my room and grabbing a quick shower. I got dressed and walked down to her door. I knocked but there was no answer so I let myself in. I could hear her moving round in the bedroom grumbling to herself. She emerged a few minutes later looking gorgeous as always in a revealing black dress that fit her like a glove. "You all set?" She nodded and I took her hand leading her out of the building. I took her to this new club in town.

We danced all night to the beat. It was great. I swayed along with her. My hands on her hips as she moved with the rhythm. She looked so beautiful lost in the music. She looked so happy. Eventually she pulled me off the floor saying that the club was a bit stuffy. I nodded and lead her outside. I held open her door and hopped in the car after pulling off into the night. "I don't want to go home yet Alex." I smiled at her and drove up to our favourite place. It always looked so beautiful at night. She jumped out when we got there and walked towards the edge.

I turned on the radio. Norah Jones played on the radio. I turned it up so we would be able to hear it outside. Sophie shivered in the cold. I pulled off my jacket putting it on her and wrapping my arms around her like that first day. It feels so right. I need to tell her but how can I? She smiled up at me as we swayed slightly. I gulped and she looked up worried. I looked into her eyes and began to sing. "Come away with me and we'll kiss, On a mountaintop, Come away with me, And I'll never stop loving you, And I want to wake up with the rain, Falling on a tin roof, While I'm safe there in your arms, So all I ask is for you, To come away with me in the night, Come away with me" And then I leaned down into her and kissed her. She turned her body into me and my arms pulled her closer. Oh my god, she's kissing me back. I smiled into the kiss as my heart burst with love for her. We pulled away, both out of breath. I rested my forehead on hers grinning at her. "I love you Sophie. I have always loved you and I promise if you give me a chance I will love you until my last breath." She smiled up at me. "Awww Alex, I love you too." I couldn't hold it in anymore. I picked her up into my arms and swung her round and round, kissing her as I slowed down. She giggled as I looks into her eyes. I laughed. "Well I guess it turns out I do like girls then."


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